A tyrannical flash flashed in Chen Feng's eyes, and in an instant, Chen Feng was shot out by a burst of flames, and a huge fireball scorched the void, blasting towards the nine gods, Ye Wuyue!

Chen Feng's body was burning with flames, but the flames turned out to be a part of Chen Feng's body, just like Chen Feng's hands and feet, it would not harm Chen Feng at all, but would let Chen Feng command it!

Moreover, Chen Feng's clothes have undergone tremendous changes. The original black long gown has become a golden-red armor, and all of the armor is full of flame gods!

The flame **** pattern is not an ordinary pattern, but the Dao pattern of the Avenue of Flames. Such a pattern fully demonstrates the extraordinaryness of this armor. Just this armor can be comparable to the artifact!

At this moment, Chen Feng sent out a fireball like an arm's finger, blasting towards the nine gods, Ye Wuyue!

The Nine Gods, Ye Wuyue, had to go all out, and instantly condensed a large dark shield on his chest. On that large shield, there was a black hole spinning unheard, when the fireball touched the darkness. At the moment of the shield, it was sucked in by the black hole!

In the next moment, the black shield immediately dissipated, and the fireball sent by Chen Feng was also gone!

The eyes of the nine gods Ye Wuyue were very gloomy, and a violent aura enveloped Chen Feng!

I saw that the hand of the nine gods Ye Wuyue was just a move!

Those corpses on the ground that had already died rose up into the sky in an instant, and then rushed towards Chen Feng at the same time!

Some of the corpses were still holding the treasures that were buried there and offering them to Chen Feng. The entire sky was filled with the light of the treasures!

Chen Feng's eyebrows darkened slightly, he could not have imagined that the Dark God's ability could even control the dead body!

In an instant, Chen Feng's eyes moved, Chen Feng actually centered on himself, and a terrifying fire spread into the sky!


The aura in Chen Feng's body seemed to be endless, evolving endless flames, it turned out to be covering tens of thousands of miles in an instant!

Such a terrifying power almost burns the sky through!

At this moment, the space has been burnt down, and the way of heaven is burned to pieces!

The earth quaked, obviously because the power of the gods was too powerful. Two god-level powerhouses were actually fighting. Although there was no substantial collision, this was just the aftermath of the battle, which was enough to make the world unbearable. !

Chen Feng looked at the endless living corpses in front of him, and whispered in his mouth: "The deceased rest in peace!"

After Chen Feng finished speaking, the flames between heaven and earth disappeared, and all the living corpses had already turned into nothingness. This was Chen Feng's way to let them rest in peace!

But at this moment, the body of the nine gods, Ye Wuyue, disappeared, and appeared beside Chen Feng like a ghost. See, the violent aura burst out instantly, and the violent power made Chen Feng's eyes. A flash of surprise!

But Chen Feng's figure flashed in an instant, and he had disappeared!

In the next moment, Chen Feng appeared directly in the vast and endless universe!

The nine gods, Ye Wuyue, who was still in the Great Thousand World, suddenly heard Chen Feng's voice slowly coming from the distant universe!

"Ye Wuyue, come to the universe and fight with all your strength!"

Chen Feng's voice made Nine Dao God Venerable Ye Wuyue sneer instantly!