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When he woke up, Ye Zhiqiu’s soul passed through the Douluo Dalu and became Tang San’s neighbor and a young boy. Ye Zhiqiu, who had originally thought that Yu Sheng could only hug Tang’s three legs tightly, awakened his main martial arts spirit at the age of six.... Read more

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Chapter 351 Just cheap Chapter 350 The best sword in this world Chapter 349 Tragedy caused by dog ​​biting

~ Chapter 348: Sneak Attack【Chapter 2 in 1】 ~ Section 2 in 1】 ~ Section 2 in 1】 Chapter 345 Win or lose ~ Section 2 in 1】 Chapter 343 The theory of law fusion Chapter 342 Spirit world Chapter 341 go away Chapter 340 God King Order

~ Section 2 in 1 Chapter 338 I just said casually... Chapter 337 Don't give birth to you

~ I don't know what to use Chapter 335 Join is one's own Chapter 334 4 people Chapter 333 Gu Yuena's identity is not simple Chapter 332 If this is what you want Chapter 331 Press Chapter 330 secretary Chapter 329 Wuhun Temple is not for you Chapter 328 Strategic alliance

Chapter 327 Soul bone is not enough Chapter 329 0 million year soul bone is Chinese cabbage Chapter 328 Sacrifice Chapter 327 Real dog Chapter 326 Like you! Chapter 325 Back on track Chapter 324 join us Chapter 322 awkward Chapter 323 We fought 1 Chapter 321 Die or go through the program Chapter 320 1Technology City ~ Take a day off today

Chapter 319 The acting is so realistic and terrifying Chapter 318 Playing flowers with me? Chapter 317 God war Chapter 316 Turn your face when you say Chapter 315 Ten thousand years old Chapter 314 Gorefiend's 3 consecutive stupid Chapter 313 Return Chapter 312 Power of law Chapter 311 Surging Chapter 310 Crisis Pro Douluo Chapter 309 Long time Chapter 308 I should be going

Chapter 307 Red Line God Chapter 306 Ni Tudi Chapter 305 Wait till i come back to marry you Chapter 304 It turned out to be God Chapter 303 I want to make a wish Chapter 302 I am strong Chapter 301 Past timeline Chapter 300 Unfriendly world Chapter 299 wake Chapter 298 Rule of 3 Chapter 297 The so-called detachment, a new **** descends Chapter 296 breakthrough

Chapter 295 Recyclable silkworm Chapter 294 Fight with poison Chapter 293 Borrower Chapter 292 Should robbery Chapter 291 Hunch Chapter 290 Are you teaching me to do things? Chapter 289 Your qualifications have been disqualified Chapter 288 This girl is not what she used to be Chapter 287 Crowded Tiandou Chapter 286 Before the game Chapter 285 5 months Chapter 284 Fairy Fox Mode

Chapter 283 Jinchūriki Chapter 282 Poseidon's glory is forever Chapter 281 6th Spirit Ability Chapter 280 stubborn Chapter 279 Poseidon Island Chapter 278 God test loophole Chapter 277 plan Chapter 276 My goal is 6 Chapter 275 Teacher, your new bed is pretty good Chapter 274 Angel statue Chapter 273 The origin of the spiritual examination system Chapter 272 Angel God Lower World

Chapter 271 Just to pretend to be a girl Chapter 270 1 Questioning the heart Chapter 269 Black hole? Chapter 268 1 more test Chapter 267 10 exams black 9 exams Chapter 266 10 exams Chapter 265 I have no idea about the position of God Chapter 264 God test storm Chapter 263 Wit Bibi Dong Chapter 262 I can't hear anything outside Chapter 261 Back to Wuhun Hall Chapter 260 Hu Liena's visit

Chapter 259 People from Wuhun Hall Chapter 258 All tied up Chapter 257 Waidao·The Art of Reincarnation Chapter 256 Complex relationship Chapter 255 Resurrected Chapter 254 My stupid sister Yo Chapter 253 3 women and 1 play Chapter 252 Even if it is an enemy of the gods Chapter 251 0 million years of inventory Chapter 250 The first mount in life Chapter 249 You will be my little brother from now on Chapter 248 The idea of ​​a federation

Chapter 247 proposal Chapter 246 Want to determine the world situation Chapter 245 Little brother 1 bunch Chapter 244 Tit for tat Chapter 243 Suspected Trail of the Son Chapter 242 Return to Shrek Chapter 241 6th Spirit Ability Chapter 240 The first 0 million year spirit ring Chapter 239 Black Jiao Chapter 238 Strong Gu Yuena Chapter 237 Can't afford to lose? Chapter 236 bet

Chapter 235 You are not allowed to beat me Chapter 234 5th Spirit Ability Chapter 233 Big cuttlefish Chapter 232 Stupid way Chapter 231 I cut myself in minutes Chapter 230 You make a big profit Chapter 229 Open your mouth Chapter 228 Gu Yuena Chapter 227 Young lady with split personality Chapter 226 Secretly Chapter 225 I will save the innocent girl Chapter 224 The secret under the lake of life

Chapter 223 Exit Chapter 222 Everyone is waiting for me Chapter 221 Retreat Chapter 220 Look through the autumn water Chapter 219 I'll be afraid of your grandpa coming Chapter 218 Yulu metaplastic lotus and anode 9 phoenix flower Chapter 217 Don't make people feel sorry Chapter 216 Celestial grass Chapter 215 I want to eat all that can be eaten Chapter 214 Xianpin seems not very effective Chapter 213 I will pay you 1 Chapter 212 You stole my storage soul guide?

