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Fanwai (3)

The strength of the two superimposed, and then increased by 50%, which means that if the "bonfire" casts an effective attack, the damage to the other party will be three times that of the past, and the output is simply against the sky.

Although I know that this is inseparable from the effect of "Golden Wind Yulu", but it is not guaranteed to win the battle, but it is really not a must.

Moreover, the opponent did not know the combination of Qin and He Jin. They only felt that the "bonfire" suddenly increased in strength. Unbelievable and mixed with a trace of panic and uneasiness, it was even more flawed and retreat.

Looking at their expressions and performances, He Jin can feel the momentum of Qin Hao in the battle, invincible and powerful!

At this time of the festival, it was too ugly to resist, and Liu Jin made a gesture of truce. He said that Qin Dao said, "Great God, willing to go down the wind, come to Japan to fight again" and quickly with the Tsing Yi people.

He Jinchang took a sigh of relief and said, "Good insurance."

Qin Xiaoxiao was proud of it: "What is the danger? I will not lose if I fight."

At this time, the efficacy of the drug has passed. He Jin separated from the body of Qin Qin and joked: "The next time he comes to you, he will not be so lucky."

Qin Hao shrugged, saying that it doesn't matter, but they have never been to Liujin.

About a few months later, in the new "God of Magic" team competition, He Jin and Qin Hao saw the "New God" deity in the live broadcast, and the Tsing Yi people turned out to be falling wood!

When the host asked them what they thought about the first champion team and the legendary player "Bonfire" of the "God of Magic", the exaggeration said: "The trough ~ he is super powerful!"

The host asked: "How do you say?"

Liu Jin: "I once went to attack him with Amu. I went alone. I felt okay, but he suddenly became stronger. Amu came to help me. We both couldn’t beat each other. I always felt ruthless. It’s like, it’s! It’s terrible!”

At that time, He Jin saw this scene and almost did not spray water on the display!

The host's mouth was pumped: "Is this the same?"

Falling wood looks more calm, and at the moment he nodded and commented: "Well, it’s unfathomable..."

Qin Qian, in front of the screen, laughed at He Jin’s shoulder.

The host asked: "Have you ever thought about getting stronger and then looking for him pk?"

Liu Jin shook his head and said: "I and Amu are both watching the live broadcast of the ruthless god. He is not playing very much now. The strength will definitely decline. But now we can't beat him, let alone his heyday. So, I will not challenge again in the future."

Falling wood nodded to indicate the attachment.

Liu Jin said with a smile: "However, if I see it in reality, I might ask him to sign it."


Yes, the era of bonfires has passed, but the name of bonfire has really become a myth in the game of "God of Magic", no one can subvert.

The baby of the idle cloud and the wild crane finally officially "born" after a few days of incubation, and coincidentally, their baby is just the 100th baby in the game!

On that day, the friends once again went online to celebrate, see the wild crane family behind the baby with a pair of angel-like white wings, big amber eyes, looks cute and lovely.

Everyone asks the baby's name, wild crane road: "Ajin their name is 'Tang Yuan', ours is called 'Yuan Lan', and the two babies just make a pair!"

He Jinxi said: "Really?"

Tang Yuan felt his father's mood, and he was happy with the fluttering of his wings. He Jin asked it: "The baby has a sister, are you happy?"

His Royal Highness nine said strangely: "Why is it a younger sister? Can't it be a younger brother?"

The wild crane is also a slap in the face: "Hey, we really haven't studied this baby is a man or a woman!"

Everyone: "..."

Qin Hao can't stand up and interrupt: "The system baby has no gender."

His Royal Highness: "I am going, there is no sex!"

Idle Yun picked up Yuan Zhen and said with full of love, "I like daughters more, just let my daughter raise it."

Yuan Zhen and his father looked at each other for two seconds. They even flatten their mouths, and their eyes suddenly filled with tears, and they were about to cry.

Everyone looked at it and was shocked: "The system baby will cry?"

His Royal Highness: "Is it not to be your daughter?"

Leisure cloud: "..."

He Jin feels strange. Before listening to Qin Yu, the system baby's emotions are connected with his parents. The sadness of his parents is that the rice dumplings only followed the red eyes when they planned to leave the game three years ago. However, now the idle clouds and the wild cranes People are very happy, and it is reasonable to say that Yuan Zhen should not cry.

At this time, Qin Hao frowned and asked: "Is the wild crane not like the daughter?"

The wild crane was said to be a central thing, squinting at the shoulder: "Well, I prefer my son."

“That’s it,” Qin said. “The system baby will cry when parents disagree or quarrel.”

Emma, ​​the reason for this crying made all the big men in the room soft, and quickly persuaded: "What men's women, anyway, are your own, or do not divide."

"That is, the game does not set the system's baby's gender estimate is also afraid of the player patriarchal? Hahaha..."

Idle cloud patted the shoulders of the wild crane and comforted: "A fool, if you don't like girls, tell me, I will take back the words."

The wild crane tweaked: "I don't like it either, that is, it is... Hey, you know it!"

When everyone heard it, curiosity came up: "What do you mean, what does Yunyun know?"

Idle cloud laughed and said: "He was a child when he was a child, and he may have a psychological shadow. I just didn't consider this factor... Hey, he was called a class flower when he was in junior high school."

