Chapter 2818 the law of sublimation

Soon, the palace master grandma opened her special space.

Ye Hao and the blue pomelo saint stepped into this space.

This space is not very large, it is almost equivalent to a basketball court, and there is a vast expanse of white everywhere.

Being in it is like being in a room of one or two thousand square meters, with the walls and floor painted white.

"I have handed over the authority of this special space to you, and I will pass you directly on how to use this special space."

The grandmother of the palace lord's voice came from around, and then two rays of light blasted in front of Ye Hao and the blue grapefruit saint, and they caught it.

A stream of information appeared in their minds, explaining how to use this space.

Ye Hao opened his eyes and took a deep breath. He was setting a ‘node’ first.

"Lanyou, have you set it up there?" Ye Hao looked at Lanyou who was in the corner, because he considered that Ye Hao was mainly involved in cultivation.

The blue pomelo stayed away from Ye Hao as much as possible without disturbing Ye Hao.

"I set it up." Lanyou nodded.

"Next I want to experiment, and when I say to return, we will reset together." Ye Hao said.

Lanyou nodded heavily.

Ye Hao raised his hand, and two Destruction Star Rings appeared in his hand, and the Destruction Star Ring was full of riot energy.

Ye Hao caused the two destruction star rings to collide, and a violent explosion immediately occurred.

At the moment when the explosion started, Ye Hao said, "Reset!"

In the blink of an eye, the originally appeared Destroying Star Ring disappeared, the shock wave that was expected was gone, and everything around was restored to its previous calm.

"How is it?" Ye Hao looked at the blue pomelo in the corner.

Lanyou nodded: "No problem."

This space is really magical and can be reset, but although it is back to the present, the consumption caused by Ye Hao's use of the skills just now has not been recovered.

Therefore, the surrounding environment except the main body will be reset, but the main body itself will not be reset.

If the main body suffers damage by the time of the experiment, even if it is reset, the wounds on the body will still exist.

But on this point, at least Ye Hao and Lanyou are a little more cautious and generally won't cause trouble.

Although everything may happen suddenly, only a blink of an eye.

However, Ye Hao is the lower main god, and Lanyou is also an upper main god. They still have the ability to respond in this instant of time.

"I'm about to start now, are you ready?" Ye Hao looked at the blue pomelo saint next to him seriously.

This is the second time he has merged the laws of space and time. The last encounter in the gap of time, he still vividly remembered it, it was a terrifying attempt.

The blue pomelo saint next to her nodded heavily, her face was also nervous, she was also a witness at the time, she knew very well what the situation was like at that time.

If Ye Hao hadn't rescued her at that time, she would have stayed in the gap of time forever.

Although I thought of the danger like that in front of me at close range, in order to improve herself, the blue pomelo saint could only choose to take the risk.

This is something that a cultivator cannot change.

"I'm starting!" Ye Hao repeated again, and then the law of time and space appeared in his hands, like two burning flames.

Ye Hao held his breath and focused his attention, slowly moving the two closer together.

The two seemed to have noticed their opponents, and it was as if they were two exploded hairs, both of them resisted each other's approach.

Ye Hao swallowed, and in the middle of the two, he added the element of chaos.

The appearance of chaotic elements eased the confrontation between the two at once.

This is as if a boundary has been taken between the two, allowing the two to face each other across the sea.

Ye Hao breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that this chaotic element was really effective, and he began to bring the two closer together again.

Just as the two were getting closer, the things that I thought of before finally happened, and the two collided uncontrollably.


Ye Hao thought, the two laws and the chaotic element in his hand disappeared, and everything around him returned to the node set before.

Ye Hao hurriedly looked at the blue pomelo saint next to her.

At this moment, the blue pomelo saint was breathing slightly, swallowing her saliva, she seemed to be highly concentrated and a little tired.

"Take a three-minute rest, then continue." Ye Hao said.

Afterwards, Ye Hao closed his eyes. During these three minutes, he kept recalling the process just now in his mind, thinking about where the problem happened.

It will lead to failure, which is obviously good at first.

This shows that the chaotic element is effective, that is, there is a problem in the subsequent combination process.

Time passed bit by bit, and within three minutes came, Ye Hao started a new round of attempts again, this time still failed.

Once again, and then again.

A long, long time passed without knowing it. I don't know if it was one year, five years, or ten years.

Ye Hao can't remember how many times he tried, but every time he failed.

He tried various ways of fusion. The most successful one was that the law of space and the law of time have been fused together, and the two are in peace, and Ye Hao has even felt a kind of unconsciousness. feel.

That is time and space!

Ye Hao had this intuition and told him that it was time and space.

But that time, he failed when he came to the door.

In the same way, Ye Hao tried a few more times and tried again after improvement.

But every time it was a failure, it was not even as good as the previous one, which made him understand that this method cannot be successful.

He can only start again.

This constant attempt made Ye Hao feel a little irritable in his heart.

"Resting for a while." After Ye Hao failed again, he didn't say the time to rest this time. He fell to the ground with his body upright and closed his eyes.

The blue pomelo saint opened her mouth to say something, but looking at Ye Hao with her eyes closed, she didn't say much.

She knew that she couldn't help anything in this matter.

All she can do is stay by the side and accompany this man.

However, it is worth mentioning that during this period of cultivation, she still gained a lot from her observation of Ye Hao.

She really found that this man's progress was quite fast, and the insight and comprehension made the Blue Pomelo Saintess, a person called a genius, beyond the dust.

Whether it is the mastery of the law of space or the application of the law of time, it is quite fast.

As long as there is even a little problem, he can solve it in a very short time!

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