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The Fake Daughter is Full-grade Green Tea

Author: bell boat Published in: 1m9s

Lu Chaoqing transmigrated into a novel of real and fake daughters and became a favored fake daughter of green tea, but in the future, she will be kicked out of the house by the real daughter who will turn around and counterat.... Show more »


The Summoner of the Battle of All Realms

Author: golden fifth Published in: 3h2m
Action Adventure Historical Military

A song in Qin Shi played this life, thousands of beauties compete for their youth. The background of the Qin Dynasty, the invasion of the Chinese warriors. The Snow Maiden danced alone under the moon, alluring the city with.... Show more »


I'm a Scumbag [Quick Wear]

Author: Born from the south Published in: 6h1m

The tasker travels through various worlds, and the long road to whitewashing the scumbag. Tentative world: 1. Nongmen champion (completed) 2. Ji Ji Wu Fu (completed) 3. Dumb King reigns (Completed) 4. Eighty gangsters (comple.... Show more »