Ye Zhiqiu's eyes showed a bit of surprise. When Gu Yuena and the two of them first met, they really changed a lot. Now that they have all learned to be sultry?

I still remember that she seemed to be thinking about leading the soul beasts to overthrow the human race's **** on the mainland, but now because of Ye Zhiqiu, she said that she could help take care of the human race?

Ye Zhiqiu said that he was not touched, it was fake.

"Fool..." Ye Zhiqiu sat up, took the beautiful lady around her into her arms around her arms, and said softly with her lips close to her ears: "Nana, if you don't want to do something in your heart, you don't have to force yourself. Do it. My responsibility, I will take it myself."

Gu Yuena closed her eyes slightly, shrank into Ye Zhiqiu's arms, enjoying this warm moment, and whispered softly: "I'm just afraid you will get tired..."

"Why..." Ye Zhiqiu patted the jade back of the beautiful woman in his arms, and smiled freely: "Isn't it just a group of clowns from the Dark Demon Realm? The **** king level is only a trivial one, I haven't put too much In my heart, just let them come."

"No!" Gu Yuena suddenly raised her head at this moment and reminded with a serious face: "You may think of your situation too simple. If you really want to make Douluo Xing your own territory, then your enemy will be There is far more than one Dark Demon Realm. In the endless starry sky, in addition to the God Realm and the Dark Demon Realm, there are still many other forces. The Life Star is a resource they will surely contend for."

"How do you say?" Ye Zhiqiu frowned slightly, and Gu Yuena's words were really a blank piece of his understanding.

In fact, Ye Zhiqiu couldn't figure out why those gods and demons would regard a life star so seriously.

In Ye Zhiqiu's view, resources are certainly one of them, but are the resources on these life stars really important to an interface full of god-level powerhouses? Maybe it's not a mere dime?

Not to mention women's power or something, the power of the mortal realm, god-level will appreciate it?

Ye Zhiqiu was actually a bit confused about why they were always thinking about the life star.

But Gu Yuena seemed to have some understanding of this, and Ye Zhiqiu didn't mind listening to her opinion.

Looking at Ye Zhiqiu’s puzzled eyes, Gu Yuena explained: “The truth is actually very simple, like the God Realm. It is the upper star of Douluo. The upper star’s heaven and earth energy will be more abundant than the lower star’s. The reason...because there are many lower stars in the God Realm, and they use a special way to continuously provide them with heaven and earth energy. Life Stars are actually the best nourishment for the promotion of a realm, and the God Realm is not born with nature. The God Realm, it is also promoted step by step from the lower stars. Moreover, the power of belief provided by the wisdom life living on the life stars has a spiritual bonus to many laws, and this is the God level. The real reason for fancy life star..."

"That's it..." Ye Zhiqiu showed a stunned look. Isn't this similar to the world of Daqian, Zhongqian and Xiaoqian?

Under the Great Thousand World, there are many Middle Thousand Worlds. Under the middle thousand worlds, there are also many small thousand worlds.

They start from the lowest level. One realm and one realm provide the upper realm with so-called nourishment. With the support of countless low-level heaven and earth energy, the upper realm will have such abundant heaven and earth energy. This is also the upper realm generally stronger than the lower realm. s reason.

Douluo Universe is the same here, the upper star cannot lack the support of the lower star, otherwise it will have a quiet day sooner or later.

The creatures of the upper stars naturally don't want to see this happening, so they have to work hard to maintain this situation.

"If so... Star Douluo should be regarded as the lower star of the God Realm? The Dark Demon Realm can't do the God Realm, so why do they still want to come here to do things? Isn't it troublesome to find yourself?" Ye Zhiqiu asked in doubt. .

"You only saw the surface..." Gu Yuena curled her lips and said, "Although the gods in the God Realm are all hypocrites, they still have rules in their affairs. They will not blindly transfer the energy of Douluo Star World. For one thing, they will always maintain a certain degree. Those places in the Dark Demon Realm are different. If Douluo Star becomes their lower star, the energy of the heavens and the earth will be exhausted within a few days, and they have no concept of moderation at all."

"There is no limit to bad things, this is..." Ye Zhiqiu's eyes gradually cooled. If Douluo Star is really drained of the energy of the world like Gu Yuena said, it will turn into a dead star sooner or later. No one with no strength can survive.

The style of the Dark Demon Realm made Ye Zhiqiu even more disgusted in his heart.

Gu Yuena sighed lightly, showing a pity, and said: "Actually...the Dark Demon Realm had rules before, but they were often chased by the God Realm later, and many lower stars were controlled by them. It will slowly evolve into what it is now when the God Realm robs it. For them, instead of the lower star becoming the supply of the God Realm, they are more willing to directly drain the power of the lower star, and often even sneak in the lower star that belongs to the God Realm. Gu Ze Eryu is stupid to do something, but they have to do it."

"Some things are just done. There are not so many excuses. I don't care about other stars, but staring at Douluo is their sin. At least I will not let my family be treated like this by others." Ye Zhiqiu said in a tone. It looks a little cold.

However, he is now more curious about Gu Yuena in his arms. This little girl knows so much, I am afraid that the identity is not simple...

Originally, Ye Zhiqiu had always thought that Gu Yuena was also born and raised by Douluo Xing, but after Gu Yuena just told a lot of news outside of Douluo Xing, he found that he might have been thinking wrong before...

Gu Yuena's identity is definitely not as simple as it seems.

" have never asked your specific identity. You shouldn't be as simple as the Silver Dragon King of the Star Dou Great Forest, right?" Ye Zhiqiu looked at Gu Yuena's eyes with curiosity.

Gu Yuena's lips curled up, and she smiled and said: "I can't tell you yet. When you become a **** king, no one else can beat you. I will tell you my story slowly."

"Why do I have to become the King of Gods? I don't know how many years later..." Ye Zhiqiu curled his lips, and was a little dissatisfied with Gu Yuena who kept it from him. of?

"Don't ask, I'll tell you the specific time. It's getting late and sleepy. Take me back to sleep..." Gu Yuena twisted her body in Ye Zhiqiu's arms and acted softly. He buried his head on his chest and couldn't come out.

Hearing the word sleep, Ye Zhiqiu's eyes suddenly brightened, and he could ask questions slowly after his identity. Sleep is still important now.

With a grin at the corner of his mouth, Ye Zhiqiu smiled "hehe", and immediately disappeared to the top of the hall with the beautiful woman in his arms. After a while, a sultry voice of Fei Fei came from a room in the East Side Hall.

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