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Because Ergou's appearance is really eye-catching, Yehong did not bring it with him on his trip to Kyoto.

Not only that, but a few people also disguised themselves, and took the most common means of transportation, quietly came to Kyoto.

Therefore, when we arrived in Kyoto, it was already dawning.

I haven’t seen Kyoto for half a year, and the environment here has changed dramatically.

In the past six months, the two major industries of Yan Guo Technology and Practice have developed rapidly.

This is not yet obvious in Egret City, but it is most vividly displayed in Kyoto, which is the center of the world.

On the way, we can already see the emergence of technological products that have gone beyond the times.

Although it is not comparable to those of the ancient world, it has exceeded the accumulation of the past few decades.

The biggest change comes from practicing this industry.

Since the existence of the spiritual world has been publicly acknowledged, it is not uncommon to see practitioners on the street today.

From time to time, practitioners with long swords on their backs or swords in their hands are seen passing by.

Technology and practice go hand in hand, co-existence and coexistence have already begun to have the taste of the ancient world.

What is lacking is only time.

Ye Hong knew that now exiles might be watching everywhere in Kyoto, so he didn't plan to run around.

Take people and go straight to the place where Xuan Bing Xianjun is most likely to be-Shengyang District Temple!

Inside and outside the temple, people still come and go.

Ordinary people may not even realize that the owner inside has long been replaced by a group of strangers.

When Ye Hong came to a junction with someone, he was stopped by the security guard without accident and asked to show his pass.

Fortunately, Ye Hong was prepared early and took out the member certificate of the Archaeological Union prepared in advance.

This certificate was borrowed by him looking for Zhuang Wei on Haiye Island.

The identity he borrowed was also Zhuang Wei's.

Although the identity of Ye Hong’s temple consultant is more convenient, that identity is too sensitive, and it may be exposed if you are not careful, so you can only use the identity of the Archaeological Union.

According to Zhuang Wei, archaeological fever has already started in the world over the past six months.

Especially the practitioners have begun to explore those ancient and ancient things, intending to find a breakthrough opportunity.

Because of this, the Yanguo Archaeological Union, which was first established, will prove to be a great forward-looking feat.

Countries around the world have sent representatives to learn from the Yanuo Archaeological Union.

The identity of the members of the Alliance is also rising with the water.

Zhuang Wei alone has been invited abroad several times to give lectures to countless experts and scholars, share archaeological research, and impart archaeological knowledge.

So with this identity, you can more easily enter the temple.

"Archaeological alliance meeting?" Security asked doubtfully: "I haven't heard of any meeting of the Archaeological Association today?"

In this regard, Ye Hong is still prepared.

He was not in a hurry and smiled: "We were invited by Director Wei Qianling, Director of the Second Division of Yan Group, to have a private meeting."

"Director Wei..." The security guard recalled his head, suddenly said: "You mean that Director Wei of the Yan group?

Oh! How long have you not seen him?

He is no longer the director of the Yan group. "

Ye Hong suddenly gurgled in his heart.

Wei Qianling, director of the Second Division of the Yan Group, is also a good brother of Ye Hong in Kyoto.

It was precisely because of the meeting of Wei Qianling in Anming County that Ye Hong was able to recognize the big man behind the temple.

Wei Qianling has made an indelible and powerful contribution in Ye Hong's life trajectory.

And this time, Ye Hong had already thought about borrowing Wei Qianling's name and mixing into the temple, goodbye to the machine.

In Ye Hong's view, even if the temple changes, with Wei Qianling's agile and flexible personality, it won't be a problem.

Never thought, the reality seems not as good as he thought.

Even though Ye Hong was worried, he didn't show it on the surface.

Instead, he also said in surprise: "Don't see you for a while, Director Wei has risen again?"

"It's not a high promotion..." The security guard really got caught, but he shook his head and sighed: "In short, go if you want to see Director Wei, comfort or comfort him."

With that said, he returned the certificate to Ye Hong and asked him to lead people into the temple.

Although the security guard only spoke a few words, Ye Hong had heard Wei Qianling seemingly unhappy.

His brows were slightly wrinkled, and the pace under his feet could not be accelerated.

The security guard looked at the back of Ye Hong and others, and a strange color flashed in his eyes.

Not long after Ye Hong and others entered the temple, a fat man came lazily at the door.

Fat man in an ancient robe, but stepping on modern slippers, dressed in a nondescript manner.

But as soon as he saw the fat man, the security guard quickly lowered his head politely and smiled, "Good morning, Chen Xianren."

The fat man glanced at the security guard and yawned and asked, "I ask you, have any strange people entered the temple today?"

"Strange people mean..." the security guard asked in doubt.

"Also put on garlic!" The fat man with the surname Chen stared at his eyes and said fiercely: "Of course it is the life adviser Ye Hong of your temple!

I remember showing you all his photos, right? "

"Oh, night consultant." The security guard shook his head: "I didn't see him today.

Didn’t he say that he has been missing for half a year? "

Fatty Chen surnamed did not speak, silently looked at the security guard.

Then, the corner of his mouth suddenly evoked a touch of senran: "Boy, the guts are good, even I dare to lie?

You are afraid that you forgot how to write the three words of the exile! "

He reached out and grabbed the security guard by the neck, and lifted the security guard straight up. His face was fierce and asked, "Tell me, is Yehong entering the temple!"

At this time, the shock at the door also shocked passersby.

Some people couldn't see the past and reprimanded the fat man named Chen: "You bastard, let go of Mr. Security!"

The fat surnamed Chen glared coldly at the passer-by, who suddenly paled and fell over his throat.

This scene left a mess all around.

The security guard pinched his throat and his face rose into a red liver.

But that face, with pleasure and sarcasm: "Although I... just a... insignificant security guard!

But I also know... that my husband is the guardian of the country...

Even if you are crushing your bones... there is no complaint!

The night consultant he... will surely drive you thieves... out of the Yan Kingdom! "

"Fuck stuff!"

The surnamed Fat Man was angry, flicked the security guard aside, and quickly walked into the temple.

"Wait for Laozi to clean up Yehong, then come and torture you slowly!"

The security guard on the ground squeezed his fist hard, saying one by one: "The night consultant will not give you this opportunity!

Certainly not! "

Ye Hong at this time did not know what was happening at the door.

I don't know, there was a small person who risked his life to **** him and cover his whereabouts.

Now, he has taken people to the Yan group office in the temple.

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