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Global Demon Transformation

Author: Red sweet potato Published in: 1d17h
Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Martial Arts School Life Supernatural Xuanhuan

In modern cities, aura is revived, and human beings are no longer the masters of civilization. At that time, the sky could not see the sun, it was covered by birds, and the ground was stained red with blood. Human beings bec.... Show more »


Beloved at the Door

Author: Mo Yan Published in: 1d20h
Comedy Martial Arts Romance Shoujo Wuxia

To work as a constable, it was inevitable for enemies to take revenge, so Shangguan Yan never gave others the opportunity to seek revenge. “Miss looks a bit familiar.” The cold and handsome Gongzi stared at her. “I never v.... Show more »


I Can Make Money by Watching Videos

Author: The last cigarette butt Published in: 1d23h
Urban Life

Inexplicably received a package, this gadget that looks like a mobile phone of the future can actually make money by using videos. One video is only 10,000 yuan. Tang Xiaochuan was frightened until the bank's financial office.... Show more »


The Fantasy Entertainment Empire

Author: Big Airship Published in: 2d3h

With a dimensional entertainment system, create the strongest fantasy entertainment empire on earth! Dimension is a powerful entertainment production tool that turns all fantasy into a real black technology system. "The Lic.... Show more »


I Am In College And Start To Become A Daddy

Author: Luan Yi Published in: 2d7h
Romance Urban Life

A year ago, Lin Xuan met a woman and had a relationship with her. A year later, when Lin Xuan met her again, she did not expect that she would have two children, and these two children are still her own. The two babies who .... Show more »


I Became a God in Tokyo

Author: Chen wants to shabu hot pot Published in: 2d11h
Fantasy Xuanhuan

Travel through Tokyo, Japan, and become a priest at a shrine. Looking at a shrine without maidens, no followers, and no future. And a well-behaved, ignorant and weak god who can only hold his thighs. Shiraki Jun could only.... Show more »


After Marrying the Evil God

Author: Fubaiqu Published in: 2d14h
Romance Yaoi

Qi Baicha is the last god in the world. After living in the modern age, he found an ordinary person to fall in love and marry because he was too boring. Then he really fell in love with the other person. It seems that he is a.... Show more »


Legend of the Dragon King of Ice and Fire

Author: This son is vulgar Published in: 2d17h
Fan-Fiction Fantasy Xuanhuan

Persecuted by the Witch and Witch, Drogo Kao was born with another world soul who was familiar with The Song of Ice and Fire, and the hatchling dragon walked out of the cremation embers with the dragon mother Dannily. Since .... Show more »


The Actor and His Sister Are Three and a Half Years Old

Author: Jiang Yue year after year Published in: 2d20h
Drama Slice of Life

The little prodigy Chu Xiaoxiao grew up in all kinds of pets since he was a child. Before he was three years old, he didn't know that he had an older brother until the whole family watched the Spring Festival Gala one year. .... Show more »


Big Manga

Author: March 1 Published in: 2d23h
Urban Life

Reborn in a parallel world similar to the earth, yet there is no Japan in this world! Some people say that he is a wizard, because he debuted at the age of fifteen, comics caused a sensation again and again, and even evolved.... Show more »


My Twenty-four Heavens

Author: Shangjiang Jun Published in: 3d3h
Fantasy Xuanhuan

I have guided the three emperors to find the fire of civilization, and I have also sent down the fire of heaven to punish the arrogant world. I have led players to come to my world, and I have suppressed an era at the end of.... Show more »


Quick Transmigration: Doomsday If You Don't Fall in Love

Author: 南柯十三殿 Published in: 3d7h
Fantasy Romance

Li Hong refused the courtship of a demon god, and as a result, the world was destroyed. In order to save the world, she had to go to other worlds to coax back the broken glass heart of the demon. And the only way to get him b.... Show more »