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If it was only speculation before, but when Ye Hong saw the dragon scales on the forehead of the pumice stone, he could confirm 100% that the pumice stone was the meteorite princess who was taken away by Xuanyuan a thousand years ago.

The gray scale on the forehead of the pumice stone is clearly the same as the scale on Longyan's six-winged meteorite dragon.

Perhaps one day, pumice can also transform into that form.

Thinking of the scene that might happen in the future, Ye Hong suddenly burst out of a strangeness in his heart.

That feeling was like the shock and stunnedness of seeing Chiyu transformed into a meteorite tiger for the first time.

"In other words..." Ye Hong stared at Pumice with wide eyes, "You are more than a thousand years old?"

Pumice stone suddenly turned red.

That peerless face with a man dressed up suddenly burst into a strange charm.

The last person who made Ye Hong feel this way was called Tang Mingxi.

It is also a peerless face, and it is also a man dressed as a man. Tang Mingxi is to prove himself to the Tang family, and the reason why the pumice girl is dressed as a man, Ye Hong can also vaguely guess.

Long Yan said that he asked Xuanyuan to protect his daughter Pumice.

Therefore, in order to prevent people from discovering the secrets of pumice stones, Xuanyuan put her on a mask and disguised her sex.

When Ye Hong looked at Pumice's face in a daze, his head suddenly hurt!


Chi Yu raised his slap and gave a note directly to the back of Ye Hong’s head. He was displeased and said: “Don’t you know that talking about age in front of girls is a taboo?”

Ye Hong was so depressed, he almost forgot that there was a ten-year-old demon next to him!

Just thinking of the huge combat power gap with Chiyu, he could only hold this depression back in his stomach.

At this time, the pumice stone sighed: "Actually, I knew very early that I was different from ordinary human beings.

It's just that Master hasn't said anything, just let me wait in peace.

It seems that it is this truth that makes me wait. "

She looked at Yehong and Chiyu, pleading with her face: "Can you tell me more about the meteorite clan?"

And...my parents kiss them..."

Ye Hong and Chi Yu looked at each other and nodded slightly.

After that, the two took turns to talk about some meteorites.

Of course, most of them are red jade, an old meteorite clan.

Ye Hong also learned about the history of some meteorites by the way.

Then he found out that before the battle of the seven races thousands of years ago, although the atmosphere of the various races in the ancient world could not be regarded as a single iron, it was still relatively harmonious.

Especially the meteorite clan, playing the same role as the eldest brother of all ethnic groups, using advanced technology to benefit all ethnic groups in the ancient world.

But after that war, everything changed.

The Falling Emperor's sleep, the human race is weak, and the various races are fighting...

Evolving to today, it has become a barrier to each other.

Territorial disputes between the Terran and Hades, the bloodlines of the Protoss and Orcs, the resource disputes between the Mechanical and Snow races...

Ye Hong suddenly wanted to cross the millennium before carefully exploring what happened to the ancient world during that time.

Of course, Ye Hong knows little about the parental issues that Pumice cares about most.

Even Chiyu, the elder of the meteorite clan, did not know why the mother of Pumice had betrayed Longyan.

Perhaps the answer to this question is only known to Long Yan himself.

No, there is the old man Xuanyuan who doesn't know where to go!

Night fell, and moonlight sprinkled on the beach.

Tonight is the most reassuring day for people on Haiye Island in nearly a month.

When Ye Hong returned, everyone was injected with a stimulant.

Even if Ye Hong talked to them about how cruel the group of visitors were, they no longer lived in fear as before.

Yehong is here, everything is peaceful.

Therefore, on this day, many people with exhausted minds fell asleep early.

But there are still some people who are still asleep.

On the beach, under the moonlight, a woman wearing a blue cheongsam and a little girl with two ponytails are looking at each other.

"Little sister, can you tell me your name?" The blue cheongsam woman smiled.

"My name is Fifth Qingmu, but people generally call me Ono." The little girl grinned, "I know you, gentle sister brought back by Brother Yehong.

I don’t know why, I always feel that gentle sister has a temperament that makes Ono feel very close.

Do you feel this way, gentle sister? "

Gentle smiled slightly and nodded.

Then suddenly asked, "Ono, can you let me touch your hair?"

Ono was stunned. Although he didn't understand what gentleness wanted to do, he nodded slyly.

And took the initiative to put his head close to the gentle hand: "Hee hee, gentle sister, you touch it."

Gently reached out and stroked Ono's two braids.

Her eyes flickered and murmured: "It turns out so..."

"Gentle sister, what are you talking about?"

"It's nothing."

The light blue rolls along the coast, bringing a gentle sea breeze.

The smiling women and girls at the beach seem to blend in with the surrounding elements and become a beautiful picture comparable to the starry sky.

The stars in the sky disappeared and the moonlight disappeared.

The world looks like a camera with a flash, and records this beautiful scene.

At this time, Ye Hong found Grandpa Ye Zhonglu.

Before Ye Hong went to the ancient world, Ye Zhonglu returned to Longchi Village alone.

His original idea was to wait for Ye Hong to come back.

However, the magma worried that the exile would go to Longchi Village to find him in trouble, so they took it to Haiye Island together.

Due to the large number of people during the day, Ye Hong is not convenient to speak openly.

But Ye Zhonglu's lost expression, how could Yehong not notice?

Half a year ago, Ye Hong’s mission to the ancient world was to bring Grandma Fifth Mohan back with Xiaogu Yexi.

This task is only known to a few people such as Ye Zhonglu.

Even Ye Xiao, An Xiaoying, Ye Zhinuo did not know.

But when Yehong came back this time, not only did he not bring back Fifth Mohan, but even Yexi was gone.

Ye Zhong Lu looked in his eyes, but in order not to destroy the surprise atmosphere of everyone, he endured the loss and did not show it.

It was not until Ye Hong found him that he showed real emotions.

He stared at Yehong, his lips trembling, but he couldn't say a word.

Seeing such a grandpa, Ye Hong felt extremely uncomfortable.

At the same time, Ye Hong found that the foreign police were in the room in the sky.

In the eyes of Tianjian Yehong, Ann explained: "In the past six months, I have been idle and often go to Longchi Village to find Lao Ye for tea. He has told me everything."

Seeing the new wrinkles added to the corners of An Tian's eyes, Ye Hong was filled with emotion.

Presumably, the days of these two old men for half a year are definitely not as easy as what An Zai said on Tianzui.

He sighed immediately, and said the fifth Mohan information he had heard in the ancient world in 1510. He also showed the dragon egg transformed into Yexi to the two old people.

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