Unlimited Upgrade System

The system is in hand, I have the world! Dodging, get dodge skills, reach full level, dodge all attacks! Throw a stone, gain throwing skills, reach the full level, and everything in the world can be used as a weapon! Learn martial arts, obtain the fire dragon fist skills, reach t.... Read more

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Chapter List

Chapter 1406 End, goodbye, system, ten years Chapter 1405 Kill the nine gods, Ye Wuyue uaig. Chapter 1404 Rest in peace UaiG.

Chapter 1403 Become a Vulcan Chapter 1402 I still don't put you in my eyes Chapter 1401 Nine Gods Sovereign Night Without Moon Chapter 1400 Secrets of the Nine Gods Lord Ye Wuyue Chapter 1399 The realm of the emperor, the nine gods, the night without moon Chapter 1398 The believer of the Nine Gods Lord Ye Wuyue Chapter 1397 Nalan Dragon Head and Ye Wuyue Chapter 1396 Excalibur Chapter 1395 fear

Chapter 1394 The battle begins Chapter 1393 Heavenly Devil Body to Dragon Chapter 1392 Face off

Chapter 1391 New and old showdown Chapter 1390 Nalan Dragon Head is about to leave Chapter 1389 Kill Chapter 1388 Kill the Holy Emperor Chapter 1387 Great Perfection Chapter 1386 Holy Emperor Chapter 1385 Sky Sword Chapter 1384 Fight against Baisheng Chapter 1383 The power of a sword

Chapter 1382 Sword comes Chapter 1381 Send troops to Yanlong Imperial City Chapter 1380 The choices of the monks Chapter 1379 Conquer the Yanlong Royal Family Chapter 1378 Domineering Chapter 1377 A palm Chapter 1376 Breath of God Emperor Chapter 1375 Demon body breaks the mind Chapter 1374 The Murder of the Nalan Dragon Head Chapter 1373 condition Chapter 1372 Dragon head Chapter 1371 The figure of the old man

Chapter 1370 A bead Chapter 1369 Chen Fengnu Chapter 1368 The Yanlong Royal Family is just that Chapter 1367 Flame man silhouette Chapter 1366 Comer Chapter 1365 Wu Tiancong's regret Chapter 1364 Late apology Chapter 1363 Newly married Chapter 1362 Serial Chapter 1361 test Chapter 1360 Hero Chapter 1359 Upgrade all levels

Chapter 1358 Unify the Northeast Chapter 1357 Chen Feng's reward Chapter 1356 Chen Feng's appointment Chapter 1355 The true side of Chen Feng Chapter 1354 The horror of Wu Tiancong Chapter 1353 Bloody means Chapter 1352 Sect masters’ confidence Chapter 1351 Are you for yourself or for everyone Chapter 1350 The Sovereign of the Holy Dragon Emperor Kneeling Chapter 1349 Big array Chapter 1348 The ugly faces of the masters Chapter 1347 Who is an idiot

Chapter 1346 Chen Feng's calculations Chapter 1345 Poisoning Chapter 1344 Poison Chapter 1343 witch Chapter 1342 Torn Chapter 1341 Outburst of dissatisfaction Chapter 1340 Eat and drink Chapter 1339 Drunk Chapter 1338 All major forces are here Chapter 1337 Great Shake in the Northeast Chapter 1336 Chen Feng's invitation Chapter 1335 A gift from Chen Feng

Chapter 1334 Get married the day after tomorrow Chapter 1333 Take the Thunder Soul Pill as the bride price Chapter 1332 Chen Feng's bride price Chapter 1331 Depressed Wu Tian Cong Chapter 1330 Happy morning Chapter 1329 Fight Chapter 1328 Happy Chen Yun and Zhuge Tianmu Chapter 1327 I want to marry the dance charm Chapter 1326 Wu Tiancong's confession and begging for mercy Chapter 1325 The shock of Wu Tiancong Chapter 1324 Wu Tiancong's recognition Chapter 1323 Everyone's surprise

Chapter 1322 Chen Feng's banter Chapter 1321 Wu Tian Cong Chapter 1320 Bring back dance charm Chapter 1319 Heavenly disciples obey orders Chapter 1318 Chen Feng's doubts Chapter 1317 Purple figure Chapter 1316 Lotus Brand Chapter 1315 Kick the plaque of the Holy Sect Chapter 1314 Raise one level collectively Chapter 1313 You are willing to enter my heaven Chapter 1312 Attack of the Nine God Lord Ye Wuyue Chapter 1311 King's Landing, Night Without Moon

Chapter 1310 Chen Feng's determination Chapter 1309 Life attributes Chapter 1308 Life control Chapter 1307 Figured out Chapter 1306 The momentum of the nine gods, Ye Wuyue Chapter 1305 Black figure cohesion Chapter 1304 The breath of the Nine Gods Lord Ye Wuyue Chapter 1303 Mysterious Jade Chapter 1302 Eight-door Dunjia, all eight doors open Chapter 1301 Lion Roar Chapter 1300 Ancient Sage Edition Nine Stars World Destruction Array Chapter 1299 Throne

Chapter 1298 Ancient Saint Three Major Gift Package Chapter 1297 Asked the flying knife king Li Chapter 1296 The five ancestors of the Holy Spirit Chapter 1295 The real Jiuxing World Destruction Array Chapter 1294 You are shocked too early Chapter 1293 The expectations of the monks of the Holy Spirit Chapter 1292 Jiuxing World Destruction Array Chapter 1291 Kill the six elders Chapter 1290 Crushed treasure seal Chapter 1289 The Six Elders Chapter 1288 You too Chapter 1287 Chen Feng shot

Chapter 1286 Furious Grand Elder Chapter 1285 Aggrieved monk of the Holy Spirit Chapter 1284 Cut off Chapter 1283 Space storm turbulence Chapter 1282 Yao Yun in Riot Chapter 1281 Woman of the Holy Son Chapter 1280 My sect is called Tianting Chapter 1279 I have my own sect Chapter 1278 Saint Chapter 1277 Dancing horror talent Chapter 1276 Blame Wu Tiancong Chapter 1275 Saint Shenzong Great Elder Wrath

Chapter 1274 Dance tone Chapter 1273 Shake like garlic Chapter 1272 Glamorous Chapter 1271 Dance attitude Chapter 1270 Dance charm Chapter 1269 Monk's shock Chapter 1268 Yao Yun's surprise Chapter 1267 Dancing charm becomes an ancient saint Chapter 1266 Five spiritual roots Chapter 1265 Chen Feng's self-confidence Chapter 1264 Met the master Chapter 1263 Shengzi Yao Yun

Chapter 1262 frank Chapter 1261 Chen Feng's discovery Chapter 1260 Talk to Wumei again Chapter 1259 Not drunk Chapter 1258 Feng Wutong is long Chapter 1257 You have broken through to the realm of saints Chapter 1256 Dad, I killed Wu Zhiyun Chapter 1255 nausea Chapter 1254 Wu Tong's smile Chapter 1253 The secret of breaking into the realm of ancient sage Chapter 1252 Wutong became an ancient sage Chapter 1251 The arrogance of Wu Zhiyun

