Author: Salt Baked Lobster


Su Yu, the descendant of the royal chef, entered the immortal novel overnight, and became the second cannon fodder who took over a mountain of wounded and disabled generals from the missing master.

According to the original plot, the third junior brother Jin Dan was broken, the fourth junior brother went into trouble, the fifth junior brother was deceived... In short, the death and injury were injured.

Su Yu: Ah this...our division seems to be over.

Looking at a group of skinny, incompetent or disabled junior brothers and sisters, Su Yu, who wants to take care of his old age: what kind of immortals fight and fight? Are they all too long? Come and help her as a cook! Peace is a blessing!

However, when she researched the ingredients for Xiuxian and decided to make a pot of delicious Xiuxian dishes—

Su Yu: !

Severely wounded and waiting to die: !

Master Su did not believe in evil, and when he was preparing to make a lotus leaf rib—

The oil drips from the lotus leaves, and the roasted fragrance overflows. But at the bottom of the pot, there was a faint gleam of precious light, accompanied by the two-footed spirit sword, which was unparalleled in the sword's energy and rare in a century.

Junior brothers and sisters who gave up cultivation because of lack of spirit sword:!

The villain who has been waiting for their end: ? ? ?

Where did so many treasures come from!

Seeing the pots and pans of spirits and treasures piled up in the small kitchen, Su Yu frowned: You may not believe it, I just want to make a dish.

The heroine who **** luck, but goes all the way to decline:? ? ?

Because of training too fast and reaching the critical point of ascension, Senior Brother Xiao Muge, had to go far to the northern glacier to suppress his terrifying cultivation.

A year later, he finally avoided the Ascension Thunder Tribulation and rushed back to the sect, ready to recapture the luck for his juniors, but he almost didn't recognize his own peak.

The third junior brother with broken golden core entered the Nascent Soul, the fourth junior junior with extremely poor talent, Qin Jue, was a complete success, and the fifth junior junior who wanted to join the female nun’s family became the number one trader in the South. The pure sixth junior brother is now a powerful swordsman in all directions...

And his second junior sister, who has never been out of the room and is sullen and cold, is sitting on the peak head Taishi chair with her phoenix eyes squinted, and her red lips are raised to enjoy their respectful thanks.

"Second Senior Sister is the leader of our first peak, with strong wisdom and omnipotence. Senior Brother... Who is Senior Brother?"

Xiao Muge: "?"

Bibliography "Manchu and Han Banquets", "Cooking Knife Work", "Cooking Heat", "Culinary Chemistry", etc.

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