Bah, the two shameless people actually didn't know to cover up in broad daylight. Shui Binger cursed inwardly. Now she is embarrassed to open her eyes directly. This scene is also too embarrassing...

Ye Zhiqiu was contented to let go of the hand that was pressing Huowu, "Yes, I will continue to keep it well in the future, in order to reward you, your good brother, me, I will give you a million-year soul today. ring."

Huo Wu just got up from Ye Zhiqiu's knees blushing, and when he heard what he said, her feet suddenly staggered. After finally stabilizing her figure, he took a few glances.

If it weren't for her fear of scolding herself and being dragged back by Ye Zhiqiu to spank, she would definitely go up and spray him.

Shui Bing'er listened to the conversation between the two and seemed to be a little normal at this time, finally relieved in his heart, and slowly opened his watery eyes.

The first thing that caught the eye was the two soul bones floating in front of her, one blue and one white. Before Shui Bing'er took a closer look, the two soul bones flew into Ye Zhiqiu's hands and disappeared. .

"Um... Your Royal Highness, were those two soul bones just now?" Shui Bing'er looked at Ye Zhiqiu with some fiery eyes. If it were a soul bone, it would be a million-year-old soul bone! And it's two yuan!

Ye Zhiqiu chuckled and said, "What? You want it?"

Shui Bing'er didn't speak, but his little head was like a chicken pecking at rice.

"Look at your performance in the future. If you perform well, it's okay to give you a set of million-year-old soul bones..." Ye Zhiqiu said with a smile.

After the words, he seemed to be trying to prove the authenticity of his words. Between Yun Danfengqing's wave of hands, five or six soul bones floating in the air suddenly appeared in front of him. The brilliant blue and white rays of light shone in all directions, and the hearts of the surrounding people were swaying.

So many... Million Years Soul Bones!

If it weren't for Ye Zhiqiu's strength, it is estimated that everyone would rush to grab it at this time.

A hundred thousand-year-old spirit bone can make people salivate, let alone a million-year-old. Many of them don't even have a thousand-year spirit bone.

Under the greedy eyes of everyone, Ye Zhiqiu retracted all the soul bones with a wave of his hand. He slanted a glance at the crowd of onlookers who circled the aisle and said with a smile: "Why, are you all around here? What are you doing? Do you find something to do?"

"Uh... the scenery around here is really nice..."

"Yeah, yeah! Such a beautiful view...Of course I chose to return to my house to practice..."

"Hey, Brother Feng, why are you so dark? Did you forget to wash your face when you went out today?"


A large group of onlookers scattered in a blink of an eye.

When Huo Wushuang left, he didn't forget to make a cheering gesture to Huo Wu. Huo Wu's face flushed. Did her Erhuo brother misunderstand something?

Seeing that their captain had a million-year-old spirit ring like Hu Liena, the girls from Tianshui College smiled at her tacitly and blinked. Then they chattered and ran away unknowingly, after all, they didn't dare to stay after someone had ordered the guest to leave.

Shui Bing'er was already thin-skinned, and when she was teased by her own sisters, her little head was buried lower and lower, and even the roots of her ears were a bit rosy.

"Smelly... His Royal Highness... that... where is my spirit ring?"

When Huo Wu saw the white-gold divine ring slowly turning around Shui Bing'er, she had long been envious, and she looked at Ye Zhiqiu eagerly.

She had decided to temporarily put aside her previous grievances and settle accounts with him slowly in the future. Now it is still important to get the spirit ring.

"I forgot what I taught you before?" Ye Zhiqiu looked at Huo Wu pretentiously with dissatisfaction.

"This... Sister Bing'er didn't even ask you to give it, so I want to call it..." Huo Wu forced to protest in a low voice.

Shui Bing'er's originally ruddy face suddenly turned black. Is there such a cheating you?

Ye Zhiqiu stroked his chin thoughtfully, nodded in a serious way, and said, "You little hot girl still has some truth in what you said..."

"Yeah, right! I'll just say it." Huo Wu looked glamorous. She thought that she couldn't be bullied by herself and then Shui Bing'er watched the show next to her?

Since everyone is a secretary, of course we have to work together if we have difficulties, and we have guns...

"..." Shui Bing'er stared at Huo Wu with a faintly resentful expression. How could he say that kind of words? You are taking me to the fire pit, bastard!

Ye Zhiqiu smiled and glanced at the two of them, and said, "Bing'er has a thin face, but your performance as the new secretary is really mediocre. It doesn't work if you want soul bones as rewards."

"But..." Shui Binger said with a dazed expression, "His Royal Highness, you didn't arrange a task for us. We don't have a chance to perform if we want to..."

"Opportunity is won by myself...Eh, Ben Shengzi has been sitting for a long time, his shoulders are a little sore, his legs are tired, and his mouth is dry. I don't have any thoughts about getting a million-year spirit ring..." Ye Zhiqiu pretends I stretched my I looked a little tired.

At this time, Huo Wu and Shui Bing'er understood what he meant by performance. The one who is with you just wanted us to squeeze your shoulders and knead your legs, and feed you some fruit by the way?

But... isn't this the job of a maid in a big family?

Huo Wu and Shui Bing'er looked at each other speechlessly. Do you think they are a maid by cooperating with this guy? The position of secretary is not a maid?

Reluctantly, the two walked to Ye Zhiqiu...


At night, on the top of the highest part of the Dongpian Hall, Ye Zhiqiu seemed to be lying leisurely and admiring the moonlight, but his eyes were not focused.

Beside, a figure shrouded in a black cloak was whispering something.

"That's the case..."

Ye Zhiqiu pondered for a while, and asked calmly: "About how long it will take them to come here."

"At least a month."

"Understood, go down, continue to keep in touch with them, come and let me know if you have news."


The man in the black cloak bent down, and disappeared directly into the place with a flick of his figure. Ye Zhiqiu put his head on his arms, looking at the night, thinking silently.

"Actually, you shouldn't waste time here. This Douluo star is not very helpful to your understanding of the law. You should go to the God Realm or as you said last time, time is long." Gu Yuena didn't know when to sit quietly. Leaving Ye Zhiqiu's side, he slowly spoke in a calm tone.

"Then I'm leaving, will you help protect the human race?" Ye Zhiqiu asked with a smile looking at the Qianying next to her.

After thinking about it for a while, Gu Yuena looked at Ye Zhiqiu with a serious face, "This king only wants to protect the people he cares about, such as you. Of course, if this is what you want, I will!"

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