Chapter 1250 Wu Tong Chapter 1249 The tragedy of Wu Tong Chapter 1248 Tracking Wutong Chapter 1247 Wu Tong's girlfriend Chapter 1246 Chen Feng's troubles Chapter 1245 Dance life Chapter 1244 Shock of dance Chapter 1243 Real dreams Chapter 1242 Dancing voice Chapter 1241 Redeem Skill World King Edition Spirit Voice Chapter 1240 Looking for dance Chapter 1239 Wu Tiancong's surprise

Chapter 1238 Wu Tiancong's shock Chapter 1237 The complexity of Wu Tian Cong Chapter 1236 Wu Tiancong's disdain Chapter 1235 The dinner begins Chapter 1234 Wu Tong's situation Chapter 1233 Domineering Chen Feng Chapter 1232 Five old immortals in the realm of ancient sages Chapter 1231 Yanlong Royal Family and Ancient Temple Chapter 1230 Dragon and phoenix Chapter 1229 Guest of the ancient temple Chapter 1228 Wu Tian Cong Chapter 1227 Qin Lao

Chapter 1226 Wu Tong's speculation Chapter 1225 Send Chapter 1224 Go to the big world Chapter 1223 Tell the world Chapter 1222 Shikoku next morning Chapter 1221 Chen Feng became a saint Chapter 1220 Sanctification Chapter 1219 Kill the Flame Dragon King Chapter 1218 complex Chapter 1217 Goodbye Giant Eye Chapter 1216 Key Chapter 1215 Thunder control, God's sanction

Chapter 1214 Demon attribute control Chapter 1213 Demon attributes Chapter 1212 Battle the Flame Dragon King Chapter 1211 Destroyed Buddha Fury Red Lotus Chapter 1210 Alchemist shot Chapter 1209 Quick fix Chapter 1208 All skills are activated Chapter 1207 Kill Martial Master Chapter 1206 Go to war Chapter 1205 Declare war Chapter 1204 Show evidence Chapter 1203 Rule or help

Chapter 1202 Bring a wave of public opinion Chapter 1201 Yanlong Emperor VIP Chapter 1200 Emperor Yanlong Chapter 1199 Kill Chapter 1198 Yanlonghuang's younger brother Chapter 1197 Is the seventh elder a traitor? Chapter 1196 I'll kill you again Chapter 1195 Treat eye diseases Chapter 1194 Alchemy completed Chapter 1193 Accepted Chapter 1192 Blue Lily wants to apprentice Chapter 1191 Old Sun is back!

Chapter 1190 Holy Pill Chapter 1189 Supernatural Poison Pill Chapter 1188 Take the Princess Taiqing away Chapter 1187 Kill the Yanlong Tianwei Chapter 1186 Chen Feng exhausted Chapter 1185 Goodbye Princess Taiqing Chapter 1184 Wu Zu Chu Chapter 1183 Raise the Yanlong Emperor Chapter 1182 To save Hu Zhan Chapter 1181 Chen Feng's intention Chapter 1180 What does it mean Chapter 1179 Yanlonghuang hands-on

Chapter 1178 Where is the flame ancestor? Chapter 1177 Kill a hundred people with one palm Chapter 1176 People are required to go to Yanlong Emperor Chapter 1175 Phoenix and Ronghua Chapter 1174 Another Chen Yurou Chapter 1173 Another consciousness is about to wake up Chapter 1172 The voice in Chen Yurou's mind Chapter 1171 Distribute the pill Chapter 1170 Communication Jade Chapter 1169 Establish a sect system Chapter 1168 Destroy in one blow, do what you say Chapter 1167 Rewarding medicine

Chapter 1166 Are you willing to join Heavenly Court Chapter 1165 Tenba Advancement Chapter 1164 Declare to the world Chapter 1163 Lei Jianzong, removed Chapter 1162 Kill the mad snake Chapter 1161 Want to run, late Chapter 1160 News from Big Thousand World and Little Thousand World Chapter 1159 Incarnate as a six-winged demon Chapter 1158 One of the twenty-eight disciples of the Holy Spirit Chapter 1157 Old man Chapter 1156 Tyrannical attack Chapter 1155 Chen Feng is furious

Chapter 1154 Not dead Chapter 1153 Wind, fire and thunder wood, fight against the sky Chapter 1152 Kill the chicken and the monkey Chapter 1151 Eliminate the Sword Sect of Ben Lei Chapter 1150 Big kill Chapter 1149 Revenge starts from Ben Lei Jianzong Chapter 1148 Revenge begins Chapter 1147 See Fang Yun Chapter 1146 Go to Lei Jianzong Chapter 1145 All causes Chapter 1144 revenge Chapter 1143 Don't you have anything to tell me

Chapter 1142 Great elder, let's fight Chapter 1141 The elders are still surprised Chapter 1140 Shock from the elders Chapter 1139 Hu Zhan was invited to have tea Chapter 1138 Aunt May Chapter 1137 go away Chapter 1136 Upgrading is sometimes that simple Chapter 1135 Crazy upgrade Chapter 1134 Misunderstanding Chapter 1133 Burn and kill the flame centipede Chapter 1132 Soul pain resistance Chapter 1131 Shindai

Chapter 1130 Flame centipede Chapter 1129 Rustling sound Chapter 1128 What are you doing with me Chapter 1127 Open channel Chapter 1126 Suzaku's Secret Chapter 1125 I saved you Chapter 1124 The oddly shaped crescent dagger Chapter 1123 What are you doing by my side Chapter 1122 Meet the Suzaku saint in the lava Chapter 1121 Into the volcano Chapter 1120 You have no chance Chapter 1119 Peach blossom

Chapter 1118 Froze Chapter 1117 Are you interested in the throne Chapter 1116 Let me join the heaven Chapter 1115 Kneel down Chapter 1114 Sect Master’s skill triggered again Chapter 1113 Teleport with Shang Mou Hannan Chapter 1112 I can’t change my name Chapter 1111 Kitten, pussy, cat Chapter 1110 Provocation of the White Tiger Prince Chapter 1109 The Holy Dragon Breathes the White Tiger Chapter 1108 Brother and brother-in-law Chapter 1107 Fairy, don't be safe

Chapter 1106 The righteous brother of Shang Mou Yingyu Chapter 1105 The frivolous fat basalt Chapter 1104 Tianjiao out Chapter 1103 The secret of Tianjizong Chapter 1102 Tianjizong Chapter 1101 The message of the flame ancestor Chapter 1100 Catch up with the Zhuge clan Chapter 1099 Zhuge Pavilion Qualification Upgrade Chapter 1098 Return of Zhuge Pavilion Chapter 1097 Throne of Bone Chapter 1096 Bone armor Chapter 1095 The inheritance of Zhang Jiuling

Chapter 1094 My Zhuge clan Chapter 1093 Zhuge Ge wakes up Chapter 1092 I will protect you Chapter 1091 The shock of Wu Tong Chapter 1090 Linggen quality improvement Chapter 1089 Too irritating Chapter 1088 Wu Zu Jie Chapter 1087 Swamp Dragon Mother Awakens Chapter 1086 Hidden guard Chapter 1085 Chen Feng is already a heavy ancestor Chapter 1084 Zhang Jiuling's mother Chapter 1083 Release

Chapter 1082 sigh Chapter 1081 one strike Chapter 1080 Invincible Chapter 1079 Immunity to physical attack Chapter 1078 feeling Chapter 1077 Punch Chapter 1076 Teach me the truth, you are not qualified Chapter 1075 You are now in the realm of Wuzu Chapter 1074 What surprised you is still behind Chapter 1073 The power of wild skills Chapter 1072 See elder Chapter 1071 10 billion spare experience

