Chapter 2819 the law of time and space in the embryo stage

Ye Hao was thinking.

This cannot be integrated into the law of time and space. The most important thing is how to integrate the law of time and the law of space peacefully.

Although the saying is incompatible with water and fire.

But in fact, as long as you master the balance of these two elements, you can make them compatible.

But the point is that it is too difficult to grasp the balance between the law of time and the law of space.

Countless methods and ideas flashed through Ye Hao's mind, but they were all denied.

At this time, Ye Hao began to think, did he think too much?

He has been thinking about the problem with the concept of gods, if it is an ordinary method, will it succeed?

For example, Chinese gossip or Yin Yang on earth?

The thought that flashed through Ye Hao's mind made him seem to have found another way.

Before, he had always been obsessed with the method of law, but now he found that there was actually a way under his feet, but this way is very old and may seem inferior to others.

But Ye Hao began to argue these theories in his mind.

If you just copy the gossip, yin and yang things, it definitely won't work.

What Ye Hao needs to do is to change, integrate it into his own thing, and become something feasible.

This long exam, Ye Hao spent several years, of course, this refers to the time in this world.

When Ye Hao opened his eyes again, the blue pomelo saint could clearly see a different light in his eyes.

"We are going to start again." Ye Hao reminded.

The blue pomelo saint nodded, indicating that she was also ready.

Then Ye Hao began to try.

Surprisingly, the first attempt quickly failed.

However, Ye Hao did not give up, but began to keep trying.

Once, ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times!

At this time, time seems to have lost the concept here in Ye Hao, he is constantly trying, if it doesn't work, he will start again.

Ye Hao had practiced until he was exhausted several times before he was willing to take a break, and if he had enough physical strength, he tried again.

The blue pomelo saint looked at Ye Hao's appearance, and her admiration rose in her heart.

Sure enough, there is no one who can succeed casually in this world.

The reason why Ye Hao was able to get to the point where he is today might be that he is indeed very talented himself.

But this is also closely related to his constant efforts, because of this effort coupled with his talent.

He can be more talented than those geniuses, more powerful than those arrogances, more terrifying than those evildoers!

The blue pomelo saint has a feeling that this man is destined to one day become the existence that the entire gods and all realms will look up to.

I don't know how long it will be.

In Ye Hao's attempt, the law of time, the law of space, and the chaotic elements merged together, emitting a magical light.

At the same time, Ye Hao's body took on a new look, and brand new power emerged.


The blue pomelo saint looked at Ye Hao in surprise. Ye Hao has broken through his strength. He used to be the lower main god, but now he is already a middle main god.

At the same time, a brand-new power of law appeared in Ye Hao's hand, and the appearance of this power of law could not be described in words.

Everyone who sees has a feeling of seeing their own past or future.

"I succeeded!" Ye Hao muttered.

The plain words are smiling, there is no imaginary excitement, there is no imaginary ecstasy.

Ye Hao's expression seemed as if he knew he would succeed.

The blue pomelo saint was stunned for a long time before asking: "This... is this the law of time and space?"

"I don't know if I can say that it is the law of time and space, but it is indeed my fusion creation." When Ye Hao was speaking, the surrounding space also disappeared.

Ye Hao and the blue pomelo saint appeared in the original room.

The grandmother of the palace master stood in the original position.

"How long have we been in?" Ye Hao asked.

Grandma's expression was very excited, but she still answered Ye Hao's question first: "One month."

In a month?

It's only a month. According to the flow rate of one thousand to one in the space inside and the real time outside, it is almost equal to that Ye Hao and the blue pomelo sage have been in that space for a hundred years.

No wonder Ye Hao felt like a world away.

But on the other hand, the blue pomelo saints have a calm face. After all, these people who were born and raised in the gods and all realms, they are a drop in the ocean for hundreds of years.

Unlike Ye Hao, there are still a hundred years of long concept in his concept.

"You have mastered the laws of time and space?" The palace master's grandma couldn't help but question Ye Hao eagerly.

Ye Hao raised his hand, an aura of laws that he had never seen before appeared in front of them.

Although it was the second time I saw it, the blue grapefruit saint still had a strange feeling.

"This should be the law of space, but I haven't fully understood it yet. And I can't manipulate it to do anything right now.

It feels... as if it is still in its embryonic state. "Ye Hao now also looked at the law of time and space in his hand in confusion.

The grandmother of the palace master began to carefully observe the law of time and space in Ye Hao's hands.

A few minutes later, she raised her head and said: "This is indeed the law of time and space, but it is not yet a mature law of time and space.

Just like what you said, it is still in a state similar to an embryo, and it will take some time to mature and perfect. "

"Then what do I need to do?" Ye Hao asked.

The grandmother of the palace master looked at Ye Hao: "It depends on you. You are its owner, and it will tell you what to do. With your mastery of it, you can use it skillfully."

"How long does that take?" Ye Hao then asked.

The grandmother of the palace master thought for a moment: "The law of similar situations may take tens of thousands of years for the short term, and millions of years for the long term.

Moreover, this process cannot be carried out in a space where time is slowing down. For example, it can only grow continuously under normal time flow. "

Ye Hao was stunned, this time was too long.

But it seems that the palace master grandma didn't care much, but was very happy.

After all, Ye Hao has grown to master the laws of time and space, and then it is only a matter of time to use the laws of time and space proficiently.

"Well, this time I left for a month. Angel Tier and the others are all right." Ye Hao asked.

Before the time had passed, he had sent his clone out.

After all, they have surpassed the original agreement. If Angel Tier and Angel Moy are not allowed to see themselves, they may think that something has happened to Ye Hao.

If that's the case, it is estimated that the Angel Legion has already levelled the Azurite Palace by now.

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