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It’s upgrading every minute and every second, and I can’t stop it!

Wake up, go through rebirth, integrate and upgrade the game, and upgrade no matter what you do.

Tang Junming took a few steps and felt a little better.

General experience +1000, level +1.

Tang Junming smirked at a certain beauty, who raised her middle finger to Tang Junming, Tang Junming felt that Banhua’s image was broken.

General experience is +100000, level is +5.

Tang Junming drew his sword out of its sheath and killed a mouse.

General experience +10000000, level +10.

Let me practice for eleven years, dare to change the world!

- Description from MTL


Short Title:UES
Alternate Title:每秒都在升级
Author:Count the moon together
Weekly Rank:#1314
Monthly Rank:#1411
All Time Rank:#861
Tags:Cheats, Fast Cultivation, Fast Learner, Ghosts, Harem, Level System, Lucky Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Male Yandere, Modern Day, Modern Knowledge, Monsters, Overpowered Protagonist, System, System Administrator, Urban, Younger Sisters,
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17 Comments on “Upgrading Every Second
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  1. You’ll get frustrated on how the author limits his levelling after giving him massive amounts of exp. gets into the second major realm and somehow goes from needing 8mil to 26mil… and the. He eats a flower that gives him 10mil exp, kills 3 monsters in a leapfrog bout, each give him 2 mil, and mind you he upgrades every second. While this happened, hundreds of thousands of iron horses raided the town and the author said he killed at least 50K of them…. Mind you, the give anywhere between 1000-5000 exp… at 50K, that’s between 50mil to 250mil…. Even if they gave 500 exp, it’s 25mil, and this is after he got 18mil exp already… he upgrades some skills like a mil or two each so 6 mil to 8 mil gone, he’s left with 23mil exp…….. like I get wanting to bullshit and make the story longer, but cmon man… at this point you can tell he is gonna do that through the whole novel unless his fans complained to him later on and he adjusted it but highly doubt that considering all these novels have authors who forgo logic(even in numbers) to force more for the plot… like 200mil… easy 2 level up, and him always getting fucked up by pollen or dream demons, only to finally be like “I need a concentration technique “???? So even with your system, it doesn’t strengthen your soul? Pretty useless, wouldn’t y’all say? But we all know that from how he is already getting fucked up by pollen, how it’s gonna go later down the road. Not a bad novel if I’m being real, it’s jus frustrating how you see potential in certain novels after reading so many bullshit ones, only to find it’s generic like the others and the author only cares about word count and doesn’t have logic jus to make more plot. To down play 50-200mil jus to make him only get like 7mil is bad man.

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