Chapter 1070 Ring weapon Chapter 1069 Wonderful memories Chapter 1068 Saint Realm Chapter 1067 Threaten you to join Chapter 1066 Taiqing Chapter 1065 Taunting Princess Taiqing Chapter 1064 I am immune to fire Chapter 1063 Holy Beast Soul Chapter 1062 The demon body shows its might Chapter 1061 Princess Taiqing shot Chapter 1060 Arrogant and arrogant Chapter 1059 Dad is awesome

Chapter 1058 Close Chapter 1057 go to hell Chapter 1056 I only need three tricks against him Chapter 1055 Admit it in person Chapter 1054 Familiar feeling Chapter 1053 Exclamation from the woods Chapter 1052 The best quality nine-pin pill Chapter 1051 Wu Tong's shock Chapter 1050 Dan Cheng Chapter 1049 Vulcan Origin Crystal Change Chapter 1048 Pill will become Chapter 1047 Crystal coffin

Chapter 1046 Crystal block Chapter 1045 All angry Chapter 1044 Man of God Chapter 1043 Dead on the 35th Chapter 1042 Long legs like a snake Chapter 1041 Unlucky Chapter 1040 Want to surrender to me Chapter 1039 Met the master Chapter 1038 Code Thirty Six Chapter 1037 Unblocking, Fourfold of Wuzu Realm Chapter 1036 Open eight doors, supernatural power, met the lord Chapter 1035 Break through the triple, Valkyrie Dzogchen

Chapter 1034 collision Chapter 1033 Fist and finger Chapter 1032 Yan Longwei Chapter 1031 Suddenly a black-robed man appeared Chapter 1030 You are still making alchemy Chapter 1029 Marsh Dragon Mother Chapter 1028 Swamp snake female dragon Chapter 1027 Help the swamp snake mother break into the realm of Wuzu Chapter 1026 Zhuge Pavilion's potential Chapter 1025 Xu Maocai's eyes Chapter 1024 Sealer's ability Chapter 1023 Existence like Tokuo

Chapter 1022 Zhang Jiuling Chapter 1021 Jiuling is willing to go through fire and water for heaven Chapter 1020 Nine Gods Lord Ye Wuyue Chapter 1019 The change in Zhang Jiuling Chapter 1018 Thanks! Chapter 1017 Shang Mou Yingyu and Fang Yun also broke through Chapter 1016 Upgrade together Chapter 1015 Join Heaven Chapter 1014 Large rewards Chapter 1013 Subordinate sect Chapter 1012 Shenzong Zhenhai joins Heavenly Court Chapter 1011 Chen Feng's guess

Chapter 1010 Guessing and seeking knowledge Chapter 1009 Zhenhai Shenzong Chapter 1008 Old urchin Chapter 1007 The black robe old man doubts three companies Chapter 1006 The black robe old man is here Chapter 1005 Not an opponent Chapter 1004 Then you are blowing Chapter 1003 Copy, in the palm of your hand Chapter 1002 Martial ancestor who is not restricted by heaven Chapter 1001 Zhuge Pavilion's Plea Chapter 1000 I'll do it myself Chapter 999 Adventer

Chapter 998 But so Chapter 997 And I Chapter 996 Zhang Jiuling shot Chapter 995 Brother Zhuge Chapter 994 Refreshing Chapter 993 Black robe Chapter 992 Refining Thunder Iron Wood Heart Chapter 991 Chaos Fire Chapter 990 Start alchemy Chapter 989 Location of Flame Ancestor Talisman Chapter 988 Chen Li Chapter 987 Nine Symbols Against the Sky

Chapter 986 The little girl with the power of nine elements Chapter 985 Chaos attribute control Chapter 984 Eight-armed Dragon Snake Chapter 983 I want this snake egg Chapter 982 Snake egg Chapter 981 The intersection of the small world and the big world Chapter 980 Chen Feng's guess Chapter 979 Human transaction Chapter 978 We can trade Chapter 977 Snake man Chapter 976 transaction Chapter 975 Hualong

Chapter 974 Swamp Mother Chapter 973 Giant swamp python Chapter 972 Eternal kaleidoscope writing wheel eye power Chapter 971 Swamp Chapter 970 Give you a chance Chapter 969 Friends please stay Chapter 968 I'm so talkative Chapter 967 one strike Chapter 966 Staring at the ghost grass Chapter 965 Broken jar Chapter 964 Hand over ghost grass Chapter 963 Demon grass

Chapter 962 Ready to refine Chapter 961 Thunder Tiemu Xin got it Chapter 960 That mark Chapter 959 suddenly Chapter 958 Skills, biochemical resistance Chapter 957 Magic touch backlash and mark of mystery Chapter 956 Biochemical technology reproduction Chapter 955 Zhou Chengwu's changes Chapter 954 Zhan Zhou Chengwu Chapter 953 Finger knife murder Chapter 952 The coffin board of the Zhou family ancestor Chapter 951 Horrible finger knife kick

Chapter 950 Shocked, Chen Feng's knife Chapter 949 Cold-blooded and ruthless or the city is extremely deep Chapter 948 Your knives are nothing but this Chapter 947 Zhou Chengkun's talent Chapter 946 Finger knife Chapter 945 Stupid to the extreme Chapter 944 Zhou family, I have never heard of it Chapter 943 The foolish son of Zhou Chapter 942 Shut up Chapter 941 Find fault Chapter 940 See through Chapter 939 Zhou's adverse weather

Chapter 938 Zhou Jia Wuxiong Chapter 937 Opportunity to rise Chapter 936 Five-man team Chapter 935 Thunder Tiemu Heart Chapter 934 Zhongbao was taken away first Chapter 933 Say you are fat and you are still breathing Chapter 932 Xu Maocai Advanced Martial Arts Chapter 931 Let go of the ancient sky Chapter 930 Run away Chapter 929 Shock the audience Chapter 928 Repressive force Chapter 927 Heavenly Martial Skill Destroyer Daoist

Chapter 926 Chen Feng, die for me Chapter 925 impossible Chapter 924 Flame fist Chapter 923 Wu Tong invites a fight Chapter 922 Let's go now Chapter 921 It's just that Chapter 920 Thought of running away Chapter 919 Level up Chapter 918 Magma Behemoth Chapter 917 Exchange, rock berry real Chapter 916 Do it if you are not afraid of death Chapter 915 Sixth Rank Alchemist

Chapter 914 Hand over Chapter 913 Besieged Chapter 912 Accept inheritance Chapter 911 Saint heritage Chapter 910 Inherited Chapter 909 Zhen Yun failed Chapter 908 Vulcan heritage is a good thing Chapter 907 The preciousness of the Vulcan heritage Chapter 906 Inheritance of the Great Sage Chapter 905 Chen Feng's luck against the sky Chapter 904 The fragrance of the vagina Chapter 903 Small crisis

Chapter 902 Protozoa phallus Chapter 901 Jealousy of all monks Chapter 900 Star Rough Stone Chapter 899 Dig treasure Chapter 898 The purpose of entering the bronze gate Chapter 897 First breath Chapter 896 First entry Chapter 895 The killing intent of all monks Chapter 894 Inside the bronze door Chapter 893 The bronze portal opens Chapter 892 The Fury of Guhezhou Chapter 891 The rockery disappeared

