In the early morning of the next day, the first white fish belly in the east just lit up.

At this point in the past, many people were still sleeping in their dreams, but today's Wuhun City is already extremely lively.

Because this day is destined to be recorded in the history of Douluo Continent.

For the ordinary residents of Wuhun City, today is the final of the Continental Advanced Soul Master Academy Elite Competition. Although they cannot enter the Wuhun main hall to watch the exciting scene live, it does not affect their enthusiasm in the slightest.

And for those high-ranking powers in Douluo Continent, today is also a very extraordinary day.

The reason for all of this is that each of their sects had an unexpected visitor wearing a red cloud robe with a black background, and gave them the order to leave Wuhun City tomorrow to discuss matters.

Naturally, no one gave him a good face for the members of the Akatsuki organization who suddenly appeared to be gesticulating.

However, after they were beaten again, they were completely honest. Obediently waiting for a day, they were also taken by these Xiao Organization members and teleported directly to this Wuhun City...


"That seems to be Yu Yuanzhen, the lord of the upper three Blue Lightning Overlord Longzong, right?"

"The Sect Master of the Lower Four Sects is also here..."

"Who are they? They can actually walk side by side with the Sect Master of the Blue Lightning Overlord Dragon Sect? Why haven't they seen it?"

"I guess it is from the Clear Sky School..."

"There are so many big guys coming to watch the competition? Our academy actually got out early and didn't have a chance to perform, so angry!"


Facing the big square outside the Pope’s Palace, a group of people with gloomy or calm faces passed by a large group of curious onlookers, walking slowly towards the Pope’s Palace, even if they met their own descendants, they did not Stopped to say hello.

At the entrance of the Pope’s Palace, Ning Fengzhi and Jian Douluo stood side by side. Looking at the first few people who came, Ning Fengzhi smiled and whispered to Jian Douluo: "Yu Yuanzhen and Tang Xiao are here, Uncle Jian, Who do you think this means?"

"Looking at their expressions, they are unwilling to come. If they are unwilling to come, they can force people to come over. In today's Douluo Continent, I am afraid that only one person can do it." Jian Douluo folded his arms. Chest, the tone is very determined.

"Hehe, I really don't know what that little guy is thinking..." Ning Fengzhi smiled gently, shook his head and greeted Yu Yuanzhen and Tang Xiao...

The interior of the Pope’s Palace now has a drastic change in decoration. Except for the Pope’s chair, the chairs on both sides have all disappeared, but there is a long conference table in the center. The conference table is set every one meter. A wooden chair.

This entire Wuhun City was changed by Ye Zhiqiu with Mu Dun, and the layout was naturally changed as he wanted. Although there are not too many decorations in the Pope’s Palace, there are gorgeous flowers and bamboos for landscape decoration, and the color is not monotonous, but has a special beauty close to nature.

At this time, there were already several people sitting on the chairs at the conference table.

As the pope, Bibi Dong did not sit in the first position, but in the first position on the right side of the first position. Behind her sits the closed-eyed Qian Daoliu. As for the Golden Crocodile Douluo and other worship elders, There is no place for them here. It is not that they are not qualified to come, but that Qian Daoliu, the great elder of the worship hall, is present, and can basically represent the worship hall with full authority.

As for the first position on the lower left side, Gu Yuena was naturally sitting there. Behind her were Zi Ji and Di Tian who had already arrived one step earlier. As for the others in the Star Dou Great Forest, they did not come this time.

After they waited for a while, the slight sound of "dada da da" footsteps came from outside the Pope’s Palace. Immediately afterwards, a group of people walked in from outside. After taking a look at the people sitting again, they were silent. Finding a place to sit down, secretly looking at each other, Gu Yuena is undoubtedly the focus of everyone's attention.

"I'm late, sorry."

A flat voice suddenly sounded on the theme, and the theme that was originally empty at this time suddenly appeared silently.

Ye Zhiqiu seemed to have just woke up, and his expression was a bit lazy. Although he seemed to apologize verbally, his tone was very casual. No one would really think he was apologizing.

Everyone present is still familiar with Ye Zhiqiu. Although some people have never seen his real person, they have heard a lot about his deeds, and he has now broken through to the **** level and has become the only one recognized by the mainland. A god-level powerhouse, Yu Yuanzhen, Tang Xiao and others' attitudes towards him are actually difficult to grasp by themselves.

According to seniority, Ye Zhiqiu is considered junior.

In terms of strength, Douluo Continent respects the strong, and it is only natural for the weak to bow to the strong.

But no one else salutes. Isn't it true that we salute are inferior to others? This contradictory thought made both of them feel a little flustered.

The Sect Masters of the Four Sects like the Elephant Armor Sect did not have as much as the two of them thought. They stood up and put their right hands on their chests to perform the highest etiquette in Douluo to meet the holy son... "

"See you..."

"Okay, I don't have so many rules..." Ye Zhiqiu waved his hand, motioned for them to sit down, looked around the group of people, and said with a calm expression: "Everyone who sits again is the helm of a force, this I will gather you all at once, and I want to discuss something with you."

You will be beaten if you don't want to come, are you discussing? Both Yu Yuanzhen and Tang Xiao twitched slightly, and their faces were still aching. They were beaten by Ye Zhiqiu's clone last night...

Ye Zhiqiu keenly caught the unnatural expressions of the two of them. He glanced at the two of them and calmly said: "The thing to discuss today is that all the forces in the Douluo Continent unite and establish a new force."


Many of the people sitting again changed their expressions, and even the smile on Ning Fengzhi's face, who was originally the old god, disappeared at this time.

Looking at the calm faces of Bibi Dong and Qian Daoliu, they obviously knew the development of the situation a long time ago, and they couldn't help but think that the Spirit Hall wanted to eliminate other forces and dominate the Douluo Continent.

With the current strength of the Spirit Hall, if Ye Zhiqiu, a god-level helper, could indeed accomplish this feat without any effort.

This could not help but make the upper three sects a few people mentioned in their hearts. As for the lower fours, they were much calmer. Although they were invited to sit, they were still a little self-aware, knowing that they were just coming for a cutscene. It is not their turn to comment.

As for being annexed, isn't it because there are still three cases of these tall men who are holding on, and they will not have a headache.

Jian Douluo's complexion was a little unpleasant, he still remembered that this kid had said that he was not interested in these things before, and he said that this is not the life he likes, but now that he has the strength, he just changed his mind?

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