Chapter 2817 the paradox of traveling through time and space

"If this is the case, you should be able to do it now? You have mastered the law of space, then open the door at the location of the ruin and bring your love back.

If it doesn't work, just invite some strong people to go with it. Didn’t you just say that this person is from the Valley of Time? "Ye Hao said.

Ye Hao, the power of the Valley of Time, knew that it was considered a second-rate **** system, and its status was similar to that of Azurite Palace, but they were good at the law of time!

Known as the master of time.

"If that place is still there, maybe you can do this." The grandmother of the palace master was shaking her arms at this time, her eyes were a little hollow: "When I was sent back, I found that I could never find the remains again. .

That ruin seemed to have never appeared before. In the hundreds of thousands of years after that, I searched the star field and even the galaxy, but I didn't find the ruin.

That ruin has completely disappeared! "

The ruins have disappeared?

Ye Hao frowned. Ruins are often very mysterious, and they do disappear.

For example, the Tiandi Ruins that Ye Hao has been to, the Tiandi Ruins are a place that ordinary people can't reach at all. Unless the intersection of the Tiandi Ruins is created, other people can enter the Tiandi Ruins during that period of time.

However, the ruins of this level are very mysterious!

"Then how do you want me to find your lover?" Ye Hao asked curiously.

The grandmother of the palace master stared at Ye Hao and said: "If Ye Gongzi masters the law of time and space, then you can master the ability to travel through time and space.

In this regard, the law of space and the law of time have great limitations, but the law of time and space is completely different, it can penetrate this barrier!

With the help of the law of time and space, we can return to that point in time.

Either it is to prevent us from entering the ruins at that time!

Either after we entered the ruins at that time, we also entered the world again, and then brought back the dormant him! "

Hearing such a statement, Ye Hao also understood what the palace lord's grandmother meant. Such a method is indeed possible when using the law of time and space.

"But when it comes to traveling through time and space, everyone has a paradox about this. If we travel through time and space and lead to errors in the timeline, what will happen?

Will it change what has happened now, or create a parallel world that is completely different from the original world, and even we may disappear directly into the torrent of time and space! "The blue pomelo saint said at this time.

Because she was also given high hopes by the palace master's grandmother, hoping that she could master the law of time, so she knew a lot about these.

Ye Hao also showed a colorful expression on this issue, time travel is a very serious proposition.

Because there has never been a record of whether anyone has tried, so no one knows what the result will be if it does.

"On this point, I have done research. In fact, in this respect, the master **** of time has more say than our master **** of space.

It is a pity that since that incident, our relationship with the Valley of Time has been very rigid, and they are unwilling to cooperate with us anymore. "The palace master's grandma said helplessly.

"Your lover, who is from the Valley of Time?" Ye Hao heard that the former lover of the palace master's grandmother seemed to be an important figure in the Valley of Time.

The grandmother of the palace master said: "He was the younger generation who was considered by the time system powerhouses to have the most potential at the time, and he was also the son of the person in power at the time.

It can be said that I was given high hope by the Valley of Time. When we fell in love and went out to practice, the people of Valley of Time were very resistant, but he still went out with me for our love affair, regardless of everyone's reaction.

But it was only me who came back in the end, which also caused the Valley of Time to blame everything on me and Azurite Palace.

I admit that I am responsible for this matter. If I can get him back, I can even pay any price! "

The grandmother of the palace master's eyes were congested, and she looked at Yang Xing and Lanyou: "The problem that Lanyou said just now is indeed our next problem.

But let's talk about all of this after Master Ye masters the law of time and space. Then, if Master Ye masters the law of time and space, we can go to the Valley of Time to discuss this matter.

Check out the research on time-space shuttle in the Valley of Time, from which we can figure out what kind of results we will lead to after time-space shuttle, and then we will make a decision. "

Ye Hao thought for a while and agreed with this statement.

"Okay, now that it has been decided. Then we will start. In addition, when Ye Gongzi enters this space, Lanyou will also follow you in.

When the time comes, you can do your cultivation without worrying about her. Lanyou can study next to her. This will also help her progress. Ye Gongzi won't mind. "The palace master's grandmother pointed to the blue grapefruit saint next to her and said.

It seems that the grandma of the palace master has also made preparations for the two leaders. After Ye Hao, she is also preparing to create a second person who may master the laws of time and space.

After all, it is best to prepare for such a thing.

"As long as the blue pomelo saint herself is not in danger, there is no problem." Ye Hao said.

"Okay, let's start. I will open this space in five minutes, and then you can go straight through the door.

The flow of time inside is a thousand times slower than the outside world, and three years inside is equivalent to one day in the outside world, so Master Ye, you can cultivate inside with confidence. "The palace master's grandma finished.

She began to pick up her scepter, and it seemed that opening this space still needed certain ritual steps.

Ye Hao looked at the blue pomelo saint who was a little nervous next to him, and he asked, "Is it nervous? If there is any psychological burden, you can also refuse."

The blue pomelo sage shook her head and said, "No, since this is the decision made by the palace master's grandmother, then I will definitely do it."

Ye Hao looked at the blue pomelo sage in surprise, and it seemed that the blue pomelo sage had a special affection for the grandma of the palace master.

"I am an orphan, living somewhere in this galaxy, and the grandmother of the palace master discovered my qualifications and brought me back to teach me to practice.

I know that the grandma of the palace lord just took a fancy to my aptitude and wanted me to practice the law of time and space.

But I don't mind. In my eyes, the palace lord's grandma is my only family, and Azurite Palace is my only home.

I am willing to do anything for my loved ones, and I am also willing to hold a stronger power in order to protect my home! "

Ye Hao looked at the unwavering blue pomelo saint, he didn't say anything.

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