Chapter 890 Defuse the storm Chapter 889 Deceive the crowd Chapter 888 Feel wronged for you Chapter 887 Clever tongue Chapter 886 Ingenious argument Chapter 885 Yanlong Emperor's Fury Chapter 884 Prime Minister Xu Chapter 883 All as idiot as you Chapter 882 Illusion rockery Chapter 881 Yanlonghuang's guess Chapter 880 Questions about the identity of the Yanlong Emperor Chapter 879 Lie skill activation

Chapter 878 The strength of the Yanlong Emperor Chapter 877 Yanlong Emperor's Fury Chapter 876 Treasure stolen Chapter 875 beauty Chapter 874 Princess Taiqing Chapter 873 Important Chapter 872 The magic mirror Chapter 871 Nine Heavens Dayan Mirror Chapter 870 Is it a ghost? Chapter 869 Wushen Realm Sixth Layer Chapter 868 Open the giant bronze gate Chapter 867 Wan Zhentian collapsed

Chapter 866 The difference between doing good and doing bad Chapter 865 Take Xiaoxi to do bad things Chapter 864 Take Xiaoxi out to play Chapter 863 Thank you majesty Chapter 862 Zhen Ben's calculation Chapter 861 Sever relationship Chapter 860 The sinister Nangong Jianqi Chapter 859 Guilt Chapter 858 Chen Fengzhi Chapter 857 The birthday of Emperor Yanlong Chapter 856 Yanlong Royal Family Chapter 855 Father, mother

Chapter 854 Domineering man Chapter 853 A strange dream Chapter 852 Chen Feng's resolution Chapter 851 Lao Tzu became a bastard Chapter 850 Heaven is to me, life and death are up to me Chapter 849 Chen Feng's spirit Chapter 848 Invitation to the Hongmen Banquet Chapter 847 Yanlonghuang's surprise Chapter 846 Chen Feng appeared Chapter 845 The man who led the ancient temple to glory Chapter 844 Former glory Chapter 843 Go to war

Chapter 842 Emperor Yanlong Chapter 841 The anger of the Yanlong Emperor Chapter 840 Pei Feixiong died Chapter 839 Behead Chapter 838 New ability hallucination resistance Chapter 837 The Alchemist Guild and the Ancient Temple coexist and die Chapter 836 Powerful collision Chapter 835 The breath of crisis Chapter 834 The momentum of the Yanlong Emperor Chapter 833 Dare to come, then let them try Chapter 832 Zhang Jiuling mutation Chapter 831 Pei Feixiong's shaking

Chapter 830 Water attribute spirit root Chapter 829 Pei Feixiong inspires the power of blood Chapter 828 The power of blood of Zhuge Pavilion Chapter 827 The shock of the elder Chapter 826 Zhuge Ge shot Chapter 825 Pei Feiyu of Longhua Chapter 824 Grey airflow Chapter 823 Evil breath Chapter 822 Pei Feiyu's power of blood Chapter 821 The power of Zhang Jiuling's blood Chapter 820 Zhang Jiuling's crisis Chapter 819 Furious Devil Bear

Chapter 818 Pei Feiyu's anger Chapter 817 Who is similar to you Chapter 816 Hu Zhan's surprise Chapter 815 Martial God Realm Quadruple Chapter 814 Give you a big brother Chapter 813 It's a pity that Chen Feng, the arrogant man Chapter 812 Shock of all monks Chapter 811 That old thing Pei Zhanguo Chapter 810 Break the white tiger in one blow Chapter 809 God's sanction Chapter 808 White tiger Chapter 807 Pei Feixiong's killing intent

Chapter 806 Lightning attributes Chapter 805 Death threat from Chen Feng Chapter 804 Pei Feixiong's strength Chapter 803 Pei Feixiong Chapter 802 Call someone Chapter 801 White flame Chapter 800 Absorb Pei Feiyu's attack Chapter 799 Tian Jue Nine Swords Chapter 798 Sword Qi with bare hands Chapter 797 So big Chapter 796 You should shut up Chapter 795 Wu Tong's emotion

Chapter 794 Surprise from everyone Chapter 793 Terrifying practice speed Chapter 792 Close your dog's mouth Chapter 791 Little milk dragon changes Chapter 790 Get together Chapter 789 Did you believe this time? Chapter 788 Valkyrie Triple Shocked Jiuling Chapter 787 I want to empty the royal secrets Chapter 786 Chen Feng swears Chapter 785 The second elder Bai Qi's hesitation Chapter 784 Shang Mou Yingyu level upgrade Chapter 783 Solicit

Chapter 782 Do you want to join my sect Chapter 781 The surprise of the second elder Baiqi Chapter 780 Determination to become stronger Chapter 779 Infinite horror Chapter 778 Huge eyes Chapter 777 Purple arm Chapter 776 The strange change of the golden robe monk Chapter 775 Can't escape my palm Chapter 774 Grand Master of Formation Chapter 773 Zhutian Sword Formation Chapter 772 Sword formation Chapter 771 crisis

Chapter 770 Lightning Elemental Power Chapter 769 Blood Sea Suppresses Buddha's Fury and Red Lotus Chapter 768 Die to me Chapter 767 Disaster Chapter 766 The arrogance of the golden robe monk Chapter 765 Dual personality Chapter 764 Canopy defense Chapter 763 Burst skills Chapter 762 Lian Fa Buddha Fury Red Lotus Chapter 761 Chen Feng breakthrough Chapter 760 Instant Buddha Fury Red Lotus Chapter 759 Good for bad

Chapter 758 Kill your people Chapter 757 Reappearance of the Holy Sect Chapter 756 Torn to pieces Chapter 755 In the palm of your hand Chapter 754 Ghostly move Chapter 753 Power of blood Chapter 752 Chen Feng's killing intent Chapter 751 Golden tornado Chapter 750 Polite Chapter 749 Unconcerned guy Chapter 748 Zhang Shaotian's anger Chapter 747 Kneel down

Chapter 746 Killer Chapter 745 Murderous horror Chapter 744 He Tun breakthrough Chapter 743 Just presumptuous Chapter 742 Don't put you in the eyes Chapter 741 Love Saint Chapter 740 be honest Chapter 739 Shang Mou Yingyu cried Chapter 738 Chen Feng comes from the Sejong Gate Chapter 737 Shang Mou Zheling's jealousy Chapter 736 Can't kill Chapter 735 one hand

Chapter 734 Chen Feng's strength Chapter 733 No, it's your death day Chapter 732 I crush this ant by myself Chapter 731 The shock of all monks Chapter 730 Devouring Shang Mou Zheling's attack Chapter 729 White's anger Chapter 728 Shang Mou Zheling's arrogance Chapter 727 Utterly cold Chapter 726 Call dad Chapter 725 You Zai Zai Chapter 724 Shang Mou Zheling's anger Chapter 723 time out

Chapter 722 Empty door wide open Chapter 721 Do you want to be called father? Chapter 720 The shock of all monks Chapter 719 A kick Chapter 718 Frost Avenue Chapter 717 The power of the Vulcan Sword Chapter 716 Shang Mou Yingyu's Wrath Chapter 715 Crack the ice Chapter 714 Self-knowledge Chapter 713 Shang Mou Zheling Chapter 712 Feast on Chapter 711 wake

