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Zhicai Middle School, Anming County, Bailu City, Grade One (18).

Above the rostrum, a middle-aged female teacher wearing black-framed eyes was chanting English.

The English letters in the sky, like a lullaby, made the students drowsy.

At a table in the last row, a boy with short, broken hair was lying on the table and sleeping.

His name is Ye Hong and he is sixteen years old this year.

Ye Hong only felt that he had a long dream.

In my dream, I was admitted to the best middle school in the county, instead of buying this **** private school Zhicai Middle School at a high price.

In my dreams, my parents praised myself so much that I became the "child of someone else's house" in my neighbor's mouth.

In my dream, my classmates are at the same table, and it is no longer so cold, but smiles like flowers.

In the dream...

Suddenly, there was a rigorous electronic synthesis sound, which burst into Ye Hong's mind!

"Found the the bound host...The god-level enhanced system was successfully bound."

Who is talking?

What is the **** level reinforcement system?

The English teacher on the stage frowned, looking at the sleeping guy in the back row, angrily.

This boy named Ye Hong has one class in the entrance test. The class is either reading novels or sleeping, and she is not her teacher at all.

The most annoying thing is that the class teacher also arranged his beautiful daughter and this poor student to be at the same table!

As the name implies, it is "students one by one".

The daughter has complained with herself many times, saying that Ye Hong has been staring at her all day, making her unable to concentrate on studying.

Thinking of this, the English teacher couldn't help but stop the lecture, and the chalk in his hand flew to Yehong.

Unbiased, just hit Ye Hong's head.

The chalk broke apart, leaving a few white marks on Ye Hong.

The students in the class were taken aback by the shock, and looked in the direction of Ye Hong.

"Who hit me?"

Ye Hong took pain and woke up directly from the dream, and the whole person stood up.


There was a burst of laughter from the students around.

Especially at the same table of Ye Hong, Zhang Xuewei who was named Ban Hua, the beautiful melon seed face is full of contempt, and I wish to stay away from him.

Ye Hong was completely awake.

Yes... there is no system in the world... it's just a dream.

Today is the second week of my high school life and I am now taking English classes.

Ye Hong raised his head and looked at the podium, with a hint of apprehension on his ordinary face.

The gloomy Obasan on the stage was Yehong's English teacher. Although he was very old, he made everyone shamelessly call her Miss Zhang.

Miss Zhang knocked on the blackboard and sneered: "Student Ye, do you sleep soundly? This translation question is for a look, if you can't do it, you will be fined a hundred times!"

Ye Hong scolded his mother, this menopausal aunt must have deliberately embarrassed herself!

Even if he learns the scum again, he knows that the entire sentence translation is the content of the next chapter, which is not something that they can do with the high school students who have not entered the school for a long time.

But Ye Hong couldn't help it. He was arrested and slapped first.

If the attitude is bad, the parents will be called.

In desperation, Ye Hong had to daringly walk to the blackboard.

A whisper came from the class below.

"I can't even understand this question. How could this crane tail be done?"

"Due deserves, who made him toad want to eat swan meat without looking at his respect, he was so embarrassed to spend the same table with our class!"

Almost everyone is waiting for Yehong to leave the rice cake.

Ye Hong looked at the general English question in front of him and gritted his teeth. He was preparing to serve Ruan and Miss Zhang to say he would not do it.

But at that moment, the voice in my dream sounded again in my mind: "Ding! Check English words, English ability +1, current progress: 110, level: entry level."

Ye Hong's eyes widened in an instant. He obviously never recite the word, but the meaning of the word appeared clearly in his mind.

This feeling is like installing an English-Chinese dictionary in my mind!

"What's wrong with classmate Ye at night?" Miss folded her hands around her chest, disdainful: "If you can't do it, hurry up and copy it a hundred times, don't waste your classmates' time."

Know that you waste one minute is equivalent to wasting fifty minutes of everyone in the class! "

"It's annoying!" Ye Hong was nagging for a while, and could not help but roar.

"You, you dare to hit the teacher!" Miss almost lifted her glasses up, "Okay! I want to see how you made this question!"

The people in the class were frightened by Ye Hong's voice, and the voice of whispering was turned into a loud discussion.

"Ye Hong is mad? His attitude is so arrogant!"

"The anxiety is bad, see how he ends later."

Everyone's eyes focused on Ye Hong.

Ye Hong was not nervous, and looked at the next word.

As expected, the voice rang again: "Ding! Check English words, English ability +1..."

Ye Hong did the same, and his eyes swept through a whole series of sentences.

"Ding! English ability+1..."

"Ding! English ability+1..."

"Ding! Current progress: 11100, English ability improved to: proficient level."

At this moment, Ye Hong seemed to enter another world.

Just like Daigo Initiation, there is a warm current rushing to the sky cover.

Those tough English words instantly became easy to understand.

The translated answers for the entire string of sentences are fully visible in my mind.

It wasn't until this moment that Ye Hong was convinced that the system that once appeared in the novel actually came to him one day!

Ye Hong smiled confidently, picked up chalk, and quickly wrote on the blackboard.

No more than ten seconds, Ye Hong has already translated the sentence.

"How, why so fast?!"

"It's impossible! He must be scribbling!"

The students still don't believe in Ye Hong's ability.

Ye Hong threw the chalk into the chalk box casually, patted the dust on his hand, looked at Miss Zhang, who was stuck in the side, and said lightly: "Miss Zhang, although this problem is too simple for me, I still One thing to say, please don’t trouble yourself with this kind of problem in the future."

Just a word on the blackboard: "This interesting obviously needs to be replaced with the past participle interested to be more accurate."

"Ah, uh, uh..."

Miss Zhang seems to have just recovered, glanced at the standard answer to this question in the textbook, but found that Ye Hong's answer is more perfect than the standard answer!

What's more exaggerated is that Ye Hong can point out the loopholes in this sentence at a glance!

You know, the editor-in-chief of compiling textbooks is the legendary professor of Jiangda University!

Ye Hong This is no longer an ordinary talent, but an English genius!

Miss suddenly realized in her heart, no wonder people simply disdain to listen to their own class, with this strength, they can simply go to the college entrance examination.

She blushed and shyly said, "Your classmates, you did everything right. Come back to your seat, let's continue the class."


Everyone in Class 18 took a breath in shock.

how is this possible? !

The tail of the crane is completely right!

Ye Hong turned smartly and walked to the seat.

Looking at the complex eyes of everyone, Ye Hong couldn't help feeling so sad.

Before going to the podium, Ye Hong felt that he and they were not in the same world.

Because he is just a scum.

After coming down the podium, Ye Hong still felt that he and they were not in the same world.

Because they have all turned into scum in their own eyes.

After returning to the seat, Ye Hong found that Zhang Xuewei at the same table secretly handed a note.

It reads: How?

Yehong turned his head, but found that Zhang Xuewei's face was red, and the body unconsciously moved closer to Yehong.

The boys who saw this scene around them all had flames of jealousy in their eyes.

Ye Hong sneered inside. Yesterday, you ignored the young man. Today, the young man let you try what Gao Pan cannot afford!

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