"Huh? Didn't I fall to death for saving someone? But now I...Where am I?"

Chen Feng opened his eyes and saw that he was lying on a piece of green grass. The gentle wind blew on his face and body, making him feel cool.


The place where the host is now is the fantasy world, within the Baiyun City of the Fire Yuan Kingdom of Xuanyuan Continent, there is a place called Yan Beast Plain!

"Damn! What?!"

Chen Feng suddenly panicked when he heard the sudden sound in his mind!

"What are you?!" Chen Feng asked.


This system is an infinite skill plus point system, an auxiliary system to help the protagonist become the strongest in the world!

"Auxiliary system? Infinite skill plus point system?"

Chen Feng muttered, but his eyes became brighter, and finally he slapped his thigh!

"Oh! It hurts..."

Chen Feng cried out in pain, but the next moment he changed into an expression of ecstasy.

"Oh my God! I, Chen Feng, can also be reincarnated, and have a system. With the memory of my previous life, I will definitely be the strongest in the world in this life!"


Congratulations to the host, comprehend skill: Paiyun Palm!

Cloud Pai: The palm of the hand can blow up the mountains and the sea, and destroy everything!

Paiyun Palm: The current level is 1/10, do you add points to the full level?



In front of Chen Feng, an illusory green "color" data light screen appeared. Chen Feng opened his mouth in surprise and said: "This...I choose yes!"


Cloud Palm has been upgraded to full level, current skill Cloud Palm Level: 10/10.


so perfect!

With this infinite skill plus point system, I will definitely be able to marry Bai Fumei, become the ceo, and rise to the pinnacle of life!


Just as Chen Feng was thinking about his own future, a grieving wolf howl sounded behind Chen Feng, which instantly surprised Chen Feng!

Chen Feng looked behind him, and saw that it was a giant wolf with his "hair" beating like flames!

auzw.com This wolf is a head taller than Chen Feng, with a sturdy body, a pair of wolf claws like bayonets, shining with sharp cold light!

Chen Feng could imagine that if he was given such a claw by a giant wolf, then he would definitely die here, turning into a giant wolf's mouthful!

Chen Feng looked at the giant wolf in a daze, and his eyes were a little erratic.

As if discovering the fear in Chen Feng's heart, the giant wolf suddenly roared in a low voice and at the same time walked slowly towards Chen Feng!

Chen Feng would be scared to death at this moment. As a 21st century human on earth, a vicious dog could kill a human, not to mention the flame-like giant wolf in front of him now!

For a while, Chen Feng could no longer think, and subconsciously accepted his fate and closed his eyes!


A monster in the fantasy world: the flame beast fire wolf is detected.

"Yeah! I have a system, what am I afraid of it doing?!"

Thinking of the existence of the system, the fear in Chen Feng's eyes suddenly disappeared, and his consciousness was restored to clarity!

"I have the system and the skills at hand, what else am I afraid of?"

Chen Feng raised a sneer at the corner of his mouth, and looked at the Yan Beast Fire Wolf coldly!

The Flame Beast Fire Wolf felt that the human aura in front of him had turned upside down, he no longer hesitated, and directly turned into a phantom and rushed towards Chen Feng at a terrifying speed!

Chen Feng's expression was horrified. The terrifying speed of the Flame Beast Fire Wolf made him jump with fear, and he jumped to the side almost instinctively, but there was still a bleeding wound on his shoulder, and Chen Feng gritted his teeth in pain. !

At this moment, the sound of the system sounded again!


Acquired skills: dodge.

Dodge: Can avoid all attacks.

Dodge rating: 1/10.

Do you add points to the full level?



Hearing the skill of dodge, Chen Feng immediately looked in ecstasy, and frantically urged: "Yes, yes-upgrade!"


The skill dodge has been upgraded to full level!

Current skill evasion level: 10/10.

At this moment, the Flame Beast Fire Wolf turned around, and the second attack rushed towards Chen Feng like lightning. Chen Feng seemed to have predicted the attack of the Flame Beast Fire Wolf, and his feet moved slightly to the left. The wolf pounced, and Chen Feng was intact!

The next moment, the flame beast fire wolf howl of anger, directly turned into red lights and rushed towards Chen Feng frantically. Chen Feng moved slightly calmly and calmly, and the flame beast fire wolf kept rushing into the air. Chen Feng's heart was already Happy blooming!

Skill dodge, dodge all attacks.

Such a powerful skill is no exaggeration even if it is a magical skill!

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