The moment Ye Hao opened his eyes, he discovered that he had appeared in a bright hospital ward full of disinfectant smell, and his head still felt dizzy.

"What's wrong with me?" Ye Hao rubbed his head.

He remembered that after his ex-girlfriend Jiang Yue proposed to him to break up yesterday, he walked on the night road in Haicheng in a particularly bad mood, but he did not expect that he was attacked by a group of men in black.

At that time, he lost consciousness, and he didn't know which kind person saved him and sent him here.

As soon as he thought of the people in black who hit him, Ye Hao's eyes showed an angry look.

Those guys still refuse to let them go after so many years.

When Ye Hao was beaten, he recognized those people through some details. They were Ye Family's attendants.

Ye Hao was actually born in the Ye family in Jiangnan Province. He is the youngest son of the Ye family’s current paternal owner. His mother is just a nanny and can only be regarded as a mistress in identity, so his status is very humble in the Ye family. He was an illegitimate child, but because of the illness his mother suffered when he gave birth, only the Ye family can maintain his mother's health.

For his mother, he can only live in such a family and endure more than ten years of grievance.

Until he was almost fourteen years old, his mother died of illness. He kept his filial piety at his mother’s grave for one year, and then decisively left the Ye family. At that time, he left a message. From now on, he has nothing to do with the Ye family. As for the huge wealth of the Ye family, he pays a penny. No.

But why do they still trouble themselves now, or even kill themselves. This was what Ye Hao didn't understand the most, and Ye Hao was just a small ant for the huge Ye family.

In fact, the most important reason why Ye Hao wanted to leave the Ye family was because he suspected that there was a problem with his mother’s death at the time, but with his strength at the time, it was impossible to investigate something under the eyes of the Ye family. , So he chose to leave, but the facts proved that the real society is also very cruel. He has hardly made any progress in the past few years, let alone investigation, he can only struggle in life.

Just when Ye Hao was thinking about it, the door of the ward was opened.

When a nurse saw Ye Hao sitting up, his face immediately paled: "The corpse is cheated!"

"You cheated the corpse, your whole family cheated the corpse." Ye Hao curled his lips: "Where is this place?"

"This is the hospital. You...are you really not a corpse?" The little nurse still looked at Ye Hao timidly, but looking at Ye Hao's current appearance is indeed not like a corpse, and the vigilance in her heart is also slow. Slow it down.

"Come and feel for yourself, it's not clear whether you are a doctor or alive." Ye Hao stretched out his hand.

The little nurse came over, put her hand on Ye Hao's arm, and noticed Ye Hao's body temperature. She was surprised: "No, when you sent it back, the doctor on duty clearly said that you are dead! Wait, I'll call another doctor."

Then he ran out in a hurry.

Ye Hao shook his head: "The current hospital is also true, the dead and the living can't be distinguished."

"Ding... the system initialization is complete."

"Binding with the host."

"Ding...the third parallel universe, the Peerless Young Master system has been activated, and the host Ye Hao, the identification is complete..."

"System prompt: When the host wants to communicate with the system, it only needs to be in mind."

"This system is a superb madman system from the third parallel universe. It is a test product for scientists of our time. When it was just completed, a space black hole occurred in space, and this system came to this world. It coincided with the host. One. So now the system is equal to the host itself."

system? Different world?

A series of voices sounded in Ye Hao's mind!

Ye Hao suddenly thought of a thing often mentioned in online novels: "Are you a golden finger, you saved me before!"

"It can be said. The host has died before, and it is the system that used all the energy to rescue the host."

"The purpose of this system is to transform the host into the most perfect man in the world! Various skills can be exchanged in the system. This system prompts here because the host gets a newcomer gift package at the beginning of the system. There are three options in it, and the host can Choose one. Turn it on or not."

Listening to the inducing words of the system, Ye Hao will inevitably have some expectations in his heart, how can he not open a gift package!

"Turn on."

At the next moment, three virtual fonts appeared in front of Ye Hao.

"Soldier King Physique" "Playboy Physique" "Perspective Physique"


I have to admit that the latter two skills were a naked temptation for Ye Hao, but in the end Ye Hao chose the physique of the former soldier king wisely, because for him now, life-saving is the most important thing. He now It is impossible to leave Haicheng, and those who killed themselves do not know when they will appear again.

If they find that they are not dead, they might come to trouble themselves.

There is a soldier king who can at least save his life!

"I choose the physique of the soldier king."

Ye Hao's words fell, and he found a lot of things in his mind. He felt that after many years, there was a **** and crazy breath in his mind, the kind of struggling on the edge of war and death. feel.

After almost half a minute, Ye Hao opened his eyes abruptly, and he waved his fist, and a cracking sound came, and Ye Hao looked at his fist in surprise.

"Because of the King Soldier's physique, the host now has five times the overall strength of ordinary people."

Just one skill has such a good effect, Ye Hao began to look forward to other skills.

"Then how do I get other skills."

"Skills are divided into several categories, common skills, abilities, and special skills or items. But because the host has only one level now, it can only be exchanged for common skills and a small part of primary abilities. The exchange of skills requires skill points, and the points are The host needs to complete the task to obtain, and the task will appear at random in the host's life."

"Show me the skills I can exchange now." Ye Hao asked impatiently.


A row of virtual subtitles appeared before Ye Hao's eyes.

Ordinary skills are almost the professional skills, life skills, etc. in the real world, but now the number of abilities that can be exchanged is particularly small, less than ten, but each is full of attraction, such as invisibility, primary perspective, Get things from the air and so on.

These abilities are abilities that only appear in novels and movies!

But the points required for these abilities are amazing!

Next, a large group of doctors ran over and checked Ye Hao up and down. They couldn't believe that Ye Hao's body would get better all at once. After that, they shifted all the responsibility to the intern doctor on duty last night. , Thought he had misdiagnosed, and finally after Ye Hao said that they would not be held accountable, they didn't even need Ye Hao's medical expenses, and this matter was considered to be over.

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