In an instant, an extremely gloomy breath burst out from Ye Wuyue's body!

At this moment, Ye Wuyue's breath was already able to dominate the entire Nine Realms!

Nine Dao Divine Lord, from this moment on, should already be called... Nine Dao Divine Lord!

The entire Great Thousand World felt this gloomy feeling, and all creatures were frightened, and all were shocked by this momentum!

At the same time, in Ye Wuyue's body, there was an endless black energy radiating out, covering the entire sky in the blink of an eye!

The sky is shrouded in endless darkness, and the whole world is dark, shrouded in darkness!

Moreover, above the earth, it was cracked inch by inch. Amidst the shaking of the earth, a blood and blood corpse actually grabbed the cracked coffin and the earth and climbed directly up!

All the monks were shocked and inexplicable, but at the same time they were shocked beyond words!

They can all feel that every strength of these suddenly appearing dark creatures has the realm of martial ancestors, and there are even higher strengths!

Even, in some special places, there are still corpses in the realm of Old Sages who "live" again!

"Oh my God! Look at the clothes on that corpse! Although it is broken, it seems to be a disciple of the Divine Sect of Beixiao thousands of years ago!"

"Look at the one over there, that seems to be the ancient sage who was most likely to impact the realm of the emperor a hundred years ago! The son of wheel law!"

"The one over there is the reincarnation Taoist of Reincarnation Sect!"

"Which is the Tianji old man of the Dayan Magic Shenzong!"

"Why did they all come alive?! This is impossible! Could it be that they were resurrected by the black energy of the nine gods, Ye Wuyue?!"


All the monks were shocked, looking at the sudden resurrection of all the power that had passed away, and the shadow disappeared in the long river of time, with a look of horror!

They knew they weren't the opponents of these people, so they had already left in an instant, and didn't dare to stay at all, for fear of fighting against these once superpowers!

Although they are dead, their prestige is still resounding in the whole world!

Just this once prestigious name makes all the monks unable to raise the battle spirit!


In the sky, the nine gods, Ye Wuyue, squinted at Chen Feng, and said, "Now, don't you put me in your eyes?"

"I have the strongest mission system now, and now I have a god, and become the new dark god, the first **** in this world! You, in my eyes, are already an ant, and you can erase it at will. Chen Feng..."

The nine gods Ye Wuyue talked endlessly, but before the words were finished, Chen Feng interrupted the nine gods Ye Wuyue with a smile, and said: "It's really noisy. Words? I thought I had enough words in the fight, which would affect the effect of the battle. Now you have more words than me. You can't delay time without a bottom line, right?"

Chen Feng said with a smile, stunned Ye Wuyue listening!

But the next moment, Chen Feng said coldly: "However, I still haven't put you in my eyes!"

With that, Chen Feng suddenly appeared in his hands!

That is a fiery red spar!

This spar is transparent, and there seems to be a flame burning inside. In other words, this spar gives people a feeling of flame!


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