Lin Wan lifted her eyes and stared deeply at Feng Fifteen's handsome, white and gentle face.

"Kiss... kiss me, we will count as our pledge to take effect!"

At that moment, the fifteenth seal, when looking at the youthful young girl Lin Wan, her heart throbbed a little.

It turns out that I also have feelings for men and women!

When he saw the vigorous Lin Wan, Feng Fifteen had a little heart.

Is it the feeling of first love?

"Brother Fifteen, if you don't kiss, then the vows you just made are countless!"

Lin Wan closed her eyes and raised her chin; pursed her healthy pink lips slightly, waiting for her fifteenth brother to kiss her.

In order to make my postponement plan take effect, the 15th seal had to be saved.

Otherwise, he is always so entangled by Lin Wan, and his life is also sad!

And Lin Wan was only fourteen years old, still a minor!

Let the foster father Feng Xinglang see that he has serious thoughts about his beloved baby, it is not just a matter of sadness! It is estimated that even his own life is hard to protect!

So, in the next second, Feng Shiwen held his breath, and quickly pecked Lin Wan's forehead like a woodpecker.

That movement is not much slower than the speed of the woodpecker!

"Okay, I have kissed according to your request! Then the vows will come into effect: from today, from now on, you will study hard and don't disturb the thoughts of precocious love and precocity!"

After pecking on Lin Wan's front cover fifteen, he began a supporting preaching.

"Can this also be a kiss? You can count as a kiss even if you peck on my forehead?"

Lin Wan yelled dissatisfiedly, "You have to kiss your mouth! Kissing other places doesn't count!"

"Lin Wan, your request is too much! You are only fourteen years old, kiss your mouth... Is it too precocious? After four years, let's kiss again!"

The 15th front cover is of course clear that the nature of kissing the forehead and kissing the mouth is different!

Kissing on the forehead can be said to be the love of the older brother to the younger sister;

But if you really kiss your mouth, it will become a man's love for women!

"No! You have to kiss!"

Lin Wan insisted on making Feng Fifteen kiss her mouth, "If you don't kiss your mouth, then the vows will not be counted! I won't listen! I will chase you and pester you every day!"

To be honest, the Feng Xiaochong that came out can't stand it anymore.

What kind of experience is it like to have a savage and willful sister?

At that time Feng Xiaochong really wanted to beat his late sister!

But he also knows that Wanwan's sister is the darling of the scumbag, if he really beats it, it is equivalent to a hornet's nest.

Maybe the scumbag won't really beat himself, but it is inevitable to be educated by the scumbag!

"Fifteenth, you can kiss my late sister's mouth! We have to go back in a hurry!"

Feng Xiaochong is Cong Anan who is worried about being alone in the nanny car.

"Late late, you can't be so headstrong!"

Feng Shiv felt that his brain was beginning to buzz and hurt again. Why did he get into Lin Wan's so little savage? The key is that she is still the darling of her foster father Feng Xinglang!

"Brother Fifteen, you honestly say: Do you want to kiss me? Or are you afraid to kiss me?"

Being rejected again and again, Lin Wan's eyes began to accumulate resentment.

"You can't kiss! You are only fourteen years old... still a minor!"

The Fifteenth Seal pinched his eyebrows, "I...I'm an adult, how can you let me go?"

"Brother Fifteen, the person you want to kiss is Sister Tuantuan? She is beautiful and noble... You just like her!"

Lin Wan blinked her star eyes, almost crying.

"Late night, I really...have never liked Feng Tuantuan! I...I am not interested in women...!"

Fifteen, I don't know how to persuade Lin Wan, who was in love with her at first.

He is still an emotional idiot himself, how can he know how to persuade Lin Wan?

"Huh? Brother Fifteen, don't you like men?"

Lin Wan asked in horror, "Is the person you like Yan Wushu?"

"What do you think?! I just don't want to fall in love for the time being...I just want to focus on my career!"

The Fifteenth Seal found a worse excuse.

"If you refuse to kiss me, you either like to close the group or Yan Wushu!"

