"Brother Li!"

"Brother Li!"

Everyone exclaimed, Ji Ying scolded even more, not knowing whether it was happy or angry!

And somewhere in the valley, only a sloppy old man was seen watching Li Ye rushing into the colorful robbery cloud, almost his mouth was tilted and he spits out old blood.

"This stupid boy!"

This person is the Dujian Immortal, Old Man Zhang, who has the reputation of being the world's number one sword immortal, but at this moment there is absolutely no way to change this.

Originally saw that his proud disciple could comprehend the tenth sword, or even the eleventh sword so quickly, he was extremely surprised!

Who would have thought that Li Ye would take the initiative to find death and rush into the colorful robbery cloud?

Colorful robbery! That means it is close to the real Immortal King's Tribulation!

Old man Zhang had personally felt what the colorful robbery cloud was, so after seeing Li Ye rushing in, he had to move his figure on the spot.

But the force still hindered him just now.

At the same time, a voice appeared in his ear.

"He won't die."

This voice is quite sure! It's like a god.

No one could guess why the owner of the voice was so sure, but after thinking about it, Old Man Zhang was relieved.

He probably guessed who was hindering him. If it was really the one in the rumor, then whether he wanted it or not, he couldn't intervene today.

"So, this is the reason that the old thing in Taichen Palace has not dared to come in easily?"

Old man Zhang muttered to himself.

At this moment, he can only wait for the result. Although he has the assurance of that one, he still can't rest assured after all.

"Little Li, you can't just pat your **** and die like this, otherwise what about the old man's precious granddaughter?"


On the sky.

The colorful robbery cloud is like the most beautiful picture in the world, but the danger contained in it is enough to make all the palace masters in the ancestral realm talk about it!


In the colorful robbery cloud, a figure appeared.

"This! Is the immortal king robbery? No, it's much worse than the immortal king robbery."

To be able to break into the robbery cloud so madly, there is only Li Ye in the world.

Originally in his opinion, breaking into the multicolored robbery cloud would be the same as when he broke into the ordinary robbery cloud several times before, facing the baptism of the entire robbery cloud by the power of heaven!

He is ready to die for a lifetime, even if there is only 10% or even less than half of the chance, he wants to give it a try!

But who would have thought that when he waited in the colorful robbery cloud, he was shocked to find that the calmness here made him feel incredible.

There is no power of punishment, no lightning and thunder.

There is no danger.

As if being in a paradise, he had the urge to spend the rest of his life here and never want to leave.

"Is this the horrible thing about the colorful robbery cloud? Dissipate Dao Xin, let people immerse themselves in it and eventually die?"

Li Ye always felt that it should not be that simple, but he couldn't tell.

Moreover, in the world of Wucai Jieyun, he found that the aura here was not violent, on the contrary it seemed soft, and the warmth made him feel happy all over.

More importantly, here, it is like a treasured ground for practicing martial arts!

Taking a deep breath casually, it feels like falling into the aura of ocean.

He had never seen such a strong aura of heaven and earth.

Do not!

This is no longer the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, but a kind of liquefied spiritual power that is more exaggerated than the spiritual energy of heaven and earth. Taking a casual breath is even more exaggerated than the cultivation of the ancestors for a year.

If this was not enough to make him so shocked, what surprised him was that after he tried to swallow the colorful spiritual power around him, he found that he felt very familiar, even kind, to these spiritual powers?

It seemed like a loved one who had been separated for many years.

"What exactly is going on?"

I was thinking of a big one in a lifetime! Unexpectedly, after entering, not to mention the slightest danger, it was like entering a treasure cave.

In an instant, the nine layers of fairy light in Li Ye's body began to faintly turn into colorful glow! Although Xianguang didn't have any growth, Li Ye clearly felt his whole body up and down, as if he was eating up in one breath, not spitting out!

"Well, no matter what's going on here, how can you give up such a good opportunity?!"

Li Ye finally suppressed the guard in his heart and began to frantically swallow and refine the surrounding colorful spiritual power, like a bottomless black hole, desperately starting to refine these powers.

At the same time, behind him, the Kingdom of the Immortal Mansion, which has turned into the embryonic form of the Three Realms, is also beginning to be swallowed, expanding at a speed visible to the naked eye!

