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The ancient statue stands in the depths of the stars and exudes a mysterious atmosphere.


There are nine statues standing in order, and the more the statues in the future, the larger the size of the statue. The last one, the height is about a thousand, the mottled is ancient, like a god, overlooking the entire starry sky.



Zhou Yuan looked at the statues, and the Shenfu in the body was shaking in madness, almost causing the loss of control of the source.


He was so hard to suppress it, and then he couldn't help but get a little heavy because he knew that the change of the temple was necessarily due to the presence of the innate spirit.


That is to say, within the nine mysterious statues, there are a lot of congenital spirits!


That kind of quantity is not comparable to the poor ones before.


Obviously, the more the nine statues are, the taller they are, and the more powerful the congenital spirits they contain.


Zhou Yuan’s gaze casts on the last one. The one-man statue will inevitably lead to the most fierce battle of the Nine Domain Conference. Whoever can occupy it, then it is possible to win the head of the Nine Domain Conference!


His eyes flashed and there was a rise in war.


call out!



When Zhou Yuan’s line of sight casts on the nine ancient statues in the depths of the starry sky, there are many broken sounds in the starry sky. His eyes are swept away, and he sees a series of space cracks. There are many teams. Landed down.


The silent starry sky suddenly became awkward.


"There are so many teams?"


Behind Zhou Yuan, Yi Qiu Shui suddenly surprised: "Is this all the teams that have not been eliminated?"


Zhou Yuan glanced at it and gently nodded. "The Nine Domain Conference has entered the most important stage."


"At this stage, ordinary players have not taken much effect."


He raised his chin against the nine quietly standing ancient statues in the depths of the starry sky. He said: "They are the key points in determining the ranking of the nine-field conference. Ordinary people can't do it by connecting the statues. ”


He can feel that the nine ancient statues have an extremely vast source of heaven and earth, and the source gas forms a source of light film. This layer of source gas film can not penetrate ordinary people, so, I want Close to the ancient statues to occupy it, it is undoubtedly necessary to take the top power in the realm of the various realms.



Other teams that enter here will no doubt be seen as a visitor outside.


"Sign the signal and bring our people." Zhou Yuan said to Yi Qiushui.


At this time, as all the teams poured into the area, there were already many signal explosions in the starry sky, and they began to gather people from all walks of life.


Yiqiu Shui heard the words, but also the dagger micro-point, immediately took out a signal candle, and the hand was thrown into the sky.




The candle fire blasted in the air and turned into a tower.


call out! call out!


Shortly after the signal was sent, there was a burst of air in the distant starry sky, and only two teams came to the scene.


The leader is Lu Wei and Ye Bingling.


When they saw Zhou Yuan, the dignified face suddenly appeared as a relief color.


"The chief cabinet owner."


The two teams finally came to the front and then bowed to Zhou Yuan.



Zhou Yuan looked at the two teams and could see that they should have experienced hard work and the staff had lost a lot.


Chad Zhou Yuan’s gaze, Ye Bingling said a little embarrassed: "Our team has harvested a thousand spirits, but it has lost one hundred and thirty-two people, and they have all been eliminated."


Lv Wei is also a complex look: "My team has harvested 1,300 Taoist machines and damaged eighty-nine people, all of which have been eliminated."


Zhou Yuan whispered: "It’s hard, Tianyuan’s strength is the weakest. You can stay until now and you’re doing your best. In addition, Han Yuan’s team has been eliminated.”


As soon as this statement came out, Lu Wei, Ye Bingling and others changed suddenly.


The whole team has been eliminated. Whose hand is so embarrassing?


"It is Xu Wei of the enchanting domain." Yi Qiu Shui bit his silver teeth and said.


All the members of the Tianyuan domain are exposed to the color of anger. The main team of Xu Weitang is so hot to the team of Tianyuanyu. It is really a little rule.



Zhou Yuan waved his hand and stopped the angry people. He said: "In the end, it is still not as good as people. I will write down this matter."


When he finished, he looked up and looked at some floating islands in the distance.


At this time, with the rise of various signals, the many teams that had poured into this space have finally gathered together. The mighty momentum is quite spectacular.


Zhou Yuan suddenly felt a cold look on his body, and immediately looked away, looking at the distant floating island.


I saw that there were many people in the crowd, and at that height, a figure staring at him with a sullen look was the Xu Wei of the enchanting domain.


And when Chad looked at Zhou Yuan, Xu Yan’s mouth suddenly picked up a smile like a smile, his lips opened and closed, and there seemed to be a silent voice: “Zhou Yuan, the chief of the cabinet, I will give you a gift, but still like it?”


The so-called gift is obviously the team that was eliminated by Han Yuan.


Zhou Yuan looked indifferent. Just looking at him, he turned his eyes to other directions. He didn't care about the provocation of confrontation. Now let him jump for a while, and then there is a chance of revenge.



In the distant floating islands, in addition to the enchanting domain, the other six domains are also in the integration team, and a large number of people are constantly gathering.


He saw the people in the purple scorpion field. At the forefront of the team, the familiar shadow appeared again, it was Su Youwei.


Next to Su Youwei, Xue Jingtao is constantly talking about something. Occasionally, he has a sullen look toward the direction of Zhou Yuan. I am afraid that what is said is the thing that expelled them before Zhou Yuan.


Su Youwei’s beautiful and beautiful face was calm and could not see the anger.


Further away, the front of the Wushen domain is the front of the people, Wu Yao is proud and standing, and the momentum is fierce. Her narrow and long phoenix looked at Zhou Yuan for the first time, but obviously she was not surprised that Zhou Yuan could come here.


Because in a sense, she is the one who has never been through Zhou Yuan.


Only she will beat him.


Because she wants to prove that the holy dragon is lucky, she is the perfect carrier.



In the gathering of many teams, the Wanzu domain is undoubtedly the most powerful. In front of a large number of people, Zhao Mushen is holding hands and standing on the ground. It is full of unfathomable feelings and attracts many strong people.


On the side of Zhao Mushen, there is a beautiful person who is very slim. It is Liu Qingshu.


At this time, Zhao Mushen and Liu Qingshu are also staring at Zhou Yuan.


In the eyes of Zhao Mushen, there is a slight surprise. He is deeply watching Zhou Yuan, who can stand here, indicating that his interception was solved by Zhou Yuan.


Liu Qingshu, who was on the side, stared at Zhou Yuan with a silver-stained hate, and said: "Master, you can't let go of something that you don't know well. Before I met him, it was a good intention to divide him." As a result, he actually played with each other and drove us all out, not giving us the face of Wan Zuyu!"


"I just underestimated him." Zhao Mu Shen smiled and shook his head slightly, but there was a hint of interest in the eyes.


The previous miss, obviously did not let Zhao Mushen feel any fluctuations, Zhou Yuan did not die in the pursuit of his previous move, or so, then take a lively mouth to take it back.


His abyss-like eyes gaze at Zhou Yuan. This moment, there is an amazing pressure, slowly emanating from his body.


In the original starry sky, suddenly a little quiet, countless fearful eyes cast, this Zhao Mu m God, actually want to do it here?


Who is going to do it?


Their eyes followed the eyes of Zhao Mushen, and they were all surprised.


That turned out to be Zhou Yuan!


Zhao Mushen, actually want to shoot Zhou Yuan here? !


This week is too bad luck!