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The most awesome thing that the timid and shy Wen Zhichu did in his life was to save two elementary school students who were crossing the road recklessly. For the first time in his life, he had successfully tried to show his bravery. In the process, he also successfully died.

When he woke up again, he found that he had transmigrated into the book as a cannon fodder villain who repeatedly kept making trouble for the protagonist, and finally because of offending the protagonist, he was forced to sleep on the streets.

Since he was a child, his mother had told him that his body was delicate.

Wen Zhichu, who couldn’t sleep on the street: !!!!!

Just when Wen Zhichu planned to not participate in the plot at all, he was accidentally bound to a villain system. If he didn’t make trouble for the protagonist according to the original plot, his money would be deducted, and he will have to go to sleep on the streets earlier than in the original novel.

Wen Zhichu: -smile-

Wen Zhichu was forced to follow the path of the villain, and every time he saw the protagonist’s strong body, his calf trembled. The protagonist’s single punch looked like it was enough to kill two Wen Zhichus.

Villain’s Mission: Destroy the protagonist’s lunch.

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:VS
Alternate Title:反派攻略
Weekly Rank:#588
Monthly Rank:#652
All Time Rank:#4357
Tags:Cute Protagonist, Devoted Love Interests, Handsome Male Lead, Heartwarming, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Poor Protagonist, Slow Romance, System, System Administrator, Timid Protagonist, Transmigration, Weak Protagonist,
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  1. Ame esta historia, realmente fue divertida e interesante, es una trama qué concidero ligera y agradable, aunque la relación de los protagonistas puede ser un poco lenta estoy realmente satisfecha

  2. I'm looking for a novel where MC shou transmigrated into a book and become omega, as far as I remember it's ABO novel and ML is an film emperor but I'm not sure, i kinda forgot the story. In the story ML likes someone else (ML friend) but they are both alphas. Alpha that ML likes(ML friend) once met MC in the toilet, and almost bit MC? MC decided to divorce ML, but ML started to like MC and chased MC. After that ML knows that MC is pregnant with his child. I think they already divorce before ML know MC pregnant with his child and decided to chase MC. Pls let me know if anyone know the title of this novel ^^

  3. Sort of similar, but i haven't read far enough to see them state the friend's 2nd gender and the child was already birthed. Its been a while since i read it tho.

  4. Me ayudan por favor, no recuerdo el nombre de esta novela, pero era sobre el protagonista que soño con su futuro, en el cual a pesar de salvar a la empresa de su familia dándoles dinero, al final su papa lo abandono y desprecio por gay y decidió heredar a su hermano bastardo. Entonces el protagonista decide trabajar en su propio negocio y en vez de humillar al gong por un mísero préstamo cuando este iniciaba su empresa, decide invertir mucho dinero, darles una oficina y ser su socio.

  5. No plot twists. No superpowers. No awesome protagonist. No faceslaps. No strong villains or try-hard villains. No dramatic revenge. No gore. No power play. No war.... It's almost dull. Just like a normal person's life, yet......... I..... I cried 3. Freaking. Times...... This novels flows so naturally and although there are some plot holes and the romance is a slow-burn type, the characters are just so. Freaking. Well-made...... The interchanging of scenes between the dramatic trauma and the speechless comedy, the simple and easy to follow writing... All of this, I love it so much. Highly recommended to read. Easily tops my favorite action-filled novels.

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