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Upgrade Beyond Rampage

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Novel Summary

Otaku Tang Yi traversal obtains a systematic counterattack.

waste? You can still find your teeth everywhere.

Easily relax the artifact, simply become a master.

Daguai upgrade, killing also upgrade.

Crush the heavens and the world to achieve the invincible supremacy.

genius? In Tang Yi’s eyes, it was just a joke, not as good as a pet dog in the system.

- Description from Uukanshu


Short Title:UBR
Original Title:超越狂暴升级
Author:Fifty seven five seven
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Xuanhuan
Weekly Rank:#53
Monthly Rank:#36
All Time Rank:#32
Tags:Game Elements, Male Protagonist, System Administrator, Transmigration,

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6 thoughts on “Upgrade Beyond Rampage
  1. Starting is good.. But after around 1100 episode it feels like.. Author did nothing only do copy paste by changing names of the characters.. So I dropped it around 2000

    1. Thanks to this spoiler that it destroy my mood to read it. I simply dont understand why they were trying to help their clan so much even they were unreliable when they were weal and the facts that most of novel with family attachment is simply dog shit

      So called blood deeper than water when the most person who tried to kill you is your clansman lol

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