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Hu Fei, who was framed and framed for corruption and bribery, was disheartened.

He inherited everything from a man who lived for ninety thousand years,

How much wealth does a man who has lived for 90,000 years have?

The house is not a few sets, it depends on how many buildings it is.

car? No you have to ask how many car companies there are.

yacht? airplane? girl? These are just minor obstacles.

He just wants to say that from this moment on, he is a god!

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:UIAG
Alternate Title:都市之我就是神豪
Author:Nalan Lingfeng
Weekly Rank:#4485
Monthly Rank:#2962
All Time Rank:#2631
Tags:Aliens, Angels, Arrogant Characters, Artificial Intelligence, Demons, Fox Spirits, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Magical Space, Magical Technology, Male Protagonist, Mysterious Past, Outer Space, Poor to Rich, Resurrection, Spaceship, Sudden Wealth, Superpowers, Weak to Strong,
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38 Comments on “Urban: I Am God
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  1. Ending : 1st part of the novel is about rich life not good but this improve in the middle after spiritual recovery but the ending... So shitty that I can't even find a word to describe... Fuck U

  2. Well, I don’t even know how to describe it, at the beginning, up to 70-100 chapters, the main character was quite interesting and balanced with logic and some kind of brain and character. But after chapter 100, the novel and mc change so dramatically in character and plot that I'm not even sure if this is one novel or if it's 2 novels and 2 different authors wrote, mc becomes so stupid and arrogant 5-year-old degenerate that it's impossible to read further, it's just terribly disgusting, mc just starts running and yelling all over the place like a little bitch that got fucked, this novel went down in such a cesspool that I even thought I clicked on the wrong novel. Before chapter 70, I would give 4, but after -5 I can’t give this shit, in a word, disgusting.

  3. At 484 here USA try to kill mc not for racist or nationalistic but like '' Superman is here how about we kill him before he do anything'' so now it's save to say this novel will not become braindead racist novel (MC​ save people form USA first)

  4. Real reader here at 248 ch. Most of comment did not even read past 30 chapters and say this is garbage. Shut up. This novel I give it 3.5 star (but will rate as 5 star for counter 1 star guy. The summary say he inherited but actually he is the man who life over 90000 years old. And right now 200+ he not even kiss a woman. About racist he was not racist. He help Rome created colosseum, help Egypt create pyramids so he is Ancestor of all human race (he may even be jesus himself). So he has no reason to be racist.

  5. Maybe some of his actions can count as nationalist but he did that for piss off the enemies. After all he is boring old immotal in young man body.

  6. wish fulfillment of author huh..the plot is generic third rate face slap..and some1 who cant control her lower body and just need a bit a nationalism with racism for this novel to become complete garbage lol

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