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Have you ever thought about these questions: What is the original state of this universe? Who created this universe? Where did the first elements in the universe come from?

Do you believe that there is a cosmic god in this universe, who controls everything that happens in the entire universe?

The amnesiac cub, abandoned by his family after birth, travels to the future world of ABO. Because of being adopted by “uncle brother”, she transformed from a vagabond who was avoided by everyone to a hot little princess in the interstellar empire. Fighting Zerg, collecting pirates, how can there be less cute and cute little cubs?

However, with the recovery of his memory, Xiao Dai found out that this “brother” is really unusual!

@reading tip@This article is a pseudo-uncle and nephew, “pro” brothers and sisters develop funny and light-hearted texts, and the actual identities of the male and female protagonists are extremely powerful. ps. Please use civilized language for book reviews, do not use personal attacks~

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Short Title:VIJ
Alternate Title:流浪儿的星际之旅
Weekly Rank:#5450
Monthly Rank:#7114
All Time Rank:#7554
Tags:Abandoned Child, Adopted Protagonist, Amnesia, Artificial Intelligence, Beautiful Female Lead, Child Protagonist, Childcare, Complex Family Relationship, Cute Protagonist, Doting Love Interests, Family, Female Protagonist, Future Civilization, Godly Powers, Handsome Male Lead, Hidden Abilities, Hiding True Identity, Immortals, Interstellar, Mysterious Past, Omegaverse, Power Couple, Rebirth, Royalty, Schemes And Conspiracies, Strength-based Social Hierarchy, Time Travel,
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14 Comments on “Voyager’s Interstellar Journey
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  1. What kind of world would send a 1year old baby as a commander to the frontline of a battlefield. And abandoning a child because she doesnt cry at birth? what the hell??

  2. WTH does ABO stand for? One of the other comments said it had to do with Yaoi and no way am I reading that so can someone tell me if that is true?

  3. No. It's boy X girl story. ABO story often used as a background for yaoi or shounen story, but BG story can also have abo. So relax and enjoy. Eventhough the ml a bit pervert 😂

  4. You will know if you read in werewolf story like A is Alpha, B is Beta,and O is Omega. Like A is stronger,B is normal and O is weak. Couple with A and O is normal like men and women from natural law. A is like a men and O is women. But that world has girl with stronger power can't birth children it's can call A, and O with men can birth children. Like A is can call both men and women with stronger power and O also has both gender can birth children with weaker side, you can think that world has many intersex and can accept gender law with Yaoi or Yuri. Because when A is girl and O is girl it's OK, also A is boy and O is boy that is fine too, because they can have children.You can think they are like some intersex with girl body inside is boy or boy body inside is girl.

  5. Come from yaoi section taking a stroll around, this story looks good. First chapter a bit sad though. Abandoned because she didn't cry when she's born? Duh...

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