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Immortal Danzun Chen Xuan was bombed to death when he was making alchemy and was reborn in Fengyun Continent.

He wanted to upgrade his alchemy quietly, but had to protect a fifteen-year-old girl.

Kill the enemy? Chen Xuan threw out a powerful hallucinogen, and the battle scene suddenly became a flurry of demons.

Practice? Refining double profound spirit pills at will, with green light all the way to the level.

What? You said I am so good at alchemy? Didn’t I tell you that in your previous life, you went to practice alchemy because you had beaten Invincible Hands all over the world.

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Short Title:VDZ
Alternate Title:暴力丹尊
Author:Li Zhongyoumeng
Weekly Rank:#611
Monthly Rank:#234
All Time Rank:#2431
Tags:Alchemy, Cultivation, Male Protagonist, Martial arts, Second Chance, Transmigration, Weak to Strong,
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13 Comments on “Violent Dan Zun
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  1. Wtf ? At the start he said that he was 28yo at his first death and a couple chapter later he was "once a demon who killed for 10k year ?" I am retarded and I didn't understood or wtf ?

  2. Why upload such repititive novels? Is there really a demand for it? I have to imagine such stereotypical novels have long been overplayed

  3. There is demand for it and chinese novels are most of them repetitive. If you don't like it then find a good novel then post the link on their discord server. The books that gets requested on MTL novels discord only gets translated.

  4. The 'repetitive' novels are the most lucrative for authors. That's why they have so many chapters. Literally reading junk food.

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