Chapter 710 massage Chapter 709 The price of knowing the secret Chapter 708 Xiaoxia's Secret Chapter 707 I want to be a member of the daughter-in-law Chapter 706 I owe you one more time Chapter 705 Hu Zhan's decision Chapter 704 The Worry of the Heavenly Sword Saintess Chapter 703 Sky Sword Real Man Chapter 702 Hu Zhan's identity Chapter 701 Warming up Chapter 700 Leave Chapter 699 Zhen Ben shot

Chapter 698 The strength of the Yanlong Emperor Chapter 697 The power of Buddha's Fury Red Lotus Chapter 696 Buddha Fury Guren completed Chapter 695 Launch an attack Chapter 694 Strangling power and spatial turbulence Chapter 693 Buddha Fury Red Lotus Chapter 692 Emperor Yanlong is not even my opponent Chapter 691 Grave head exploded Chapter 690 Punch Chapter 689 Unexpected teacher Chapter 688 Feng Chen is Chen Feng Chapter 687 I am invincible

Chapter 686 I am invincible in Huo Xuan Country Chapter 685 The powerful strength of Nangong Wentian Chapter 684 Nangong Wentian shot Chapter 683 Defeated Chapter 682 Dragon Tiger Chapter 681 Instantly kill four Valkyries Chapter 680 Forty-nine gods ring to build gods Chapter 679 Touched Zhen Yun Chapter 678 Weird shenfa Chapter 677 A strong man in the realm of Valkyrie Chapter 676 loose the temper Chapter 675 breakthrough! Wu Sheng Yizhong!

Chapter 674 Disassociate Chapter 673 Advocating freedom of marriage Chapter 672 question Chapter 671 Wait a minute Chapter 670 The strength of Nangong Ziqi Chapter 669 Feng Chen is Chen Feng Chapter 668 Congratulations from Emperor Yanlong Chapter 667 Seal dust Chapter 666 The arrival of the Nine Princes Chapter 665 Where Chen Feng Chapter 664 The Great Gift of the Ancient Temple Chapter 663 Present

Chapter 662 Pick up Chapter 661 Back to the ancient temple Chapter 660 Leave Chapter 659 The way to burn life Chapter 658 Provoking Nangong Ziqi Chapter 657 Hands on Chapter 656 Little milk dragon Chapter 655 Stop grabbing marriage Chapter 654 Goodbye Zhen Yun Chapter 653 Ready to attend the wedding Chapter 652 Zhen Yun's marriage Chapter 651 The power of Wuzu

Chapter 650 Big Thousand World and Little Thousand World Chapter 649 The whereabouts of the dance Chapter 648 Something Chapter 647 Accept disciples Chapter 646 Brainwashing Demon Chapter 645 Play fine online Chapter 644 punishment Chapter 643 A hundred mouths Chapter 642 I will carry it alone Chapter 641 The power of the eight families Chapter 640 disagree Chapter 639 Awards

Chapter 638 Everyone's shock Chapter 637 The result came out Chapter 636 Let's go together Chapter 635 proposal Chapter 634 Wu Tong Chapter 633 see through Chapter 632 Hades Chapter 631 A set of swords Chapter 630 Revenge Chapter 629 Forbidden Bond Chapter 628 Xu Maotian's fear Chapter 627 The power of the fairy pupil

Chapter 626 Humble blood Chapter 625 Xu Maocai to Xu Maotian Chapter 624 Fairy pupil Chapter 623 deterrence Chapter 622 Admit defeat Chapter 621 No reputation at all Chapter 620 winner Chapter 619 Wait and see Chapter 618 Gamble Chapter 617 Life and death Chapter 616 Three Family Slaves Chapter 615 Sent out

Chapter 614 Chen Feng returns Chapter 613 Glutton Chapter 612 Star pointing Chapter 611 Take the prince to tease Hongxiong Chapter 610 The power of a palm Chapter 609 Whether you are a prince or a dog Chapter 608 Killing intent Chapter 607 Save the Cangtooth Sword Tiger Chapter 606 Happy Ninth Prince Chapter 605 Nine princes Chapter 604 Sword Tiger Chapter 603 Cangyun Mountains

Chapter 602 Dark horse and loss of strength Chapter 601 Chen Feng's changes Chapter 600 Qipin Danyao Zengshou Dan Chapter 599 Defeated Chapter 598 A hit Chapter 597 Yellow martial arts flower butterfly step Chapter 596 Sanctuary Chapter 595 Shock Chapter 594 Dead door open Chapter 593 A palm Chapter 592 Are you just so strong Chapter 591 Magic sword

Chapter 590 So rampant Chapter 589 Chen Fengzhi Chapter 588 The net magic Chapter 587 Valkyrie Chapter 586 Sage's top-grade treasure-a treasure Chapter 585 Never hand over Chen Feng Chapter 584 Rebuke of the Heavenly Sword Saintess Chapter 583 Three Qizhi Chapter 582 The enemy comes Chapter 581 Kai Chapter 580 A woman Chapter 579 Sealing Stone Unblocking

Chapter 578 Save Xiaoxi Chapter 577 Give me peace Chapter 576 Funeral Tenjin Flame Chapter 575 Xiao Xi has an accident Chapter 574 Jealous Chapter 573 All the combatants are in front Chapter 572 Emperor God Slashing Technique Chapter 571 Look at Chapter 570 One heart in the ancient temple Chapter 569 Yellow level martial arts-fire dragon tortoise Chapter 568 Nine Claw Flame Dragon Bloodline Chapter 567 Yellow Martial Skill-Fire Spirit Sword Technique

Chapter 566 Yellow martial arts fire dragon fist Chapter 565 Abnormal recovery ability Chapter 564 On the stage of life and death Chapter 563 Just give it a try Chapter 562 That may not be Chapter 561 Small grades Chapter 560 Powerful Sun Lao Chapter 559 Hu Zhan is back Chapter 558 Pei Feiyu and Zhou Cheng Chapter 557 Sun Lao Chapter 556 Bamen Dunjia Chapter 555 Martial Arts Pavilion

Chapter 554 Deep bond Chapter 553 Zhang Shaotian's changes Chapter 552 I'm the son of Queen Shuixuan Chapter 551 This attack is not good Chapter 550 You go first Chapter 549 Learn from Chapter 548 Zhang Shaotian Chapter 547 new home Chapter 546 Accept him as a disciple Chapter 545 Obliterate consciousness Chapter 544 Turn danger into bargain Chapter 543 misfortune

Chapter 542 Ancestor flame battle Chapter 541 Tyrannosaurus Flame Battle Sky Jue Chapter 540 Tyrannosaurus Fire Chapter 539 Wusheng Seventh Ancient Tianba Chapter 538 The whole island is gone Chapter 537 Both of you are going to die Chapter 536 Horror Chapter 535 Caught up Chapter 534 Chen Feng's anger Chapter 533 Solve the deadly veins Chapter 532 I won't let you die Chapter 531 Use Vulcan Source Crystal

Chapter 530 Start of treatment Chapter 529 Ten percent sure Chapter 528 Heavenly Training Room Chapter 527 Six-pin pill of supreme quality Chapter 526 Dan will become Chapter 525 Chen Hu's careful thinking Chapter 524 Another way of alchemy Chapter 523 This Dan must become Chapter 522 Shang Mou Yingyu's Confidence Chapter 521 Refining thousands of threads of fire **** flower Chapter 520 Start alchemy Chapter 519 I want to refine it myself

