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Invincible Crazy Exchange System

Author: Crazy upgrade Published in: 1h57m
Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Xuanhuan

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for opening the invincible crazy exchange system!" What? Is the upgrade too slow and difficult? Exchange the god-level pill, and you will vomit up to ten levels a day! What? Enemies ar.... Show more »


Strongest Eccentric Consort

Author: Ye Zhiqing Published in: 5h2m
Fantasy Romance Xuanhuan

"Woman, you are looking for death!" With the indescribable poison in her body, she forcibly overwhelmed him. She wanted to eat and then slipped away, but she didn't expect... "Come again!" The ruthless and desireless Leng .... Show more »


The American Scripture

Author: Fortune telling Published in: 7h54m
Urban Life

He is a low-key Chinese medicine practitioner, he is a low-key Taoist priest, he is a low-key property heir, and he is a low-key Chinese who has mixed in all classes in the United States. Low-key but not vulgar, ambiguous .... Show more »


Soul Emperor Martial God

Author: Little Eight Published in: 11h1m
Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Xuanhuan

Xiao Yihun, the master of Xingyiquan, walks through another world. In this world where warriors are rampant, Xiao Yi gained the martial soul against the sky, and opened a road to crush countless geniuses in the world and b.... Show more »


There Will Come a Day When You'll Like Me

Author: Jiong Jiong Yao Yao Published in: 13h58m

At the age of three, she will be a lifelong, and at the age of 20, she will be the personal bodyguard of his chief executive, so that the bamboo horse can be ridden by others. Her martial arts career in these years is conside.... Show more »


The Game Touches Reality

Author: Mentally Disabled Published in: 17h0m

Do you believe that playing games can improve physical fitness in reality? Twilight of the Gods, why is a game made by artificial intelligence sold globally? Yu Tu, who had never been in contact with the game, accepted .... Show more »