The Senluo Yama Domain where the Ten Palaces of Hell are located.

The endless aura of the dead surged, and the sky was as dark as ever.

There is no vitality in the whole world. There are just ghost cultivators like walking corpses, walking between the world and the world without any vitality.

This is the core area of ​​the regional kingdom where the Ten Palaces of Hell are located, located near Fengdu City in the Senluo Yama Territory.

Fengdu City.

It is the top city outside the core of the country under the command of the Ten Palaces of Hell.

Different from the distribution method of the territory of Empress Mingyue and the Sea of ​​Eternal Calamity, the territory of the Tenth Palace of Hell is distributed according to the kingdom. The Tenth Palace of Hell is the emperor of his kingdom and controls the endless ghost cultivators here.

Extremely domineering and powerful.

The principles controlled by the Ten Palaces of Hell can reverse the life and death of yin and yang, and control the reincarnation of the underworld. There are also many powerful judges, ghost kings and other powerful people under their control, and they have strict ranks.

Fengdu City is the second largest city after the capital built by Emperor Yan of the Ten Palaces. In Fengdu City, there is an ancient bridge named Naihe Bridge. This Naihe Bridge contains endless power of life and death. Anyone who walks on this bridge will be tested by the past, present and next lives. Only ghost cultivators who have passed the test of Naihe Bridge can truly join the Ten

Under the command of Emperor Yama, he became the core staff.

In the territory of the Tenth Palace Emperor, Fengdu City is second only to the Senluo Yama Territory Capital and is a holy land for countless ghost cultivators.

At this moment, outside Fengdu City, several figures exuding terrifying auras suddenly appeared, staring at Fengdu City in the distance with a cold look in their eyes.

"Boy Qin Chen, your goal is Fengdu City? I thought you would go to the Samsara Capital, the core of the Senluo Yama Domain and the territory of the Ten Palaces of Hell Emperors!"

Staring at Fengdu City in the distance, Emperor Netherworld showed surprise.

The most famous one in the Senluo Yama Domain is the Samsara Capital, the residence of the Tenth Palace Yama Emperor, and Fengdu City can only be ranked second. With Qin Chen’s courage, he really wants to attack the Tenth Palace Yama Emperor and his Samsara Capital. is the most effective.

Qin Chen glanced at Emperor Youming and said calmly: "Youming, although I am bold, I am not arrogant. Although the body of the Tenth Palace of Hell has left, I am not stupid enough to directly attack the lair of the Tenth Palace of Hell. go."

The Capital of Samsara, in the territory of the Ten Palaces of Hell, is equivalent to the Huangquan Mountain of the Netherworld Emperor and the Sea of ​​Eternal Calamity of the Mingyue Empress. Will there be no precautions in front of it? Qin Chen wouldn't believe it even if he beat him to death.

With Qin Chen's current strength, he would have no problem dealing with some great emperors, but if he forced his way into the natal place of a Four Great Emperor, he would really be hanging his head on his waistband.

"Master, be careful. Although this Fengdu City is only the second largest city in the Senluo Yan Territory and is much weaker than the Samsara Capital, it is still extremely terrifying and by no means easy."

Emperor Shi Mei suddenly spoke at this time: "It is rumored that the emperor is among them."

Fengdu City was famous and famous in ancient times. In her eyes, it was like a dragon's pond and a tiger's den, which was by no means simple.

"The Great Emperor?" Qin Chen sneered, "What I want is the Great Emperor."

Speaking of this, Qin Chen suddenly turned to look at Youming and said coldly: "Youming, what's the background of this Fengdu city? You should know it, right?"

Others don't know the reality of the Ten Palaces of Hell, but Qin Chen doesn't believe in the Netherworld Emperor either.

"Hey, kid Qin Chen, I really know the origin of this Fengdu City." Emperor Youming chuckled, "There is indeed an emperor sitting in this Fengdu City, named Emperor Yanmo."

"Emperor Yama?" Qin Chen frowned, "What is this person's background? What is his combat power?"

"Combat strength? It's just so-so. Back then, it was close to the middle stage of the Great Emperor. Now I'm afraid it may have broken through." The Netherworld Emperor glanced at his mouth and said.


Hearing this, everyone gasped and looked shocked.

At present, on Qin Chen's side, Mo Li has just broken through the Great Emperor and is in the early stage of the Great Emperor.

Although Emperor Shimei has broken through the Great Emperor for many years, he has been trapped in the Dead Sea and his soul has been damaged in these years. Although his cultivation has recovered and he has received a lot of benefits, it is only close to the middle stage of the Great Emperor.

As for Taiyin Mingnu, it didn't take long to break through to the realm of the Great Emperor, but now after 70% fusion with the Black Lotus Holy Envoy, her true strength is close to the middle stage of the Great Emperor.

In addition, there is a broken Nether Emperor, and Qin Chen, who is only at the peak of the quasi-emperor...

These people join forces to deal with a middle-stage emperor. How can this not scare everyone?

It should be noted that when you reach the realm of the Great Emperor, the improvement of any small realm is a huge difference and cannot be underestimated.

"Qin Chen, should we have a long-term plan?" At this time, Mo Li couldn't help but say.

Damn it.