Chapter 518 I can refine it myself Chapter 517 Elder Chu's proposal Chapter 516 the difference Chapter 515 Is it the fire source flower or the inextricably threaded Vulcan flower Chapter 514 I want to accept the six-rank alchemist assessment Chapter 513 Strange fire Chapter 512 Control fire with one hand Chapter 511 Alchemist Guild Chapter 510 Alchemist just owes a kick Chapter 509 Five-Rank Alchemist Chen Hu Chapter 508 Thousands of Vulcan Flowers Chapter 507 Ancient Temple Material Pavilion

Chapter 506 I won't let you die Chapter 505 Reward you Chapter 504 Tianyin Juemai Chapter 503 Xiao Xi like a small adult Chapter 502 Trial method Chapter 501 Xiao Xi is dizzy Chapter 500 Hu Zhan is here Chapter 499 Xu Maotian leaves it to you to solve Chapter 498 Shot Chapter 497 Do you know why i didn't kill you Chapter 496 You won't have good fruit Chapter 495 Chen Feng shot

Chapter 494 Shang Mouying Language vs. Xu Maotian Chapter 493 Was underestimated by Shang Mou Yingyu Chapter 492 damn thing Chapter 491 Seven treasures Chapter 490 Tit for tat Chapter 489 Really rubbish Chapter 488 Zhao Ruqing, the Four Little Family in the Imperial City Chapter 487 roommate Chapter 486 Come to the ancient temple Chapter 485 Ancient tee, dead Chapter 484 Daughter slave Chapter 483 Xiao Xi

Chapter 482 Don't talk above my head Chapter 481 I am Emperor Wu Chapter 480 Ancient tee Chapter 479 Beast control Chapter 478 Into the Imperial City Chapter 477 Three psionic cannons Chapter 476 It's up Chapter 475 From the Nangong family Chapter 474 Trigeminal nerve Chapter 473 are you an idiot Chapter 472 Two tricks Chapter 471 The Might of Nine Slashes

Chapter 470 Three ways to destroy the land Chapter 469 Chen Feng, can you? Chapter 468 Nangong's jealousy Chapter 467 A sudden slap Chapter 466 The favor of the Heavenly Sword Saint Chapter 465 I, Chen Feng, will kill you today Chapter 464 Exchange martial arts Chapter 463 A slap in the face Chapter 462 engagement Chapter 461 Get Wind Spirit Sacred Source Crystal Chapter 460 Amazing blow Chapter 459 The Test of Fire Spirit Saint

Chapter 458 Void space Chapter 457 Shadows of Old People Chapter 456 Enter Fengling Sanctuary Chapter 455 Changes of the Heavenly Sword Saintess Chapter 454 The shyness from the Heavenly Sword Saintess Chapter 453 Mad sect Chapter 452 Beast Talk and Beast Master Chapter 451 Take it over Chapter 450 Lao Yao's respect Chapter 449 transaction Chapter 448 Chen Feng's calculations Chapter 447 Holy Beast Lao Yao speaks

Chapter 446 Suzakuyuan Chapter 445 All the treasures of the saints Chapter 444 Little milk dragon comes out again Chapter 443 Holy Beast Tubei Lao Yao Chapter 442 Tuobei Lao Yao Chapter 441 Summon the Skeleton Legion Chapter 440 Be careful I beat you Chapter 439 To help you teach your dog Chapter 438 The power of moving mountains and reclaiming the sea Chapter 437 You are proud enough to make me feel itchy Chapter 436 Half-step Wusheng's full blow Chapter 435 The clouds are scattered between waving hands

Chapter 434 Beat you to be father Chapter 433 Ravaged Zhao Tingyun Chapter 432 A dragon's breath breaks the sky Chapter 431 Provoking Zhao Tingyun Chapter 430 I'm here to raise the prestige of Jiyuan Pavilion Chapter 429 The strong come out Chapter 428 Kill Heihe Chapter 427 Holy Dragon's Breath Chapter 426 Martial Emperor Realm Dzogchen Blood Secret Realm Chapter 425 Copper skin and iron bone Chapter 424 Black wind shot Chapter 423 Provoke the black family

Chapter 422 Black house Chapter 421 Tease Chapter 420 Elder Ouyang escapes Chapter 419 Kill Chapter 418 Butcher Chapter 417 You are still far away Chapter 416 The Power of Brahma Sword Art in Kowloon Chapter 415 Beheaded Chapter 414 One sword kills all poisons Chapter 413 Chen Feng came Chapter 412 The situation of Fang Yun and others Chapter 411 Exchange teleportation

Chapter 410 Crisis of Bai Yun Chapter 409 engagement Chapter 408 Wind Spirit Saint Source Crystal is about to be born Chapter 407 Haoran Chapter 406 Killing Skyman Chapter 405 Mie Qi Lao Chapter 404 The power of the palace Chapter 403 One finger Chapter 402 Full level skill snap Chapter 401 Shot Chapter 400 Xingtianxia Chapter 399 Wind and fire

Chapter 398 Disturbing heaven Chapter 397 Faith Points Chapter 396 Acting is also a technique Chapter 395 Xingtianxia Chapter 394 The transformed Zhuge Pavilion Chapter 393 End of inheritance Chapter 392 Wind Spirit Saint Heritage Chapter 391 The weapon of the saint and the saint projection Chapter 390 Zhuge Pavilion Chapter 389 The hidden realm in the realm of Wuhuang Chapter 388 Zhang Jiuling breaks through Chapter 387 The powerful effect of Demon Eye

Chapter 386 Xing Tian Xia's horrible blow Chapter 385 Xing Tianxia moved Chapter 384 Elemental Zhuge Pavilion Chapter 383 Demon Flame Hammer Chapter 382 Xing Tianxia Chapter 381 Taboo Chapter 380 The shocking Zhuge Ge and Zhang Jiuling Chapter 379 Hands-on Chapter 378 Faith points reach the standard Chapter 377 Is it you Chapter 376 Force Wang Chen Feng Chapter 375 Chatting

Chapter 374 From Lingbao Pavilion Chapter 373 The golden armor is calling someone Chapter 372 Wuhuang Liuzhong Chapter 371 Demon Sword Chapter 370 Shut me your stinky mouth Chapter 369 All deaths are to blame Chapter 368 Grey lotus Chapter 367 Endless taunt Chapter 366 Give you a chance for atonement Chapter 365 Zhao Tingyun's younger brother Chapter 364 Powerful Vajra Leg Power Chapter 363 Chen Feng's provocation

Chapter 362 Sky Demon Wing Chapter 361 One punch Chapter 360 Tenmajin body Chapter 359 Great Devil System Chapter 358 Teach you etiquette Chapter 357 The kind-hearted Chen Feng Chapter 356 What people want Chapter 355 Scheming Chapter 354 Chen Feng's words Chapter 353 Aura shock Chapter 352 You are not a thing Chapter 351 The momentum of the owner

Chapter 350 Owner of Tempo Court Chapter 349 Go to Diling Street Chapter 348 Mermaid Chapter 347 Zhuge Ge's hateful sleeping position Chapter 346 Chen Chuang Xiang Bo Chapter 345 I only like women Chapter 344 Beautiful lady has an appointment Chapter 343 Nangong's strength Chapter 342 Don't leave one Chapter 341 Let him go Chapter 340 News of Fengling Shengyuanjing exposed Chapter 339 Provoking Nangong Providence