Chapter 211 I'm almost full Chapter 210 As wit as me Chapter 209 Mao won't leave him Chapter 208 Shrek Double Thieves Chapter 207 You are my woman Chapter 206 I will be responsible Chapter 205 I can predict the future Chapter 204 Fulfill the promise Chapter 203 Goodbye Xueqinghe Chapter 202 Blue Ba Advanced Soul Master Academy Chapter 201 Yan Zhi Fei Fu Chapter 200 1 day of nuclear flat

Chapter 199 Xianfa·Super Jade Spiral Pill Chapter 198 Dawei Tianlong, the world-zun Jizo! Chapter 197 Dugu Bo eats flat Chapter 196 7th surprise Chapter 195 The consequences are serious Chapter 194 Xiao Wu exposed Chapter 193 Trouble come Chapter 192 Tiandou Royal Academy Chapter 191 Go to Tiandou Royal Academy Chapter 190 Shrek's decision Chapter 189 Qin Ming who doubts life Chapter 188 Qin Ming

Chapter 187 Emperor Dou admit defeat Chapter 186 Shrek VS Emperor Fight Part 2 Chapter 185 Shrek VS Emperor Dou Zhong vol. Chapter 184 Shrek VS Emperor Dou Vol. 1 Chapter 183 Host Chapter 182 Emperor Fighting Team Chapter 181 Mainland Title Douluo I own 8 Douluo Chapter 180 Our seven treasures of the colored glaze family have great business Chapter 179 Bone Douluo won? Chapter 178 Kind of bullying Chapter 177 Double Douluo Chapter 176 7 Treasure Glass Sect

Chapter 175 Does your wife want me to raise it? Chapter 174 Fighting God 1 Ye Zhiqiu Chapter 173 In person Chapter 172 1 twists and turns Chapter 171 Crazy Team Chapter 170 1 pick 8 rolls Chapter 169 1 pick 8 medium roll Chapter 168 1 pick 8 rolls Chapter 167 I look down on Chapter 166 Otomo Katsutoshi Chapter 165 Pink Rogue Rabbit Chapter 164 The pinnacle of life!

Chapter 163 I did not do it on purpose Chapter 162 Not going back to college tonight Chapter 161 Only one more Chapter 160 What is this stuff... Chapter 159 I can't recognize it if I haven't seen it for a while Chapter 158 Honorary Grand Elder Chapter 157 Great Elder, you should abdicate Chapter 156 The porcupine snake spear died Chapter 155 0 hands at the same time Chapter 154 Come play whack a mole Chapter 153 Ben Shengzi never breaks his word Chapter 152 Immortal method, true number 0 hand, top Buddha

Chapter 151 Uchiha's younger brother Uchiha hits 7 at 1 and hits 4 Chapter 150 The charm of language Chapter 149 People are ugly and talkative Chapter 148 I'm leaving, these elders will bully you Chapter 147 Teacher, i miss you so much Chapter 146 Xueqinghe's suspicion Chapter 145 Feel the pain Chapter 144 Imperial chaos Chapter 143 Xiao organization is doing things Chapter 142 Eat more meat to grow your body Chapter 141 I want to be a queen Chapter 140 I don't want to be emperor anymore

Chapter 139 Holy Light Unicorn Chapter 138 I'll cut your roots Chapter 137 You didn't ask either! Chapter 136 Snow clear river in danger? Chapter 135 I believe you ghost Chapter 134 There is danger behind you Chapter 133 This son will use the strongest self-created spirit skills Chapter 132 Xue Qinghe's mentality collapsed Chapter 131 First visit snow Kiyokawa Chapter 130 piece? Chapter 129 Bibi Dong Chapter 128 1 read flowers

Chapter 127 All things are born Chapter 126 I got poorer and stronger Chapter 125 The system is upgraded in advance Chapter 124 I am not a dramatist Chapter 123 Ye Zhiqiu who doesn't suffer Chapter 122 Bibi Dong's tender side Chapter 121 I'm not the pope! Chapter 120 Under the crown of the pope who wants to conquer Chapter 119 The situation of the Saint Child in Wuhun Hall Chapter 118 Tree climbing? Chapter 117 Ye Zhiqiu Chapter 116 8 Dunjia Theory Courses

Chapter 115 Preliminary development of spiral pill Chapter 114 7 strange trials Chapter 113 Zhuqing, listen to me to explain! Chapter 112 The Son of the Martial Soul Hall! Chapter 111 Shelf testimonials Chapter 110 Ditian transformed people? Or the mother? Chapter 109 Breath fluctuations under the lake of life Chapter 108 100,000 year spirit ring and spirit bone Chapter 107 Fight 100,000 Years One Horned Evil Dragon Chapter 106 Fudge if you can't make sense Chapter 105 Azure Bull Python Chapter 104 Go to the inner circle

