Ye Wuyue's expression changed drastically when he heard the words. He looked at a chaotic space, and the flame was still burning, and was not destroyed by the power of darkness. How could he not understand what this meant!

Chen Feng's flames would never be defeated by the power of darkness!

The power of darkness is ineffective, can his own power of darkness still block Chen Feng's flames?

In an instant, Chen Feng waved his hand. The magical flame of the gods seemed to have no dark power in that night, and instantly enveloped Ye Wuyue!

"Destroy, Ye Wuyue, the gods are extremely demon flames, burn the gods and destroy the soul!!"

Chen Feng suddenly yelled, and in an instant, all the flames burst out more vigorously, burning all the chaos, and the nine gods, Ye Wuyue, burst out endless screams!

"Impossible! Impossible! I am the **** of darkness, but the most powerful god, how can I be defeated by you as a fire god?!"

"My system makes me the Dark God, and your system makes you the God of Fire. Could it be that your system is stronger than mine?!"

Ye Wuyue didn't understand why he lost until he died!

However, Ye Wuyue's body was burned into nothingness, but there was still a black spar remaining.

It is the **** of darkness.

This spar broke through the air in an instant, and entered a black hole!

Chen Feng looked at the disappearing **** and shook his head.

And in the place where the **** of darkness disappeared, Chen Feng saw a golden ball of light!

It is the system in Ye Wuyue's body!

And a golden light group appeared in Chen Feng's body.

Chen Feng smiled and said, "System, this is your secret. Do you want me to fight this system?"


The host is right, the two of us were originally transformed by the will of the destiny, helping the chosen destiny to become the ultimate in the world, and then controlling the reincarnation of the destiny instead of the destiny.

However, Ye Wuyue wanted to destroy Tiandao, and Tiandao's will made me stop him, so I found you.

"Well, since that's the case."

Chen Feng smiled.

Chen Feng didn't ask much. After all, he knew that the system was an auxiliary force and could not dominate the host's will.

Ye Wuyue wanted to destroy Heavenly Dao. Since the system chose Ye Wuyue, it could only help Ye Wuyue destroy Heavenly Dao.

This is not to blame the system.

"By the way, what is the way of heaven?" Chen Feng asked with some confusion.


You have seen the way of heaven.

Hearing this answer from the system, Chen Feng rolled his eyes, but still smiled and said, "Is that the purple monster?"



"Then now, how do you get out of my body?"

Chen Feng smiled again.


I want to find the next host, your strength has reached the extreme, you don't need me anymore.

You need to go the rest of the way.

The words of the system seem to be somewhat emotional.

"Then when I want to find you in the future, will you still help me?"

Chen Feng asked pretendingly.


Host, goodbye.


Chen Feng smiled.

The two systems disappeared out of thin air, and Chen Feng felt a little lost.

However, Chen Feng waved his hand.

Back in time, everything is restored.

The Big Thousand World, the Little Thousand World, and even the Nine Realms have all recovered.


Ten years later.

A young man dressed in black, with a slightly raised mouth, and eight or nine women around his body, Yingying and Yanyan, a few of them still holding a few children, and every child is eighth similar to the black youth.

Moreover, on every child's forehead, there is a looming golden fire **** pattern!


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