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Zhao Feng traveled to the world of martial arts with the exchange system, martial arts, exercises, pills, weapons, war beasts, secrets… all the crazy pursuit Zhao Feng can easily get! And Zhao Feng in a violent state is ruthless and fearless, strong enough to explode!

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Short Title:VMSS
Alternate Title:狂暴武魂系统
Author:Flowing Heart
Weekly Rank:#3323
Monthly Rank:#2331
All Time Rank:#1829
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5 Comments on “Violent Martial Soul System
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  1. LOL this is straight up copying of each other cliche of chinese novel, I can't believe that a person can stomach copying the works of the others, some chinese authors is so shameless that they copy others' work to earn some money. The integrity and creativity of this profession is ruined just because of some people like this. Shameless, for money. I lack the energy and willingness to research who copy whom. Shameless chinese author, you even dare to publish it. I won't waste my time to figure out who is who, there are some out there too, I'm too lazy to spend time with these shenanigans.

  2. There are even some who put characters from others novels into their novels (not fanfiction). Its like a different world but all the schemes, enemies and the story exactly the same but change the mc and their companion and add some system. I recently read a novel where the enemies are zombies but the development is like one punch man the author changing the world to a post apocalyptic world is the only change

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