Chapter 338 Fucked by Nangong Providence Chapter 337 The owner of the Yuwen family is called Yuwen Shuxue Chapter 336 Nangong Providence Chapter 335 Rampant Chen Feng Chapter 334 Haunting Yan Luo Zhao Tingyun Chapter 333 Zhao Tingyun Chapter 332 Chen Feng persuaded Chapter 331 Xu Tong was killed by him Chapter 330 He is Chen Feng Chapter 329 A loud roar shook Emperor Wu to death Chapter 328 Disputes caused by a meal Chapter 327 Eating like a war

Chapter 326 Dog bites a dog Chapter 325 Tianxiu Pub Chapter 324 The aggrieved Zhuge Pavilion Chapter 323 The well-known Chen Feng Chapter 322 Respect from Chen Feng Chapter 321 Yuwen Jianqi who committed suicide Chapter 320 The green lotus jade seal is broken Chapter 319 Yuwen **** eats my nose Chapter 318 Since you are looking for death, I will fulfill you Chapter 317 The green lotus jade seal is so terrifying Chapter 316 I can see Chapter 315 Xiaoxia makes another move

Chapter 314 Demon eyes see through invisibility Chapter 313 He can see me Chapter 312 Invisible Yuwen Jianqi Chapter 311 Fight Yuwen Jianqi Again Chapter 310 Chen Feng's amazing combat power Chapter 309 Six-pin pill green centipede pill Chapter 308 Yuwen Jianqi was deceived Chapter 307 Yuwen Jianqi Kneeling Begging for Mercy Chapter 306 My sect is called Tianting Chapter 305 The monster coming out of Sejong Gate Chapter 304 One trick to crack Chapter 303 He didn't even die

Chapter 302 Yuwen Jianqi's self-confidence Chapter 301 Awakening! Full attribute control Chapter 300 curse Chapter 299 Qinglian Yuxi, suppress Chapter 298 I am Chen Feng Chapter 297 Zhang Jiuling's power Chapter 296 The battle begins Chapter 295 Green Lotus Jade Seal Chapter 294 Destroy Tianwei Chapter 293 Domineering Zhen Yun Chapter 292 Scold Yuwen dog Chapter 291 Let you taste the taste of being crushed

Chapter 290 This is the man Chapter 289 Chen Feng's counterattack Chapter 288 Yuwen Jianqi's contempt Chapter 287 Yuwen Jianqi Chapter 286 misunderstanding Chapter 285 transaction Chapter 284 Wind Spirit Saint Source Crystal is about to be born Chapter 283 Linger's terrifying learning ability Chapter 282 Black-faced passers-by Chapter 281 Beg for clothes Chapter 280 Next season Chapter 279 New question

Chapter 278 Beauty girl wake up Chapter 277 Beautify Chapter 275 Powerful skill effects Chapter 276 Biochemical transformation Chapter 274 Zhugege's injuries Chapter 273 Increased the effect of the dry stone man skill Chapter 272 Unknown crisis Chapter 271 Chen Feng reappears Chapter 270 The changes of Zhuge Ge and Zhang Jiuling Chapter 269 The power of the terrible psionic beam Chapter 268 Light element control Chapter 267 Touching fool

Chapter 266 Psionic Cannon Chapter 265 Stoneman Puppet's Magic Cannon Chapter 264 right now Chapter 263 Giant stone figurehead Chapter 262 Stone puppet Chapter 261 Yuwen's actions Chapter 260 Zhuge Pavilion vs. Black Moon Demon Bear Chapter 259 Powerful Zhang Jiuling Chapter 258 Zhugege's powerful fire control ability Chapter 257 Random selection for Zhuge Pavilion Chapter 256 Then do you join heaven Chapter 255 Golden dagger presented to Zhuge Pavilion

Chapter 254 Expelled from Ji Yuan Pavilion Chapter 253 Zhen Yun's Discovery Chapter 252 Be careful, give you a nose Chapter 251 Zhan Yuwen Ziyi Chapter 250 bad boy Chapter 249 Giant baby Chapter 248 Wu Xingchen's combat power Chapter 247 The scared Yu Wenyi Chapter 246 Be recognized Chapter 245 The horror caused by a nose Chapter 244 Take the thirty-sixth cut Chapter 243 Thirty Sixth Cut

Chapter 242 Chen Feng's provocation Chapter 241 Connect thirty-five dollars Chapter 240 Skyfire Thirty-Six Slash Chapter 239 New energy get Chapter 238 The strength of Ji Yuan Pavilion Chapter 237 Accept betting Chapter 236 with no doubt Chapter 235 bet Chapter 234 The same dagger Chapter 233 A dagger worth ten million yuan Chapter 232 True winner Chapter 231 Not a local tyrant, but a fool

Chapter 230 Ten Million Martial Master Yuanjing Chapter 229 Five Million Valkyrie Origin Crystal Chapter 228 You don’t understand the rich world Chapter 227 Bidding Chapter 226 Are the rules I made Chapter 225 Zhen Yun's background Chapter 224 Zhen Yun's Attitude Chapter 223 dispute Chapter 222 I am also a top VIP Chapter 221 Zhuge Pavilion's suffocation Chapter 220 The four great talents of Montenegro Chapter 219 Demon Eye

Chapter 218 What's in the treasure box Chapter 217 It’s better to sell it to our Ji Yuan Pavilion Chapter 216 What's in the treasure box Chapter 215 Gambling agreement established Chapter 214 Nothing is absolute Chapter 213 A pile of shit Chapter 212 Open the missionary treasure box Chapter 211 Exchange source crystal Chapter 210 The biggest gambling conference in the world Chapter 209 Gambling conference, start Chapter 208 Making beautiful women laugh is also a beautiful thing Chapter 207 Premium VIP Card

Chapter 206 apologize Chapter 205 Is a personal attack not an attack? Chapter 204 Ji Yuange Law Enforcement Appearance Chapter 203 The real cracking sky eighteen cut Chapter 202 Eighteen Slash Chapter 201 Chen Feng's sword skills Chapter 200 Slap everyone Chapter 199 Hands on Chapter 198 Lessons from beautiful women Chapter 197 Chen Feng's Fury Chapter 196 Beautiful woman Chapter 195 Gambling activities

Chapter 194 Master Qin, die Chapter 193 Powerful ability to control cargo and fire Chapter 192 Fire element control Chapter 191 Five-Rank Treasure-Lieyang Banner Chapter 190 Six months of persistence burned Chapter 189 Earth-level intermediate grade flame burning sky skill Chapter 188 Want to kill me, how old are you Chapter 187 The ancients don't deceive me Chapter 186 dispute Chapter 185 Ling Bao Court Chapter 184 Sky vanilla Chapter 183 Weird aroma

Chapter 182 Is it the little milk dragon or the little color dragon Chapter 181 To be a dragon son Chapter 180 Dead or Alive Chapter 179 The cold poison python actually appeared Chapter 178 Give you 30 breaths time to escape Chapter 177 You think you can escape from Shekou Chapter 176 Accidentally became a senior Chapter 175 The man who can flash Chapter 174 Help Chapter 173 Cold Toxic Python Chapter 172 Ji Yuan Court Chapter 171 Coming to Extinction Valley

