Upcoming Novels


Global Online Survival

Author: Chaotic Tiles Published in: 1m26s
Fantasy Xuanhuan

Blue Star suddenly became digitized, and everyone entered a survival game. Everyone had to choose a survival mode, start survival challenges, and get rewards and upgrades by completing tasks. "Island Mode!" "Wilder Mode!" .... Show more »


Apocalypse: The Fat Lady Strikes Back

Author: Bag purple Published in: 3h1m
Romance Sci-fi

Qiao Lingxiang, who weighed two hundred and five and had a fat physique who drank water, was beaten to death in a farmland. She had not crossed or reborn, and opened her eyes to cheat her corpse. Then, he got a strange abili.... Show more »


The Endless Shuttle

Author: Qiao Ji Published in: 6h0m
Action Adventure Fan-Fiction Fantasy

Love animation, love crossing, and even more beautiful girls. Taste the mystery of magic in Fate, play against the gods and Buddhas in the godslayer, put the name of gods in the realm of the sky, and explore the secrets of t.... Show more »


The Woman who Became the "Male" God

Author: Xueyuan Specter Published in: 9h0m
Fantasy Gender Bender Romance Sci-fi Wuxia

An Xian had a crossover from earth to the world of cultivation. As she arrived there, she practised conscientiously and diligently to become a well-known spiritual pharmacist. However, when crossing the final catastrophe, she.... Show more »


Do Not Seek Fairy Fate

Author: Masked Monster Published in: 12h0m
Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Supernatural Xuanhuan

There are only a few people in the world who seek immortality for a long time. Young people do not seek to step through the rivers and lakes, martial arts, and immortal disputes, step by step to achieve their own legend.


The Soft and Adorable Host was Picked Up by the Yandere Bigshot

Author: 肎之 Published in: 14h59m

Bai Sang, who only lived for 18 years, died from a heart disease and was bound to a system with the task of seducing the villain. The villains had tragic life experiences, often physiologically distorted, cruel and heartless.... Show more »


Fengshen Wendaoxing

Author: Don't ask the original intention Published in: 17h59m
Action Fantasy Xianxia

This is a story after he became Shen Gongbao's apprentice in the world of Fengshen.


My Cat is An Anchor In StarCraft

Author: What's here Published in: 21h0m

The mysterious silver-haired man who descended from the sky will bring him from the apocalyptic earth to the interstellar era six thousand years later. The mysterious man who rescued him, Weier, lost his power unexpectedly a.... Show more »