As soon as he came up and **** the mid-term emperor, he suddenly felt heavy and stressed. Qin Chen glanced at him and said calmly: "Mo Li, what are you afraid of? In fact, the middle stage of the Great Emperor is not that big. Didn't the clone of the Five Mountains Ming Emperor also be **** by you? It's just a middle stage great emperor, and you are not the same. Not even a word

Is it easy to capture? "

Mo Li looked embarrassed.

Are you so awesome? How come I don’t know?

But Qin Chen continued to sneer: "What's more, if we take the risk, there must be some benefits, right? The origin of a mid-term emperor will be of great benefit to your strength, right?"


After hearing Qin Chen's words, everyone's eyes lit up, changing from solemnity to excitement and enthusiasm.

Indeed, if they could have the origin of a mid-stage emperor to study and absorb, it would definitely be of great benefit to their breakthrough in strength.

"Fuck you."

Mo Li suddenly turned red and said angrily.

At this time, Emperor Netherworld said in a deep voice: "Besides Emperor Yama, we must also be careful about the support of another person."

Everyone looked over and frowned: "Who?"

"Meng Po!"

Emperor Netherworld said solemnly: "This person is another strong man under the command of Emperor Yama of the Tenth Palace. His strength is also extremely amazing, not weaker than Emperor Yama!"

Qin Chen frowned, "There is such a powerful person under the command of Emperor Yan of the Ten Palaces? Then why was there no great emperor under the command of Empress Mingyue?"

"This is different." Emperor Netherworld shook his head and said slowly: "Emperor Yama and Po Meng are not actually subordinates of Emperor Yama of the Tenth Palace, nor did they become emperors relying on Emperor Yama of the Tenth Palace." "These two ghosts were in ancient times. The powerful emperor, the Yama Emperor, the Tenth Palace Yama Emperor, and Meng Po were sworn brothers and sisters. Later, the three of them broke into an ancient forbidden place in the underworld, and the Tenth Palace Yama Emperor benefited greatly from the three of them.

After standing out, he became one of the four great emperors. Although Emperor Yan Mo and Meng Po never entered the level of the four great emperors, they also received certain benefits and reached their current state. "However, Emperor Yama and Po Meng have been incognito since the Tenth Palace Yama entered the Four Great Emperors, and have been in charge of the territory of the Senluo Yama Territory for the Tenth Palace Yama. They rarely show their faces, so these two ghosts are known in the underworld. The ghost cultivator is not

many. "

Is there such a thing?

Everyone was surprised.

It is impossible for ordinary ghost cultivators in the underworld to know these secrets, and only the former four great emperors like the Netherworld Emperor know a little bit about them.

Qin Chen squinted his eyes and couldn't help but sneered: "It's okay if Po Meng doesn't come. If you dare to come, I'll take her together."

"Did you get a piece?"

Everyone gasped, how big an appetite did Qin Chen have?

"Okay, let's wait and see what happens!"

Qin Chen raised his head and opened his eyes of creation. In an instant, the endless ghostly aura of Fengdu City appeared before his eyes.

In the city in front, two ghostly auras exuding a terrifying aura bloomed faintly, hiding in the core of Fengdu City. It was extremely terrifying.

"That should be the place where Emperor Yama goes into seclusion."

Qin Chen stared at one of the ghostly places. This ghostly aura contained endless rules of the avenue, and was obviously radiated by a powerful ghost cultivator.

The other aura is integrated with the world of the underworld and seems to be a treasure. Therefore, it is most likely the location of the Underworld Treasure Naihe Bridge.

Naihe Bridge, sitting on a long river of Wangchuan, is a treasure.

This bridge has been standing here for countless thousands of years, and no one has ever been able to take it away. Qin Chen's eyes flashed and he said in a deep voice: "It is not wise to break directly into the core of Yama Emperor. Instead of fighting, it is better to capture the Naihe Bridge first. If the Naihe Bridge shakes, it will definitely alarm Yama Emperor. , he will definitely be strong by then

The momentum is coming. Mo Li, if you don't take action first, you can secretly ambush him at the place where Yama Emperor must pass when he comes. You can ambush him in the middle of the way and give him just a moment to do so! "

"Taiyin, Shimei, you are also lying in wait, secretly looking for opportunities."

"As for Netherworld, you follow me to capture the Naihe Bridge!"

"Remember, as long as there is movement on the Naihe Bridge, Emperor Yama will definitely dispatch. At that time, we must fight quickly and not expose too much. I said to evacuate, you must evacuate immediately, and you must not be reluctant to fight. Do you understand?!"

Qin Chen looked at everyone coldly.


Everyone nodded hastily.

Qin Chen quickly made arrangements. The specific situation will be discussed when we get to the place.

Quick victory!

Just hit it quickly!


With an order, everyone disappeared into the void and quickly approached Fengdu City.

With the continuous galloping, soon, ancient and huge cities appeared in front of Qin Chen and the others in the distance.

Qin Chen's eyes of creation continued to open.

Look ahead.

In the void, he seemed to see ghostly auras rising into the sky!

At the end of the city, Qin Chen seemed to see a huge black shadow, roaring to the world!

"It's good to be Emperor Yama."

Qin Chen's heart moved slightly and he quickly avoided the phantom on the avenue.

Having opened the eyes of creation, he is most suitable to observe the enemy's situation! As everyone gradually approached Fengdu City, everyone's hearts were lifted.