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Unlimited Upgrade System

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Novel Summary

The system is in hand, I have the world!

Dodging, get dodge skills, reach full level, dodge all attacks!

Throw a stone, gain throwing skills, reach the full level, and everything in the world can be used as a weapon!

Learn martial arts, obtain the fire dragon fist skills, reach the full level, and crush the flame avenue, and the Vulcan will bow down!

Inadvertently teasing my sister, gaining the love saint skills, and reaching the full level, the world is my sister!

I am the protagonist and I am the most hanging-I am Chen Feng, I add some system endorsements for infinite skills!

- Description from MTL


Short Title:UUS
Alternate Title:无限技能加点系统
Author:Cha Yi Bu Cheng Shen
Type:Web Novel
Weekly Rank:#8
Monthly Rank:#17
All Time Rank:#401
Tags:Harem, Overpowered Protagonist, System,
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18 thoughts on “Unlimited Upgrade System
  1. This mf original body was kicked put of his clan after becoming useless because abolished his cultivation. Now the mc still wants too fucking join that clan? BIG DROP

  2. Boss don’t add this kind of novel…try to add(Marvel,douluo dalu,anime cross over,Against the god,Dxd) fanfiction novel…it help us spent more time…if you add this kind of novel we fans will be very grateful 🙂🙂🙂

  3. @MTLNovel hello can you also post Super Naruto System’s Rapid Upgrading? This is from babelnovel site which is already translated but sadly it needs a certain amount of cash which most of us don’t have. I’m sorry I don’t jave the raw link of the origibal novel

    1. If available, we use the name used by other site rather than using the literal translation of the raw name. In this case, this novel is named Unlimited Upgrade System on other site, so we use that name here too.

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