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As the last abyssal demon in the world, Wen Long was pulled into various worlds to do tasks by a guy who claimed to be a system. The goal of her mission was to save those villains who had been blackened for various reasons…

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Short Title:VRS
Alternate Title:黑化反派拯救手册[快穿]
Weekly Rank:#3895
Monthly Rank:#3371
All Time Rank:#5356
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Demons, Enemies Become Lovers, Female Protagonist, Gods, Handsome Male Lead, Late Romance, System Administrator, Transmigration, World Hopping,
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24 Comments on “Villain Rescue System
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  1. Such a good book but only 100s chapter, what a pity. I like the way mc handle everything. At first, its uncomfortable seeing her cold attitude. For 100s book and actual romance in 3rd world is pretty slow. But its fine because thats how the logic works right? I mean, fall in love easily is confusing enough. If this book can have more chapter, itll be good.

  2. Me encantó, la relación entre ambos es muy linda, en los primeros mundos no pude evitar sentir lastima por el ML ya que la FL no correspondía sus sentimientos, mi parte preferida fue en el arco del mundo real, explica como se conocieron y como las alas de Li se corrompieron, debo admitir que me sentí muy triste cuando llegué al final, buscaré más obras de este autor.

  3. Finally, wanting to read travel world novel but keep seeing yaoi & yuri really good summary. Got no problem with the genre just can’t vibe. I wish there is genre or specific tag search engine like novel update.

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