Chapter 170 Zhuge Ge's Change of Chen Feng's Impression Chapter 169 launch! Flame Splitting Wave Ruler Chapter 168 Wolf cavalry, dispatched Chapter 167 Kneeling and Licking and Encountering Wolf Totem Clan Again Chapter 166 Harvest, the flame splits the wave ruler Chapter 165 Chen Feng's counterattack Chapter 164 Tenth trick Chapter 163 Fourth trick Chapter 162 Crazy Xiao Zhan Chapter 161 Mad blood pill Chapter 160 Zulong Boxing Chapter 159 I make you ten strokes

Chapter 158 Jiuling, I want you to watch me kill him Chapter 157 That's why you are a trash Chapter 156 Chen Feng, you dare to fight with me Chapter 155 Waste, not worthy to live in the world Chapter 154 Who is he Chapter 153 Whose young master are you, I don’t know Chapter 152 Extreme anger Chapter 151 revenge Chapter 150 Zhang Jiuling was seriously injured Chapter 149 This is the sect I created. Heaven Chapter 148 I'm so natural that I can't give up on myself Chapter 147 The collapse of the mountain palm suppressed hundreds of monks

Chapter 146 Murder and Seize the Legacy Chapter 145 Legacy Predator Chapter 144 Get out of me, don't move my inheritance Chapter 143 Self-sealed woman Chapter 142 Loot and open title function Chapter 141 I have a bold idea Chapter 140 Discover the place of inheritance Chapter 139 Kill the wolf cavalry Chapter 138 Yi Rong Yi Hu Er Khan Chapter 137 Kill the savage Chapter 136 The second form of the Vulcan Sword Chapter 135 Wolf Totem Clan

Chapter 134 Wind Spirit Sanctuary Chapter 133 Enter the ruins Chapter 132 Strive to be the first person to enter the ruins Chapter 131 Ruins open Chapter 130 One person confronts thousands Chapter 129 Blood Eye Phoenix Blood and Phoenix Fruit Chapter 128 The bloodline of the violent king snake and the eight-qi big snake Chapter 127 Improve your overall strength Chapter 126 Meet again Fatty Zhuge Chapter 125 Deep pool changes Chapter 124 Fang Yun breaks through Chapter 123 Do you want to join my sect

Chapter 122 Jiuling tore his mouth Chapter 121 Honest Second Uncle Chapter 120 Squirting Chapter 119 Imposing match Chapter 118 Meet acquaintances again Chapter 117 The power of the psionic cannon Chapter 116 Psionic cannon, launch! Chapter 115 Martial King Realm Growth Spree Chapter 114 The violent Zhang Jiuling Chapter 113 Oppression and resistance Chapter 112 Zhang Jiuling's rage Chapter 111 breakthrough! Wuwang Jingyizhong

Chapter 110 God's sanction Chapter 109 Come, brother will take you to find the fault Chapter 108 Use Thunder Fruit Chapter 107 Replace blood Chapter 106 Random lottery has not changed Chapter 105 Redemption list upgrade Chapter 104 Relics of the Four Saints Chapter 103 The birth of heaven Chapter 102 Build forces Chapter 101 Someone wants to be a kid Chapter 100 Thousands of miles to give a head gift light and affectionate Chapter 99 Be recognized

Chapter 98 See the road Chapter 97 Encounter a man of the sword Chapter 96 Vulcan Heritage Chapter 95 retribution Chapter 94 Did it start, it's over Chapter 93 Xuan-level high-grade water cold sword Chapter 92 A broken arm Chapter 91 Chen Jiaqiang all out Chapter 90 Dawu Shi Yizhong Chapter 89 Slaughter Chapter 88 Back to Chen's house Chapter 87 Fatty Zhuge

Chapter 86 Was found Chapter 85 Absorb the entire treasure chest and exchange it into exchange points Chapter 84 misfortune Chapter 83 Prepare to steal the treasure house of Ben Lei Jianzong Chapter 82 Entering the Thunder Sword Sect Chapter 81 Angel Wings Chapter 80 Exchange random devil fruits Chapter 79 Exchange function of the system Chapter 78 Chen Feng Chapter 77 Unforgivable sin Chapter 76 Lei Sword Sect's Killing Order Chapter 75 Mystery man

Chapter 74 Buddha Fury Red Lotus Chapter 73 Call dad Chapter 72 Sect Master Qingshan, appeared Chapter 71 Don't show up again, kill you Chapter 70 Do what you say Chapter 69 Lion's Roar Power Chapter 68 Green Mountain School of Brain Chapter 67 Mune Aoyama Chapter 66 I always do what I say Chapter 65 The elder is very frustrated Chapter 64 You must be dead Chapter 63 Break the line

Chapter 62 Acquired skills, all element resistance Chapter 61 Acquire skills, master all elements Chapter 60 Four-image formation and the method of cracking Chapter 59 The way of heaven is reincarnation, who is forgiven by heaven Chapter 58 The crisis felt by Chen Feng Chapter 57 The decision of Sect Master Qingshan Chapter 56 Discussion of the senior leaders of the Qingshan Sect Chapter 55 Vibration of the Green Mountain Sect Chapter 54 Missionary Treasure Box Chapter 53 Kill Zhao Zhengping Chapter 52 Obtain the skill Vigorously King Kong Legs and be promoted to Martial Master First Heavy Chapter 51 Slash the Bilin Snake acquires the skill Lingbo Weibu

Chapter 50 Gain skill jump Chapter 49 Tier 3 Monster Beast Bilin Snake Chapter 48 Wumei's heart and Zhao Zhengping's anger Chapter 47 Instant kill Chapter 46 Group attack Chapter 45 Angered Tsing Yi Chapter 44 Meteorite Chapter 43 Singing and dancing Chapter 42 Kill Hong Tian Chapter 41 evidence Chapter 40 You are also a Budo monk Chapter 39 Confrontation

Chapter 38 Cloud Pigeon Fight Chapter 37 Hong Tian She Yun Ge Chapter 36 Stone Hunting Cloud Pigeon Chapter 35 hunting Chapter 34 Flame Beast Fire Dog Chapter 33 The hunting begins Chapter 32 Honest guys Chapter 31 Mysterious Dancer and Uncle Huang Chapter 30 Mysterious middle-aged man Chapter 29 But what does this have to do with me Chapter 28 Bouncing bouncing bouncing Chapter 27 Poor and humble can't move beauty so big

Chapter 26 Three consecutive upgrades Chapter 25 Swallow the elixir Chapter 24 Novice growth spree Chapter 23 The village chief is an old yin beep Chapter 22 The meaning of the village chief Chapter 21 Upgraded and belated novice spree Chapter 20 Chen Feng's momentum Chapter 19 how is this possible Chapter 18 Impact resistance and pain resistance Chapter 17 Get skills again Chapter 16 I will guard Beishan Village Chapter 15 Those who don’t know how to respect the elderly are not sorry to die

~ Chai Le ~ Aoyama sect ~ Chapter 12 Beishan Village ~ Chapter 11 Big Beauty Chapter 10 The small one comes the old one Chapter 9 After the shock, hehehe Chapter 8 Domineering power Chapter 7 Xuan-level martial arts flying sword Chapter 6 I am very dissatisfied with this skill Chapter 5 Do you think i want to see it i want Chapter 4 A mosaic of a female monk with a flying sword Chapter 3 Flame Beast Fire Wolf Race

Chapter 2 The power of the full-level cloud palm Chapter 1

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