Because these meteorite players are registered in the mechanical plateau, it stands to reason that they will appear in the novice village of the mechanical dojo for the first time.

However, in the world of dojo competition, there is a mechanism for guild members to teleport.

That is, when the guild is on the defensive side of a guild battle, guild members can instantly teleport back to their base from a remote place.

It is precisely by using this mechanism that Yehong can make these meteorite players fall from the sky.

Only in this way can they not be restricted by the rules and join the battlefield where the guild battle is going on.


At this time, the meteorite players did not seem to have the dozen or so war immortals in their eyes, and they were all curiously looking at their bodies and the surrounding environment.

"Wow, so real, it feels exactly like reality!"

"Gosh, even my real body odor has been brought into the game together, I cry!"

These meteorite players are like those novices who entered the dojo for the first time, full of curiosity and desire to explore this realistic world.

Ye Hong looked at them with a headache.

Because they were eager to enter the game before, some game knowledge was too late to teach them.

For example, hiding the identity.

These meteorite players are just like Li Man at the beginning. Not only did they not know the hidden identity information, but they also swayed their real names and carried out the "real name system to surf the Internet."

However, the meteorite players who were immersed in the novelty didn't know that the dozen or so war immortal players next to them had been scared into a ball.

Especially seeing that there are meteorite wolves above level 80 in the meteorite clan player group, they are shaking all over, afraid to make a sound.

At this moment, they kept begging in their hearts that these meteorite players didn't find them.

However, Ye Hong's eyesight never left them!

For these guys who took advantage of the fire while he was away, Ye Hong would never be soft-hearted.

There was a smirk at the corner of his mouth, and he suddenly said to the meteorite players: "Everyone, I will find some training partners for you to familiarize you with the game body."

"Really? Where is it?"

Ye Hong pointed at the dozen or so war immortals with a smile: "It doesn't matter if you beat it, it doesn't matter."

A dozen Zhanxian's bodies shook suddenly.

At that moment, thousands of curses surged in their hearts.

But it was too late.

The meteorite players all beamed their eyes and surrounded them.

Then, there was a cruel and inhuman scream.

Ye Hong didn't bother to take a look at the group of people, but called all the members together.

"This guild war is not over yet!"

Ye Hong said to the guild members.

"But just now the game system has announced that our defense has won."

The members of the guild were all blank.

With more than a dozen war immortals also being cleaned up, the five major guilds have no chance of a turnaround.

The game system has determined that the Night Blade Guild has successfully defended and issued a reward for success.

Of course, because they defended the offense of the five major guilds at the same time, the reward for the Night Blade Guild has also been doubled five times.

Therefore, the members who were immersed in the joy of victory couldn't understand what Yehong meant.

Looking at the bewildered guild members, Ye Hong said indifferently: "Who said that victory in defense means victory?

Don’t you want to fight back after being punched? "

Listening to Yehong's words, the guild members seemed to understand something.

Their eyes are getting brighter and their breathing is getting faster and faster.

"President, what do you mean..."

"That's right!" Yehong looked into the distance with cold eyes, pointed a long sword in his hand, and shouted in a deep voice: "All members of the Ye Blade Guild listen to orders!

Immediately, sound the horn to counterattack the five major guilds!

The one who committed my night blade..."

Ye Blade members excitedly shouted: "Although it is far away, it will be punishable!"

At the same moment, the people of the five major guilds had just escaped from the resident area of ​​the Night Blade Guild.

They, who had just been punished five times, were full of despair at this time, and walked on the way back to the guild with their heads down.


A group of well-equipped Underworld players with sharp soldiers, suddenly stopped in front of their defeated soldiers.

Just when the players of the five major guilds were taken aback, a young man of the Ming race who took the lead on the opposite side bared his teeth and grinned: "The guild that has bullied Brother Ye wants to leave?

Want to be beautiful!

Kill me! "

With unequal combat power and the five major guilds with no morale, this is already a unilateral massacre.

Most of the players fell on the road.

The remaining part of the players finally escaped the encirclement and suppression with great pains.

But before they could catch their breath, a team of mechanical players appeared on the road!

"You are the one who upset our Queen?"

Needless to say, it was another massacre.

In the end, there were only a few people who could escape safely.

This day, for the players of the five major guilds, is the darkest day in their lives.

But they didn't know that this darkness was far from over!

Because at this time, they collectively received the game notification.

[Ding Dong! The guild (Night Blade) has declared war on your guild (the glory of all moons), please defend as soon as possible. 】

[Ding Dong! Guild (Night Blade) has declared war on your guild (Dark Epic), please defend as soon as possible. 】

[Ding Dong! The guild (Night Blade) has declared war on your guild (Iron Horse Jin Ge), please defend as soon as possible. 】

[Ding Dong! The guild (Night Blade) has declared war on your guild (Chunjiang Chaoshui), please defend as soon as possible. 】

[Ding Dong! The guild (Night Blade) has declared war on your guild (Dance of Shadow Stream), please defend as soon as possible. 】

Players from the five major guilds received this notification almost at the same time.

Although dojo competitions do not allow to fight more with less without a joint declaration of war, it does not prohibit the case of fighting more with less.

In other words, a guild can declare war on multiple guilds at the same time!

It's just that the players of the five major guilds simply couldn't imagine, why did Ye Blade, who had just ended the war, dared so arrogantly with one enemy five? !

It wasn't until a large number of meteorite players appeared in front of their guild's resurrection point that they understood the strength of the night blade!

On this day, the five major guilds including Zhongyue Zhihui were beaten to disband on the same day.

On this day, the various forces in the dojo competition re-recognized the strength of the Night Blade Guild.

On this day, the meteorite family officially entered the world of competition in the dojo after showing their traces on the Internet.

All races in the ancient world are thoroughly aware of one thing.

The meteorite family that has been glorious for thousands of years has really returned!

As for the major forces, they also gained a major piece of information.

Ye Hong, who once disappeared in Xianyu and was wanted by both Xianyu and Mingyu, is back again!

What disturbs these forces the most is the alliance relationship between Yehong and the Meteorite Clan!

At that moment, they all understood that Yehong at this time was no longer the one who had no background at the time.

Behind him, it is very possible to stand the meteorite family returning again!

For Ye Hong, he naturally ignored all kinds of rumors about himself from the outside world.

Because the counterattack is not over yet!

His goal is more than simply disbanding the five major guilds!

He promised up and down to the Night Blade Guild that he would surely make those enemies realize what despair is!

Whether it is a game or reality!

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