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Uchiha Sora suddenly became Erzhuzi’s younger brother, salted fish all day long, doing nothing, and Nara Shikamaru, known as the two salted fish ninjas of Konoha.

No one knows that there is a voice-over system in his mind. As long as he hears the emotional ups and downs of the ninja in the voice-over, he can get emotional points.

Just looking at the strange things in the exchange space, Sora suddenly felt that this was an illegitimate system.

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Short Title:VSFK
Alternate Title:从木叶开始的旁白系统
Author:tree in the yard
Weekly Rank:#1822
Monthly Rank:#2785
All Time Rank:#2388
Tags:Comedic Undertone, Eye Powers, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Male Protagonist, Naruto, No Harem, Reincarnation, Shameless Protagonist, Strong Protagonist, System, Unreliable Narrator, Weak to Strong,
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60 Comments on “Voiceover System From Konoha
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  1. Rushed. Rushed. Just rushed. Why the hell do authors want to Rush the endings. Just why. I just want to know why... Any way, other than the end, it was a pleasant reading. I enjoyed it. Thanks 👍.

  2. Its not bad, its even a little funny. Unfortunately I'm only 30 chapters in and the same jokes have been repeated more than 30 times. The system was not explained at all, I have no clue what the points can be used for other than one time props to cause discord among his allies.

  3. El del cuarto hokage es mejor. Se burla de el... Aunque espera. No he leido este. Pero he estado buscando el del cuato hokage minimamente traducido desde ayer. Esto es lo mas cerca que tengo.

  4. The one with the fourth hokage is better. He teases him... He waits though. I haven't read this one. But I've been looking for the one of the four hokage minimally translated since yesterday. This is the closest I get.

  5. My one regret with the system is that if it provoked discord to illicit reactions from people and more relevant characters have more points they give because they weigh more but then also what gets exposed can also have more impact, plus the more times things get exposed if it shocks you what someone is thinking eventually they get used to it but then say a family drama between fishermen and cheating scandals blowing up in small rural villages that should have lots of shock and emotional point values but the fact that they’re not ‘main characters’ mean that they’re scaled way down so maybe you’d only get a few hundred or thousand points from that entire scandal blowing through the whole village and being the talk of the town for weeks, I think that’s where the author meant that he didn’t think it through because they system, what are its origins ? What is it’s final goal ? How to manage continually harvesting points from people sustainably, because the less people are exposed to it the more impact it has each time and then after a while the less impact because they get used to it since the system isn’t a super advanced AI it doesn’t know when to best harvest peoples shock and how to sustainably do it, I think that’s where the author backed themselves into a corner and meant that they would stop and take the time to fully flush out their novel first next time before starting to serialize it

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