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The characteristics of the inhabitants of other worlds shown by Ming Yuan and others make it difficult for everyone to doubt that they are Blue Stars.

For Ming Yuan, they also dazzled at the large group of people on the island.

They knew that these people were very important to Ye Hong, so they tried to remember their names.

But remember, Ming Yuan suddenly realized: "No wonder Brother Ye didn't pick a single flower in the ancient world, it turns out that there are so many colorful flowers in the family!"

These seemingly unintentional words made Qin Hongshuang and others blush.

Secretly staring at Ye Hong, his eyes looked ashamed and timid.

"Huh! Who said he didn't have flowers and grass, I don't think so?"

It was Ye Zhinuo who spoke.

With her arms on her hips, she pointed at Tenderness, Chiyu, Xing 17 and Li Man, and said fiercely: "You are a flowery elder brother, tell me honestly, how are they related to you?

Do you know Sister Hongshuang they are nagging you every day.........Hmm! "

The words were not finished yet, but Qin Hongshuang, who was blushing and ears covered his mouth tightly.

Ye Hong was also crying and laughing.

My sister hasn't been seen for half a year, and the nerve is still so big.

Shaking his head, too lazy to take care of Ye Zhinuo.

The Qing people clear themselves, he believes that Qin Hongshuang will not misunderstand them.

However, Ye Hong did not intend to explain, but Li Man waved his hands nervously: "Don't, don't misunderstand, my classmate Ye Hong and me are just ordinary classmates!"

When talking, his face was ruddy and he secretly aimed at Yehong from time to time.

Li Man opened his head, and the rest of the women also explained.

"I used to be A Hong's teacher, and now regard him as a very interesting research object." Genrou smiled with his mouth covered.

"Lao Niang was ridden by this kid, now thinking about how to ride back." Chi Yu said lazily.

"He is my master." Xing XVII said straightly.

However, they did not realize how much impact they felt to the people around them if they thought it was natural.

And each of them talked, the eyes around them couldn't help but stare at three points, until they opened their mouths in amazement, they couldn't close them.

The eyes of Qin Hongshuang and others suddenly became strange.

Yehong covered her face with a headache, and there was a twitch in the corner of her mouth.

Why don't you explain it? !

Not to mention these episodes, people in both worlds are familiar with each other.

For the Blue Star people, Ye Hong should have said everything, and the rest is for them to digest.

Taking advantage of this time, Ye Hong found the wretched fat old man.


"Boy, you have to thank me this time."

Xuanyuan a pair of you to praise my proud look.

It is also true that if Xuanyuan and magma did not protect people on the island in safety, they must have been persecuted by the exiles.


Ye Hong grabbed Xuanyuan's black robe and gritted his teeth: "If it weren't you **** lied to the ancient world, how could the **** of the prison of exile have a chance to come to Blue Star?

In addition, what else do you know, it is best to explain one by one, otherwise I will throw you into the sea to feed the fish! "

Yehong now has a stomach problem and wants to ask Xuanyuan.

The clues of the Immortal Emperor, the Creation Saint Emperor, the Son of the Great Tribulation, the Crossing Dragon, the Holy Bone Tool, the Fallen Emperor Dragon Rock, the fifth family, and the grandma's fifth Mohan...

These things seem to exist independently, but they have always been inextricably linked to Xuanyuan!

"What told me to deceive you into the ancient realm?" Xuanyuan scoffed at Ye Hong's accusations. "If you had not gone to the ancient realm, your strength would stay in the ancient fairy martial world all your life. Where can you be as beautiful as now?"

Also, even if you don’t open the immortal gate, those **** can come to Blue Star because..."

Xuanyuan's words were not finished, and there was a chilling voice next to him: "Emperor Xianyin, you let the old lady wait for a thousand years, how can you count this account?"

From the side, it was Chiyu who gritted his teeth.

The flow of magma outside the body seems to be transformed into the meteorite tiger form at any time.

"Finished, the tigress is coming!"

"Well, let's talk about it next time!"

Nothing happened to Xuanyuan, and the robe that Ye Hong was holding suddenly became very slippery and slipped away from him.

The figure of Xuanyuan also quickly escaped towards the distance.

Yehong's brows were slightly wrinkled, and a fine flash of light flashed in his eyes.

Half a year ago, he could not see the strength of Xuanyuan.

Half a year later, much stronger than half a year ago, he still cannot see through the bottom of Xuanyuan.

It was as if there was no one in that black robe.

"You old bastard, don't run if you have the ability!"

Chi Yu shouted loudly at the back of Xuanyuan.

The pumice stone that had been standing next to him scratched his mask and gave an awkward but impolite laugh.

Ye Hong looked at Xuanyuan's disappearing direction and shook his head.

Anyway, I have returned to Blue Star. I have a lot of time to find the old man and ask clearly.

The top priority is to complete some tasks that must be completed.

For example, the group of people who solved the prison of exile, such as the pumice stone in front of him.

Yehong turned his head and looked at the pumice stone strangely.

Although the pumice in front of him was dressed as a man, Ye Hong once saw the body of pumice with the eyes of Taoism under the coincidence of chance, knowing that she was indeed a woman.

Moreover, the daughter described by Meteorite Dragon Rock should be pumice stone in any way.

Chiyu on the side also looked at the pumice stone.

He leaned close to the pumice stone and sniffed something with his nose.

Pumice's body suddenly stiffened, not understanding what Chiyu was doing.

If it weren't because Chiyu was the guest brought by Yehong, she might have left her sleeves long ago.

Not long afterwards, Chi Yu's pupils startled, his face firmly said: "Nothing wrong, it really is the taste of His Majesty's bloodline!"

She knelt on one knee with a stern expression and said seriously: "Meteorite elder Chiyu has seen Her Royal Highness!"

Pumice suddenly froze in place, then looked at Yehong blankly.

Although she also heard Yehong talk about the ancient world before, and knew the existence of the meteorite clan, but because of confidentiality, Yehong did not disclose the matter of the meteorite dragon rock to everyone.

Now it seems that Xuanyuan should never talk to Pumice about her life.

Ye Hong sighed and told Pumice what happened to the meteorite clan a thousand years ago.

Including Longyan's betrayal by his wife, including the child who was taken away from the altar by Xuanyuan...

After listening, Pumice remained silent for a long time.

Then, slowly remove the face mask.

I saw that it was a face that Ye Hong had seen on the altar screen and was very similar to Long Yan's wife.

It's all such a magnificent, alluring country.

But on the forehead of this face, there is a gray-white dragon scale the size of a fingernail.

When the magma cools, it becomes pumice.

When the dragon soul appears, it becomes a dragon scale.

At this moment, Ye Hong and Chi Yu looked at the dragon scale blankly.

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