@:4255: Solve the tail

Looking at the tails that were pouring in like death, Nangongrou couldn't help but laugh. All of these people were very clear about the power of the extreme north wind, and ended up in the face of huge benefits. , One by one became desperate ghosts.

But that's okay, most of these people are from the Tianzhong Town and the major powers, and they die, and no one will be sad, and they just clear the door for the universe.

At this time, the wind in the extreme north.

After Pang Feng rushed in, he suddenly discovered that this wind was really strange, and it seemed to be some kind of illusion. The appearance seemed very terrifying, covering the sky and the sun, but in fact, after entering, you will find that there is another world.

It was just that Pang Feng didn't have time to appreciate it carefully. On the one hand, after offering a Soul Devourer to protect himself, he immediately found a place to hide himself, waiting for the subsequent appearance of the tail.

Sure enough, Pang Feng did not expect that, these people followed in the name of a Shenwu general.

At this moment, the corners of Pang Feng’s mouth raised slightly, revealing a slightly sinister smile, and then quickly got up, only to hear a phoenix sound, the long sword Baifeng out of its sheath, and immediately turned into a flapping phoenix. The bird, with the momentum of sweeping thousands of troops, came towards the dozens of people who came in.

The power of the long sword and white phoenix is ​​by no means a vain name, and it is still strong when it is strong. It is more than enough to deal with these miscellaneous ants.

After one blow, more than half of the people had no time to dodge, and they were directly blasted into powder by the sword light, floating in the air, not even a corpse was left.

And even though there are still some people who immediately turned around to block when they noticed the coming of death, it was a pity that the power of Pang Feng’s long sword and Baifeng was as powerful as a broken bamboo, and the magical weapons of these people could not be resisted, and they broke on the spot. , The man was also shaken out.

"This... how is this possible, how can your kid's strength be so strong?"

The few people who were barely able to stand felt Pang Feng's terrifying strength, and they all couldn't help but exclaimed.

"Hmph, never judge people by their appearance, otherwise you will lose your lives!"

Pang Feng snorted coldly, while speaking, he waved his long sword Baifeng again.

Another sword light passed by, and the few people who had no magical weapons this time all changed their faces with fright, and some even knelt down and cried out for mercy.

"Uncle, I was wrong and we were wrong. You are a god, but I have no eyes to know Mount Tai. Please receive magical powers!"

"Yeah, grandpa, grandpa, we shouldn't provoke you, we kneel and kowtow to you, please let us live!"

Before the words were over, a group of people had knelt on the ground, banging their heads.

When Pang Feng saw this, he collected the sword light, and then shook his body and came to a few people, watching them shivering and almost convulsing, he couldn't help but smiled, and said, "That's it, it's still delusional. It’s really laughable to be the Shenwu general of the Beichen Saint Clan!"

"Hey, Lord, we don't dare anymore. We have already seen your magical powers. Leave us a name. We will meet you or your disciples in the future, we will definitely go around!"

"It doesn't matter what my name is, because you won't hear the next words!"

After speaking, Pang Feng didn't hesitate anymore, he swung his sword directly, and only heard a muffled sound, the sword light swept out, so fast that he could barely notice it.

At the same time, the few people left, all fell to the ground at the same time as the sword light swept out, their bodies turned into powder, and the wind blew, directly dissipated in the air.

"Hmph, a group of ants, dare to follow my butt, let you taste it, what is the price!"

Pang Feng looked extremely disdainful, and after looking around, he said as if he was talking to someone.

After that, Pang Feng seemed to have thought of something again, and continued: "Also, my name is Pang Feng, but it's a pity that you can't hear this name!"

After saying this, Pang Feng jumped out of the far north wind again.

After coming out, Pang Feng simply distinguished a lower position and found Nangong Rou who was hiding.

"Well, the tail has been solved, we can go to Bei Chenyuan with peace of mind!"

Pang Feng called Shang Nangong Rou, and the two galloped up again.

On the way.

Nangong Rou was a little curious, and asked:

"Brother Feng, what have you done to those people?"

"All killed!" Pang Feng said lightly.

"What, kill all?"

When Nangong Rou heard this, she was stunned and she couldn't believe it, but when he looked at Pang Feng's face, after seeing that there was no joking on his face, he gulped.

"Yes, don't kill, what do you keep?"

Pang Feng asked back, but this question really asked Nangong Rou, his face was dumb, and he said nothing.


Suddenly, Pang Feng noticed that there seemed to be a very powerful force moving in front of him, and he was even more surprised that this force was still somewhat familiar to him.

"Go, there should be movement in front, let's go over and take a look!"

Pang Feng did not stop, and continued to swept forward. Sure enough, not long afterwards, he saw a large number of people wearing Beichen Saints’ costumes appeared inexplicably. These people formed a circle, and there must be a very important person standing in the circle. .

"Who is that?"

Pang Feng pointed to the person in the center of the finger circle and asked Nangong Rou.

"That seems to be the new Saint Son, Beichen Ring!"

Nangong softly narrowed his eyes and said after taking a closer look.

"He is Beichen Huan?"

Pang Feng shifted his gaze to the person in the center of the circle, and couldn't help but discover that this person was not the one he had encountered before. Could it be that the four jade princesses colluded with him and turned out to be the new saint son of the Beichen Saint Clan?

At this time, the personnel suddenly dispersed, as if they had received some order, each offering their weapons, cautiously moving towards the surroundings.

"What are they doing?"

Nangong Rou was puzzled.

"It should be the news that Bei Chenyuan may be nearby. These people are here to capture Bei Chenyuan!"

Pang Feng nodded and said.

Afterwards, Pang Feng felt the familiar power again, and he was nearby. He guessed that it must be Bei Chenyuan, so he immediately followed, and he did not give Nangong Rou any time to react.

By the time he reacted, Pang Feng had appeared dozens of miles away, and he had no choice but to follow up as quickly as possible.

After such a moment, Pang Feng sensed that there was a fierce battle ahead, suspecting that Beichen Ring was leading people to besiege Beichenyuan, so he rushed over immediately.

As expected by Pang Feng, it was Bei Chenyuan who was surrounded by these Beichen Saint Clan disciples.