As the kingdom of Xianfu became bigger and bigger, Li Ye could clearly perceive death, the five elements, killing and even the four avenues of space are also evolving rapidly, without him needing to think about it. Like having your own consciousness, every second will evolve various changes in the law, remove impurities and retain the essence!

Invisibly, let Li Ye further control the four avenues!

Of course, this change needs to be accumulated over time! Just like the older generation of palace masters who have opened up the kingdom of Xianfu for countless years, after countless years of evolution, they have no one in the control of their own avenues.

Raising hands and feet represents the ultimate in their own avenues, and they are able to create various powerful magical powers.

Owning the **** kingdom of Xianfu is like a **** who creates all living beings!

It's just that life cannot be created, which is a taboo that even the gods cannot touch.

And at the moment.

Li Ye combined the three worlds and the fairy mansion **** kingdom produced by the power of space, and greedily used the colorful spiritual power around him! Every second is equivalent to a year in the outside world!

In a short time, it is equivalent to Li Ye's practice for hundreds of thousands of years.

This change is not visible at first, but when he leaves from here, everyone in the world will be amazed!

There is no sun and moon in the mountains!

Li Ye almost forgot where he was, or how long he had cultivated.

In short, he felt a little nostalgic for him and he didn't want to leave.

At this moment, the nine-layer fairy light around him has completely turned into a colorful glow!

Do not!

There are several other powers attached to the colorful glow!

And behind him.

The Immortal Mansion Divine Kingdom is so vast that no one knows how far it has expanded, and it is even larger than Jiangnan Road, one of the lower realms where Li Ye was originally located.

Even the Palace Chief level powerhouse who has lived the longest time in the Ancestral Realm is absolutely impossible to have such an exaggerated Xianfu Divine Kingdom.

This is not something that can be improved and expanded overnight, it takes years and years to slowly improve!

But at this moment, the Immortal Mansion God Kingdom behind Li Ye broke this law.

Compared with the many immortal palace gods that took millions of years to build, Li Ye's aura at this moment is closely related to the immortal palace gods, and it is enough to scare the world.

After all, the power of the Palace Chief-level powerhouse is actually not much stronger than the Immortal Venerable in the Nine Apertures Fairy Infant realm. The real power lies in the Kingdom of the Immortal Mansion! That's the weapon that Palace Master can cross the world!

The immortal palace **** kingdom is immortal, and the palace lord is equivalent to eternal life!

Of course, immortality does not mean immortality, but apart from the life limit, if you want to kill a palace lord, even if the fairy king makes a move, he can't say that he can do it easily, if the latter wants to escape.

at last!

Li Ye opened his eyes when he felt that his fairy mansion kingdom had reached its limit.

He didn't know how long he had cultivated, but he could feel that his every move now was accompanied by terrifying sharpness and great pressure.

That is a brand new feeling.

Compared with controlling the avenue before, you can swipe more freely and do whatever you want!

Faintly, he even felt that he could easily cut out the eleventh sword that he had exhausted all his strength before!

And stronger than before!

Taikoo Dragon Qi! The power of death! The power of killing! The power of the five elements!

At this moment, in his eyes, there is no distinction between each other, or he has merged several powers together, leaving only the highest road that belongs to him alone!

"It's time to go out."

Even though Li Ye was unwilling, but reason told him!

This place is not where he should come now!

It is a surprise to be able to have such a big gain.

In the outside world, there are still things that need to be solved by him.


Li Ye got up, stepped out!

In the blink of an eye, he had already come beyond Wucai Jieyun.

At that moment, spatial fluctuations naturally appeared in him, but it was more natural and more casual than ever before.

This is the Kingdom of Xianfu! All his powers are perfectly integrated together.

Open your eyes.

Li Ye saw the people in the valley, and was now looking at him with a look of monsters.

Especially Ji Ying, when seeing Li Ye walking out of the colorful robbery cloud, his eyes almost stared out!

"He actually came out?"

"Are you kidding me?"

"You really came out alive?"

"Gosh! This is impossible!"

"It's incredible! If I hadn't witnessed it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed that anyone could rush into the robbery cloud and walk out intact!"

Everyone in the valley was in an uproar!

Whether it is Ji Ying, Wang Mang, Yinluo, and such a world-famous arrogant.

