"Hahahahahaha! It's been a long time since no one can let me use my full strength to fight!"

The nine gods Ye Wuyue laughed loudly, and the whole person looked very excited!

Obviously, he also wants to be presumptuous, unscrupulous, fight a battle, and want to find an opponent who can let him display his full strength!

In his memory, the most hearty battle was the last time the Nine Realms besieged him!

However, even that time, he only used 70% of his strength!

Now he has become the God of Darkness, and he wants to solve the powerhouse of the Nine Realms with just one blow!

And the only person who can make him fight with all his strength is Chen Feng who inherited the Vulcan god!

A smile flashed in Chen Feng's eyes, and the corners of his mouth were raised when he looked at the nine gods Ye Wuyue who suddenly appeared from the darkness!

The nine gods Ye Wuyue also looked at Chen Feng and smiled: "There is no light in the universe. You should know that in the universe, my ability will be endlessly improved, although you have become a fire. God, but not necessarily my opponent!"

"You also said not necessarily, did you?"

Chen Feng said indifferently!

In an instant, the nine gods, Ye Wuyue, smiled more happily!

"What else are you talking about, just do it!"

"The darkness is gone!"

The nine gods, Ye Wuyue, directly displayed their magical skills, and the stars in the entire universe burst into pieces in an instant, and even the planet where the vast world was under the feet of the two was insanely shaking!

Both of them know that in this battle, there are absolutely countless casualties in the world!

But Chen Feng is not worried!

Gods, destroy the world, create the world, even if you turn back time, it is all possible!

The endless darkness devoured the entire universe crazily. The body of the nine gods Ye Wuyue turned out to be a dark giant of unknown height. The whole body was pitch black, and the whole body was surrounded by endless black energy. The violent power made Chen Feng wrinkle. Frowned!

auzw.com However, Chen Feng raised his mouth slightly and spoke softly!

"The **** flame burns six realms, and the devil flame burns the nine realms!"

"God, Demon Flame!"

Boom boom boom! !

An endless aura burst out of Chen Feng's body, endless flames instantly enveloped the entire universe, all the planets, planets, all turned into fly ash, the entire universe was empty, only half of the darkness confronting the ordinary flames!

This sacred demon flame is a skill of the **** of fire, a magical skill, very powerful, and can burn the six realms of the nine realms!

At this moment, as soon as the demon flame of the gods was released, it instantly burned everything around it!

Ye Wuyue's expression changed drastically in an instant, and he never thought that Chen Feng was so powerful!

However, Ye Wuyue was only shocked for a moment. The next moment, he laughed directly and said: "The God of Darkness is the most powerful **** in the world. Although the God of Flame has the same level as the God of Darkness, But it is not the opponent of Diablo at all, and today, you are not my opponent!"

"Erupt, darkness!"

For a time, all the flames in the universe were instantly swallowed by darkness, and the violent power tore the universe apart, and the whole world was shaking, then shattered, and finally turned into nothingness!

This blow turned out to destroy Chen Feng and his realm!

Similarly, there are eight realms that are so general!

For a time, the Nine Realms were completely destroyed!

But Chen Feng has not changed!

Darkness resistance!


"The power of darkness has no effect on me. I am the **** of fire, and flames are part of me, so I also have resistance to the power of darkness in my flames. Do you know what this means?"

Chen Feng said with a smile.


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