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Ye Hong didn't bring back the fifth Mohan, but he didn't bring back any bad news.

Hope is still there.

After listening to Ye Hong's words, although Ye Zhonglu was still lost, the uneasiness in her eyes was gone.

Then he looked at Ye Hong and asked, "A Hong, if you come back this time, should you go back again?"

Ye Hong thought of the blazing sky outside the sky and nodded.

Of course, he still has to go back to the ancient world, provided that the problem of the exiles is solved first.

"Then take me this time?" Lv Zhong Lu pleaded: "I want to take a look at your grandma's hometown."

"Bring me too?" An Zaitian whispered: "Today, I heard you said so many wonderful things in the ancient world, and I suddenly wanted to see."

Ye Hong suddenly tangled.

The next time he returns to the ancient world, he will naturally bring some people back.

Needless to say, Yeblade must have brought it all.

Other relatives and friends, if you want to go to the ancient world together, the Meteorite can also sit down, the big deal is to let Meteor 11 run a few times.

However, Ye Zhonglu and He An are getting older in the sky after all, and they rush into interstellar travel. Ye Hong is not sure whether they can take care of them.

How can they not see the concern in Ye Hong's heart when the two of them live at this age?

"I'm one of the four best anyway, and my body is not weak enough to walk."

"What's wrong with Sijue? I am still the former sea leader, Poseidon. Will my body be worse than you?"

The two old men were glaring with beards.

Ye Hong couldn't laugh or cry, but could also see the friendship and vitality between the two.

He was no longer entangled and agreed with the idea of ​​the two going to the ancient world.

Just when the two old men wanted to say something to Ye Hong, the door of the room was gently knocked: "Grandpa Ye, is the manager here with you?"

Listen to the sound, but Murong listens to dreams.

The two old men smiled at Yehong and pushed him out of the room.

Ye Hong went out and saw that it was not just Murong who listened to the dream.

There are also several women such as Nalan Xue and Huang Fu Xiao.

And they all have a common feature.

That is, they all have the background of the original ten ancient ethnic groups in Kyoto.

"Manager, we want to ask you something."

Murong listened to the dream with a few pleadings on their faces and told Yehong about their concerns.

It turned out that what they worried about was their family in Kyoto.

Although the magma protects the relatives, friends and subordinates around Yehong, the scope is limited to Jiangnan Province.

Outside of Jiangnan Province, magma is powerless.

Especially in Kyoto, it was firmly held in the hands of the prison guards and the exiles.

But Murong listened to their dreams and they were safe, but their family members had no news.

Because Haiye Island cut off external communication and prevents being monitored and monitored, they could not communicate with the outside world.

Now that the crisis is unsolved, they can't leave Haiye Island and they can only ask Yehong.

And their request was to take the family from Kyoto to Haiye Island.

But Ye Hong refused their request.

"You used to hide on Haiye Island, because I was not there.

Now that I am back, I will never let you continue to shrink here.

Those guys in Kyoto don't come, and I will go find them. "

Ye Hong wrote lightly.

The domineering that appeared at that moment made the three women's eyes filled with moving colors.

"Thank you manager (Brother Dean Ahong)!"

In fact, not only in Kyoto, Ye Hong worried about friends in other places.

Lingnan, Nanjiang, Dongting... These places should also be controlled by the jailed army and the exiles.

But Ye Hong knew that as long as he could defeat the Xuan Bing fairy king in Kyoto, the rest were just a bunch of chickens and dogs.

The question now is, how to defeat a fairy?

After bidding farewell to Murong and listening to the girls, Ye Hong again found the most powerful combatants around him to discuss the matter.

Chiyu, Tenderness, Xing XVII, Ming Yuan, Li Man... There are also two dogs with a higher level of Yehong.

The other Blue Star warriors, although improving rapidly in the past six months, are still unable to compete with the powerful fairy.

Immortals and vans, after all, are separated by heaven and earth.

So this time, against the strategic plan of Xuan Bing Xianjun, Ye Hong did not intend to bring them.

Even though Ye Hong acted indifferently in front of several people who listened to Murong's dreams, he didn't mean to look down on each other.

After all, Xuan Bing Xian Jun is also a long-time master of Xian Bing.

According to the incomplete information in Ye Hong's hands, Xuan Bing Xianjun was born in Sanxian.

But his strength is no less than the forty-nine Zongjun strong in Taiyi Xianzong.

To put it simply, the enemies in front of Yehong are almost the same level as the strong men like Jianhe Xianjun and Zishi Xianjun.

Therefore, it is not easy to defeat Xuan Bing Xianjun.

"What's not easy?" Ming Yuan didn't care: "We have gentle sister, this fairy-level master, and mother... cough...Sister Chiyu is equivalent to the meteor tiger of the fairy-level. Strong.

Two hits and one, are you afraid of him a Xuanbing fairy? "

"But...Student Ming Yuan, you seem to have forgotten a situation." Li Man reminded with a bitter face next to him: "Xuan Bing Xianjun arrived six months earlier than us."

Hearing this, Ming Yuan's expression was also stiff.

That's right, the problem is here.

People from the ancient world came to Blue Star and needed an adaptation process.

The lower the level of people, the longer it takes to adapt.

Fifth Jun, who came to Blue Star more than 40 years ago, didn't recover the strength of the fairy until half a year ago.

However, strong players such as Chiyu and Tenderness have not come to Blue Star for a few days and are in a period of adaptation.

Compared with the peak period, the strength must be greatly reduced.

But Xuan Bing Xianjun had been acclimatizing for half a year earlier, and at this time it was impossible to say what level he had recovered to.

So even if there is one more powerful player at the level of the fairy, there is still no way to know the outcome.

But time has not allowed Ye Hong to stay on Haiye Island anymore.

If the previous activities in Xizhou haven't been noticed by the other party.

Then so many exiles have died in Egret City, and the other party must have been alert.

Now that the other party is in control of the central shrine of the Yan Kingdom, it's easy to grasp what moths you want to use.

Therefore, in order not to fall into a passive position, we can only cut the mess before the opponent has fully reacted!

Defeat Xuan Bing Xian Jun, Qing Xian Zhen prison army and exiles, restore the Yan Kingdom order!

"Alas, it would be nice if you had a nine-fold immortal seal in the Yan Kingdom."

Ming Yuan murmured depressedly.

Several other people laughed dumbly.

How much they disliked the nine-fold immortal seal before, but now they miss it so much.

After all, under the nine-fold immortal seal, all beings are equal.

In that situation, whatever realm he controlled was reduced to an ordinary person.

But it is most suitable for dealing with the current situation.

That night, Ye Hong led a group of powerful people and left Haiye Island silently.

Goal, Kyoto!

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