Even Jian Wuming, the laughing scholar and others were stunned.

"Colorful Tribulation Cloud! Even if it is not a real Immortal King Tribulation, it is definitely ten times stronger than any Nine Aperture Immortal Infant's level Immortal Tribulation! A hundred times! The wounded crossover succeeded!"

Jian Wuming finished speaking in one breath, stunned everyone around him!

The laughing scholar almost thought that he had admitted the wrong person? This cold sword madman can still say so much?

But it is undeniable!

The laughing scholar nodded, "Yes, I have never heard of such an immortal robbery before and now, I really don't know how he came out alive."


At this time, a large group of people were stunned, looking at Li Ye like a monster.

And the other side.

After Ji Ying's initial shock, his eyes burst out with murderous aura!

If at first, he didn't put Li Ye in his eyes at all, he didn't put anyone in the world in his eyes! Full of conceit and arrogance.

But after Li Ye started with him, he knew that Li Ye was underestimated.

But now!

He had an uncontrollable killing intent! Because he found that the person in front of him would be his biggest stumbling block on the path leading to the ancient saint!

"What a Li Ye! What a nameless man! Your threat far exceeds Wang Mang and Yinluo, and even more threatening than the two of them combined! If you cannot get rid of you today, you will surely become my biggest obstacle in the future! "

Ji Ying whispered in a deep voice, his killing intent rose crazily.

But at this moment!


Above the sky, the endless multicolored catastrophe cloud finally began to dissipate, which also means that the terrifying immortal catastrophe has ended.

See this scene.

Everyone was relieved.

Let’s not mention whether Li Ye won the battle or Ji Ying laughed. Finally, the robbery cloud has not dispersed, which means that so many of them are likely to die under the immortal robbery!

After all, this robbery cloud continues to expand, and God knows how far it will become.

It began to dissipate, at least let them all breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that they had recovered their lives.

However, this is not what shocked and moved them the most!


The colorful robbery clouds that began to dissipate turned into colorful rays of light! It directly surrounds Li Ye's body, as if it has turned into layers of fairy radiance, making Li Ye's breath even more terrifying.

After that big cloud dissipated, how much colorful glow was left behind?

no one knows!

But they only knew that as the robbery cloud disappeared completely, all the colorful glow that remained was consumed by Li Ye alone!

In an instant!

Li Ye's aura rose sharply, and at the same time, from behind him, a vast starry sky and earth slowly appeared!

"Xian, Xianfu Divine Kingdom?"

"He actually succeeded in crossing the catastrophe?"

"This is too exaggerated! From the immortal monarch crossing the catastrophe directly to open the mansion and establish the country?"

"Damn! Even if this kind of thing is in the ancient times, even dating back to the time when the ancient heavenly court still existed, I have never heard of anyone improving their cultivation so quickly, right?"

Everyone was dumbfounded!

Even characters like Wang Mang couldn't help being shocked.

After all, even he is still half a step away from establishing a government! This is also the reason why he won a battle with Ji and finally lost the battle!

In addition to the fact that Ji Ying has the innate Taoist tool Zhu Shenji in his hands, the biggest reason is! Ji Ying directly suppressed him with Xianfu Divine Nation, no matter how powerful he was, in front of Xianfu Divine Nation, there was nowhere to do it, as if he was in a quagmire, his strength was greatly reduced.


Excluding the factor of Zhu Shenji, Wang Mang asked himself and Ji Ying's strengths are between the same level. It is really difficult to tell a victory or defeat even if it lasts a year or a half.

"The only one in all ages! Tianzong evildoer!"

The laughter murmured to himself, and then suddenly laughed three times, "I really want to see the expressions of the old people in Taichen Hall! If they were to see it, would it be wonderful?"

As soon as this remark came out, Jian Wuming also cracked his mouth, and a rare smile appeared. As for the others, they looked at each other even more. No one was a fool!

They all guessed what the Taichen Hall had in the Fairy Gate Conference this time!

Ji Ying is the sword of Taichen Palace! They are the animal sacrifices in the eyes of Taichen Hall! Anyone will be angry in their hearts, and they can't wait to kill the Taichen Hall for justice!

However, they knew they couldn't do it, and they didn't dare to do it! Therefore, this resentment naturally vented to Ji Ying, the executioner of the Taichen Palace!

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