"Hey! Enough!" Wild Crane kicked the clouds and prevented him from revealing more of his black history.

This evokes the memories of everyone. A few years ago, there were several people who had experienced the experience of the line below.

His Royal Highness: "Ha ha, so I think of it, the wild crane is really very beautiful!"

The water is gone: "Yes, but it is still small."

After chatting and talking, some people turned the topic to He Jin: "There have been no such people in the fence and Ajin. Would you like to find another opportunity to gather again?"

All of them agreed, and they could propose for several days, and the fences blame and say that they can't come back abroad.

His Royal Highness yelled: "Just you have more things!"

Passing water: "Would you like to make an appointment first, let you join in the distance!"

Hedge: "..."

The final meeting will be held before and after the Qinxi company's artificial intelligence baby conference.

In just a few months, He Jin’s new job has also entered the formal. He is smart, good at learning, and a little workaholic. He has greatly limited his ability in his hometown in the past three years. Now in this In a company that focuses on scientific research and innovation, is relatively free-spirited, and is mostly young people working together, it only feels like a fish.

Qin Hao has released the news of the entertainment circle, and slowly shifted his focus to investing in electronic products and game competition. However, he has been able to use the game for the past three years and the mixed entertainment industry. This journey is also smooth and smooth, and now He Jin has returned to him, he is even more proud of life.

The day before the smart baby conference, the idle clouds and wild cranes flew from the city to the capital. On the night, Qin Ding set the hotel to entertain, shouting the passing water and the nine halls, and the six were temporarily gathering.

Although I have heard the description of several people by Qin, I have seen it differently. He Jin still has different feelings.

The wild crane does look beautiful, the eyes are large, the skin is delicate and smooth, and it is not a man who has passed the 30th; the idle cloud is tall and tall, and its appearance is not good. In reality, it is less like talking in the game. I heard that he is a businessman, but He Jin can't see it. Instead, he feels that the person has a gentle and elegant book, which makes people very comfortable.

In the reality of the passing of water, it is a pianist. The ten fingers are slender and the temperament is excellent. The nine halls are more stunned than the game, and they are blushing.

Because the wild clouds are also a pair in reality, He Jin has more observations on them.

He found that there are many small details that show their tacit understanding and love. For example, the idle cloud will silently transfer the vegetables that the wild cranes love to him, and will take the initiative to pick up the vegetables and pour the wine for him.

There was a base shrimp in the room, everyone was chatting, and the clouds were quietly peeling the shrimps to the wild cranes... A big man, a successful person, did not evade the other people’s face and peeled the shrimps in front of everyone. !

The wild crane is also taken care of by the lover. After the meal, the idle cloud carefully takes the coat and scarf for the wild crane, and is considerate as a nanny, but his actions are not artificial, as if it is just a habit. If He Jin deliberately looked at it, he would not notice it.

He Jinben thought that there would be more leisure clouds between the idle clouds and the wild cranes, but after chatting with the wild cranes, he changed his mind.

His relationship with Qin Yu is well known, and the wild crane is curious to ask them which step they have taken, whether they have come out or not.

Even if the society is open to a lot of attitudes towards homosexuality, they are still a small group. It is inevitable that the same kind of people will meet each other.

The wild crane seems to have a strange power, which can make people involuntarily put down their defenses, open their hearts, and because the other party is older than themselves, He Jin talked with him a few words, and put the situation between himself and Qin Xiao .

"What? In the past three years, have you left him alone and ran away?" After the wild crane heard it, he looked very angry and angry. "Ajin! You are too bad!"

He Jin also knows that he is not right, but he did not think of any better way than to leave.

He asked the wild crane: "What did you look like when you came out?"

"Directly talked to my parents, they know that I want to follow the king, the amount," said the wild crane, and seems to be jealous of saying the name of the idle cloud, and then said, "With the idle cloud, my mother said to die for me. ......I love my parents very much, they want to break with me, I am going crazy! But I still can't bear to leave my brother, indeed, my parents are the ones who give me life, raising me to grow up, I want to repay, but The person I choose to be together is the one who will accompany me for the rest of my life, give me happiness and happiness in the future, I can't ruin my next life because of the last half of my life, and most importantly, I really I don’t want to hurt my brother at all. When I think about how much pain I may have caused him to leave him, I am better off than death... so I can only choose to hurt my parents first. Oh, this is also true. It’s not good to deceive them. I think my parents will forgive me sooner or later, it’s just a matter of time."

He Jinxin’s five flavors are miscellaneous. Indeed, in the past three years, he has also suffered from the bitterness of the separation and the love of Acacia. He also insisted on supporting the Qin dynasty and smashed his teeth and blood. The wild crane looked at the innocence. But I think it is clearer than him, and from this paragraph I can hear that the wild crane's feelings for the idle cloud are no less than the leisurely clouds.

The wild crane said, sympathetically looked at Qin Xiao, who was not far away, and said: "If ruthlessly really loves you, you can do it better than digging his heart!"

He Jin: "..."

Yes, if he was brave enough at the beginning, he would not have to suffer from the three years of hard work together with Qin.

Wild Crane: "But if you are together now, just cherish it."

He Jin gently nodded.

The wild crane smiled and patted his shoulder as if he had no idea at all.

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