Chapter 103 Titan Great Ape Chapter 102 Double happiness Chapter 101 Soul Lord Oscar Chapter 100 Do you know your situation? Chapter 99 Snake Po Chaotianxiang Chapter 98 Anchovy Cockscomb Chapter 97 Are you drunk after eating shit? Chapter 96 890,000 years can make do Chapter 95 Who is not worthy of this name? Chapter 94 I am Ye Zhiqiu, Director of the Foreign Affairs Department of Canghui College Chapter 93 Who is stronger with slippery hands and feet? Chapter 92 Journey to the Star Dou Great Forest Part Two

Chapter 91 Journey to the Star Dou Great Forest Vol. 1 Chapter 90 Can't Xiao Wu see this dish Chapter 89 Back to school Chapter 88 Women fight each other Chapter 87 Dai Mubai and Huo Wushuang leaving Chapter 86 Baihu Liebo VS Yanlong Fury Chapter 85 Dai Mubai's opponent Chapter 84 Society is sinister Chapter 83 Ye Zhiqiu's opponent Chapter 82 Xiao Wu's first battle Chapter 81 Shrek's new vice president Chapter 80 Donate 1 million at random

Chapter 79 Inspiring to become stronger in the beaten Tang 3 Chapter 78 The negative sentiment value from Tang Hao adds nine hundred and ninety-nine... Chapter 77 Your father is coming tonight Chapter 76 Lovers are so headstrong Chapter 75 Dean, I am a freshman! Chapter 74 Feel the power of God! Chapter 73 Jingmen Chao Peacock Chapter 72 Zao Wou-ki's combo combo Chapter 71 Ye Zhiqiu VS Zao Wou-ki Chapter 70 Zao Wou-ki Chapter 69 Xiao Wu: Yes, Xiao 3 was beaten into a fool Chapter 68 The eliminated Xiao Wu and Zhu Zhuqing

Chapter 67 Solve the obstacles first Chapter 66 Zao Wou-ki's momentum and coercion Chapter 65 Before the war Chapter 64 Zao Wou-ki: Give you time to explore tactics Chapter 63 Bearded Oscar Chapter 62 What a pity your soul skills Chapter 61 My spirit ring is a bit special Chapter 60 Sign up Chapter 59 Go to Shrek Chapter 58 Dawn Suzaku Chapter 57 Rose Hotel Chapter 56 5 years later

Chapter 55 You two should be good girlfriends Chapter 54 I'm still young Chapter 53 Ning Rongrong Chapter 52 Classmate, can I sit next to you? Chapter 51 Co-ed rooms? Chapter 50 The witty Xiao Chenyu Chapter 49 Xiao Chenyu: Don't come here~ Chapter 48 Stable increase in negative sentiment value Chapter 47 The magical effect of multiple shadow clones ~ 46, open a single chapter to say something Chapter 45 I read a lot, I won't lie to you Chapter 44 Home

Chapter 43 Xiao Wu who owes an **** account Chapter 42 Return Chapter 41 The magical effect of tail beast origin Chapter 40 Sword Douluo shot, ten thousand swords returned to Zong Lingchi's punishment Chapter 39 Ten thousand years iron rhinoceros Chapter 38 Congenital 20th level, shocked Sword Douluo Chapter 37 Your soul skills are barely good Chapter 36 Variant Three Thousand Years Ring 1 Chapter 35 49 Roasted Plant Beast Chapter 34 Left eye ability Chapter 33 Three Thousand Years of Soul Beast: Chameleon Hidden Dragon Chapter 32 The old will not go and the new will not come

Chapter 31 Kaleidoscope writing wheel eye Chapter 30 End the battle in three seconds Chapter 29 Stop pretending, I have a showdown Chapter 28 This spirit ring is too **** to match me Chapter 27 My granddaughter Chapter 26 Bamboo is useful all over Chapter 25 I have a special way to enter Chapter 24 1 year Chapter 23 I am a good student Chapter 22 Opening Ceremony Chapter 21 Reliable master Chapter 20 Tang Sect Stunt: Star Rain Flying Flower

Chapter 19 Meet the grove Chapter 18 Block the door and beat him Chapter 17 Today, my son Xiao pays the bill Chapter 16 Call Brother Qiu and take care of the meal Chapter 15 Cute bunny jumping in the pure land of bliss Chapter 14 Tang 3VS Xiao Wu Chapter 13 A 100,000-year-old rabbit doesn't know whether meat is stuffed or not Chapter 12 Ye Zhiqiu's evil taste Chapter 11 Yu Xiaogang Chapter 10 Writers are beginning to show their power Chapter 9 Go to Notting College Chapter 8 Tang Hao: I really want to give this **** a hammer

Chapter 7 Woolen Chapter 6 6 year agreement Chapter 5 Su Yuntao: No Martial Spirit, it's abolished Chapter 4 Su Yuntao Chapter 3 Silent Hidden Arrow Chapter 2 Parents’ love is fried pork with bamboo shoots Chapter 1 1The fall of leaves knows the world in autumn

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