Lin Wan, who was self-willed, couldn't listen to what he said. What's more, the explanation of the 15th front cover is inherently unconvincing.

Forced to seal fifteen helplessly, the next second he kissed Lin Wan's chattering lips.

The action is fast, not muddy! But the personal voice was enough for Lin Wan to hear!

Can also feel it!

"Ah...Ah! Fifteenth brother, you really kissed me! So annoying!"

Lin Wan, who reacted slowly in the first half of the shot, shyly plunged into Feng Fifteen's arms, and then all kinds of arches, all kinds of rubs, all kinds of cuteness and coquetry!

Yan Wu from the side of the commercial car took pictures of all this without fail.

He never imagined that the Fifteenth Seal, who seemed to be indisputable and obedient, would actually **** his late sister!

And still in the public, kissing and kissing, hugging and hugging his late sister!

It's just like a loving little couple! !

Even if Feng Fifteen ignores his austere existence, doesn't he even care about his godfather Feng Xinglang's opinion? !

If we say that at the entrance of the lounge in Yulongcheng that day, Lin Wan took the initiative to seal the 15th;

What about now?

What does that mean when the fifteenth couple kissed and kissed the late sister? !

And in the presence of so many people, kissing so unscrupulously? !

Yan Wuhao couldn't hear what Wanwan's sister had said to Feng Shiv, but his eyes could clearly see: Feng Shiv took the initiative to kiss his Wanwan sister!

And one kiss is not enough! Kissed the mouth again!

This is clearly the rhythm of kissing!

Sister Lin Wan was only fourteen years old, and the first kiss was taken away by the fifteenth seal! !

Whoever is unscrupulous, I will not be happy in my heart!

And the people around have been joking: Yan Wuhao is Feng Xinglang's son-in-law, Chenglongkuai!

Coupled with the teachings of his mother before his death, Yan Wuhao felt even more that his late sister was his little fiancée!

And now, his little fiancée was dug a corner by the 15th seal!

Because of emotion and reason, Yan Wushu couldn't swallow this bad breath!

After shooting this video, Yan Wuhao calmly let the driver leave the school.

"Brother Fifteen, you are so annoying, it was the first kiss of others just now!"

Lin Wan arched her fifteen arms with her small face, like a coquettish little cat.

"Are you still kissing for the first time? You don't know how many times you have been kissed by daddy!" Feng Xiaochong grunted.

"That can be the same! Daddy kisses me, it's just that the father loves his daughter!"

Such a romantic atmosphere was so ruined by the little bug brother who didn't understand the customs, Lin Wan became a little bit irritated, "Besides, is your family safe and always be kissed by her father! I am embarrassed to say me!"

"It's late and late, don't chirp anymore, go home early to do your homework!"

After sending my sister home late, I have a good deal of business.

An An still needs his company. He may have neglected his beloved An An because of his sister.

"Late night, will the oath take effect this time?" Feng Fifteen took Lin Wan away from his embrace, and said seriously and solemnly: "From now on, you must concentrate on your studies! I will wait for you four. Years! In these four years, we will not find other people to talk about love

, You are busy with your studies, I am busy with work! Do you understand? "

"Then can I supervise you?" Lin Wan asked playfully.

"Um... I will take the initiative to report to you!"

The fifteenth letter was really convinced by Lin Wan, a clingy person. The conditions are one after another, like endless!

"This is a good idea!"

Lin Wan nodded and approved the proposal that Brother Fifteen would take the initiative to report to him, and then pouted her mouth again.

"Brother Fifteen, you give me another kiss! I didn't prepare at all just now, and I didn't taste anything! Would you give me another kiss..."

Lin Wan is like a cat that is pleasing to you, all kinds of coquettish and cute.

"..." Feng fifteen called a silent choke.

Suddenly feel a little stupid? What kind of love kiss did you believe in this little man? !

Just as Feng Shiwu's brain was hurting, Feng Xiaochong had already dragged Wanwan's sister's wrist.

"Okay, Feng Lin Wan, don't be ashamed or ashamed in the public!" Feng Xiaochong dragged Lin Wan to the nanny car, "Hurry home and do your homework!"

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