Upcoming Novels


Interstellar Fairy Tale

Author: from afar Published in: 46m3s

In the year 3021 of the Western calendar, the last world war broke out and the earth was destroyed. A group of survivors left their homes to settle on new planets. New races, new classes are born. Cities began to be built, co.... Show more »


Garbage Skills Become the Strongest In the Ninja World

Author: Liang Chaowei Published in: 3h46m

Traveling through the Naruto world and becoming a member of the Uchiha clan, the third ninja war is about to start in a year or two, so panic. At a critical moment, the golden finger goes online, and a character is drawn to .... Show more »


I Kicked Down the Crazy Male Lead and Flirted with the Villain

Author: His Royal Highness Flying Fish Published in: 6h46m

After dedicating her life and curing the sick male protagonist, Jin Hua realized that she was living in a book, and she was the female cannon fodder who burned herself and illuminated others. Since her death, the male protag.... Show more »


Host, I'm Here To Accompany You To Pretend

Author: I am the arsenal Published in: 9h47m

"The host has come to the days of your old pretending." Chen Mo was stunned for a moment, and put down the polished Shiwang drive in his hand. "It's time." After finishing speaking, Chen Mo came to an empty square, took ou.... Show more »


Accidentally Married Miss Empress

Author: pen and ink signs Published in: 12h45m

Gong Yu, a three-good student who entered the unknown world for no reason, became a sick and poor little Highness who disguised herself as a man. In line with the principle of hard work and progress, I work hard to be a two-.... Show more »


South Korean Entertainment Industry News Record

Author: Batu Caves Published in: 15h46m
Urban Life

A reader has been watching Hanyu for so many years and can't help but revolt! This is a Korean entertainment in my imagination, not a stallion, not a red palace. Korean entertainment that is as close to real life as possible


Sweet Beauty

Author: 山间人 Published in: 18h43m
Drama Historical Romance

The current Empress Dowager once gave birth to a daughter, Zhao Shu, before she was remarried to the Late Emperor. A’Shu was renowned for her beauty in Hebei since childhood. Before getting married, her elder brother and si.... Show more »