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Among the five exiles, the most eye-catching figure on the back of the fish was a black-haired teenager standing in front of the team.

He sneered at the side of his five people, and the flashing murderous power was cold.

Like an invisible rope, the five people were firmly tied in place through the distant void.

The breath in the body solidified in a flash, as if frightened to stand still.

Even the breath sphere that the five people had united together collapsed in the air.

The five people were shocked, because they could not see through the realm of teenagers, and could only feel the strong pressure from the opposite side after wave.

However, what surprised them most was that they couldn't remember where this peerless master was still hiding on this planet!

It wasn't until the carp got closer and closer that they saw the face of the black-haired teenager, they all exclaimed: "Yehong?!"

The person who arrived in time was of course Yehong and his party.

Yehong glanced at Haiye Island, which was safe and sound, and was relieved.

Then, with a more violent killing opportunity, enveloped the five exiles!

Xuan Bing Xianjun should be damn, then these five Xuan Bingxian Jun dog legs who dare to invade Haiye Island should be damn!

"Yehong, you really came back from the ancient world!"

"Humph! You killed our brother's hatred outside the sky, and finally you can liquidate with you!"

Hearing the five exiles, Ye Hong frowned.

Suddenly, he recalled the scene when he left Blue Star six months ago and went to the ancient world.

At that time, before crossing the mirror walls of the two realms, he felt an ambush on the opposite side.

It's just that those who were ambushed were all killed by the first-step meteorite, which is the blazing meteorite.

Now think about it, those who ambush can only be the exiles of the prison of exile.

That is the brothers in the population in front of them.

Ye Hong was already strange, why did the exiles have nothing to do with him?

It is Yehong who suffers from a loss outside the heavens. Why should Xuan Bing Immortal King be cherished?

Yehong now figured it out completely, and had been in trouble for a long time, it turned out to be because of this matter.

Because Yehong was not on Blue Star, the exiles could only monitor the people related to Yehong, and wanted to wait for Yehong to come back before taking revenge.

It's just that those ambush exiles apparently died directly from the blazing meteorite, and indirectly died from their greed, which had a semi-yarn relationship with him?

Ye Hong, who figured out the causes and consequences, said indifferently: "That's what they deserve."

Not surprisingly, this sentence directly annoyed the five exiles.

"Can't take your island, can't you take it?"

The faces of the five men were fierce, and Qi Qi made his debut to the Envoy of Ye Hong on the back of the fish.

Facing the oncoming moves, Ye Hong only shouted two dogs.

In the eyes of the five people opposite, the big green carp suddenly opened its mouth and made the sound of Long Yin.

The sound shook up the waves, and the ship under the five people was directly overturned.

Before the five exiles had eased off in the sea, the terrifying opportunity was already over their heads.

"Do not--"

Among the five unwilling shouts, five bodies with separated heads appeared on the sea.

Blood stained the sea.

Ye Hong withdrew his fingers, his expression was blank, and there was no trace in his heart.

Not to mention that these people were originally sinful exiles.

With their previous actions on Haiye Island, it was enough to die 800 times.

Among them, the highest strength is not a fairyland, and it is impossible to be the enemy of Yehong.

Move your finger, it will kill a clean.

After killing the five people, Ye Hong ordered Ergou to continue toward Hai Ye Island.

At this time, Haiye Island, those magma members looked dull.

The five exiled people who exhausted them and almost wiped out the whole army of Haiye Island, are they all gone?

They didn't even see how Ye Hong shot it!

Because the heart was so shocked that even the sword array could not be maintained.

The lava cover suddenly fell, exposing the sea night island that Yehong was familiar with.

After the two dogs approached the coast, they recovered their original shape.

A group of people on the back of the fish also landed one after another.

Ye Hong looked at the dull faces on the island and smiled, "Everyone, I'm home."

For Yehong, Haiye Island is his second home.

Because of this, he only got angry when he discovered that someone wanted to destroy his home!

The people on the island froze for a long time, and then a surprise wave broke out!

One figure after another ran out of each building and rushed towards Yehong!



"Stinky boy!"

A familiar hello, mixed with a sobbing face, made Ye Hong sour.

At a glance, almost all his relatives and friends are on the island.

In addition to Jiang Yuyun, Si Xiaoxiao, Wu Chi, Yan Lan, Ono, Lei Zi, Jun Zi... and Ye Ren Man and Horse on the island.

There are also family members such as Ye Zhonglu, Ye Xiao, An Xiaoying, Ye Zhinuo, An Zaitian...etc.

Qin Hongshuang, Murong Tingmeng, Jiang Yu, Lu Dan'er...etc.

And the men who are responsible for the major industries under the name of Ye Hong, such as Bifa, Nalanxue, Zhuang Wei, are also on the island.

One is not missing, one is quite a lot.

Watching them look safe and sound, the stone in Ye Hong's heart finally fell completely.

"A Hong, where have you been in the past six months? Why didn't you even have a message?"

"Also, what's going on with those people outside, why should we attack us?"

"Boy, do you know that we are worried about you?!"

What made Yehong headache was the overwhelming problem.

"This matter, it's a long story..."

Afterwards, Ye Hong took everyone to find a place, and talked about where he had been in the six months since he left.

Half a year ago, under the meteorite crisis, Ye Hong did not have the confidence to survive in the meteorite.

However, for those friends and family, and for the land under his feet, he still went to challenge the meteorite without turning back.

Just before leaving, he made up a reason in order not to worry everyone.

That is to go to a very secret place with Xiaogu Yexi to participate in the research related to solving the meteorite.

So apart from a few people, no one knows that the flying dragon that day was transformed by the night stream.

Few people know that Ye Hong went to another world in the past six months.

Therefore, Ye Hong spent a lot of time talking about the existence of the ancient world to everyone.

Those who knew about the ancient world heard a stunned audience.

They didn't believe it at first, but the changes around them forced them to believe it.

Especially when Ye Hong introduced a group of people such as Ming Yuan, they believed a little bit in their hearts.

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