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The man stood by the window.

The lone and upright back looks like an eagle in the night.

A lean upper body, such as David under Michelangelo, is majestic and fit, and his muscles are tense and full;

The beauty of man's power is interpreted vividly.

A pair of hawkish eyes were almost completely engulfed in hatred.

Feng Xinglang was awakened by the nightmare.

This nightmare entangled him for three full months:

Soaring fire, mixed with the sound of glass bursting intolerable height;

The air was permeated with a pungent smell of burnt paste, with wooden products, cable plastics, and even humans!

There must be someone left to manually open the escape gate.

"Bang, let's take Xinglang away! Leave me alone, and the three of us will be trapped and die here, go!"

"Xing Lang, remember Brother's words: you live, brother live!"

After three months, it is vivid.

Feng Xinglang, a man who controls most of the economic lifeline of Shen Cheng;

But with endless money and power, I can't change my brother Feng Lixin's health!

The man slowly closed the eyes of hatred, separated the hatred in the eyes from the hustle and bustle of the world, and at the same time re-branded the nightmare back to the depth of his soul.

Feng Xinglang put on a pajama and walked out of his room.

A long, dark hallway made this dark night even stranger. He paused in front of a closed door.

The door opened from the inside and came out of a middle-aged doctor. As he stepped out, he drove a pungent smell of disinfectant potion.

"Did my brother fall asleep?" Feng Xinglang asked in a low voice.

"I just wiped off my younger master. The disinfectant in the house still smells strong. Second master, you are allergic to the disinfectant. Don't go in for the time being ..."

"Can't die!" Feng Xinglang snorted and walked into the awful dark room.

In the half-dark room, a person lying on the bed was faintly visible.

Feng Xinglang walked straight towards the person in bed, squatted down, and carefully held one hand in the palm of his own hands.

It was a scarred and burnt hand. Can't hold tight or stretch.

Along the stiff hand, there was an unrecognizable face that was burned by the fire: criss-crossed scars almost twisted the man's features together, ruining the original Junya face completely.

Obviously a grim face, but in the eyes of Feng Xinglang, still handsome, still loving.

The man lying on the bed was called Feng Lixin, and was Feng Xinglang's elder brother. Big brother willing to sacrifice his life for him.

God has mercy on Feng Lixin. He was saved by the rescue team. But fell into an unrecognizable body!

"Xing Lang ... Is it a nightmare again?" Some parts of Feng Lixin's vocal cords have been burned by the fire, and the words are unclear, but Feng Xinglang can clearly distinguish.

"No!" Feng Xinglang clenched his deformed hand tighter, "I just want you to stay with me for a little longer."

Feng Lixin clearly realized that the more the life and death parted, the more unable the brotherhood was to let go.

But the more this happened, the more worried Li Fengxin was: his days are running out. If one day goes away by himself, his brother Feng Xinglang will live forever in the abyss of hatred, and he will be swallowed up by hatred. self!

So before dying, he must find a woman for his brother Feng Xinglang!

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