"This elder is going to kill not only the two of you, but also those of Ling Qiu. This elder also kills them! This is the price you paid for playing with fire!" Du Jin was angry. At this time, how could he pay? What bitter master is in charge.

Even in Su Zhen's opinion, even if the bitter old man is here today, Du Jin will definitely kill frantically.

For a long time, Su Zhen always fights the enemy.

There has never been any retreat, even in the immortal world and the heavenly court, when the Eightfold Immortal King of the Tongxian clan fought against him, he had never counseled.

This is him, and his character has always been like this.

But this doesn't mean it's straight, it doesn't mean it's out of mind.

Sometimes, when it is time to avoid war, we must avoid war.

It's like now.

Even if he fights nine lives, he may not be able to achieve any results.

Moreover, he chased here, not for the elder of the Demon Tower, but to save people!

Immediately, Su Zhen turned around and ran, and his body quickly disappeared into the sky, leaving behind afterimages.

Du Jin would not let go, even if he caught up.

In the blink of an eye, Du Jin had been led by Su Zhen for a thousand miles.

The situation on Xueyan's side went very smoothly. The two triple realm demon kings quickly suppressed and killed the elder of the Tianwai Demon Tower.

Xue Yan didn't hesitate, and directly accepted the elder's spirit and put it into the soul container.

"What are you doing?" Ling Qiu asked with some puzzlement when she saw Xue Yan's move.

According to normal circumstances, shouldn't the elder's spirit be destroyed directly? Why did Xue Yan directly collect the soul of the elder?

"The promotion conditions in the sect." Xue Yan smiled at Ling Qiu.

"Just what Su Zhen said, fifty disciples, one elder?" Ling Qiu said in surprise.

"Now the most difficult one has been solved." Xue Yan said with a smile. She didn't expect that she had only completed the most difficult task after only a few days from coming out of the sect.

This somewhat loosened Xue Yan's heart.

But after only a few words, the two women became nervous.

Su Zhen had already led away another stronger elder of the Heavenly Outer Demon Tower.

But they didn't know what was going on right now, or even where Su Zhen had gone now. Even if they wanted to help him, it was of no avail.

"Little fox, I'd like to ask you, did you like that kid?" Xue Yan looked at Ling Qiu curiously. The worry in his eyes could not be erased. of.

No matter who is here, you can see the affection in Ling Qiu's eyes.

"Wh...what? What nonsense are you talking about?" Ling Qiu didn't expect Xue Yan's topic to jump so fast, it made her a little unacceptable for a while, her pretty face blushed, and she looked at Xue Yan annoyingly. "Why am I talking nonsense? What do you think in your heart, don't you know?" Xue Yan raised her eyebrows and said, "Su Zhen, you don't have to worry about it. We have already said it before we act. If he can The words of the elder of Tianwai Molou,

Let us leave here first. "

"It's best to enlighten the Taoist temple, he said he will go to that place to find us later."

When Ling Qiu heard the words, he had to nod his head.

After all, Su Zhen ran too fast just now, and didn't pay attention to where he was going.

However, just as Xue Yan said, it seems that only the Taoist Temple is the safest place.

Although it was destroyed before, if you want to rebuild, it is not a problem, and it will be built soon.

The most important thing was that Ling Qiu didn't know whether Su Zhen could return safely.

The more he thought about it, the more nervous Ling Qiu became.

"Ling Qiu, we really have to leave at this time. No one knows what traps the Tianwai Devil Building will place around here." Xue Yan said to Ling Qiu immediately.

Ling Qiu really couldn't help it. She hadn't seen Su Zhen come back for a long time, and she knew that if she continued to wait like this, there might be other problems.

"Okay, let's go to the Taoist Temple first!" No way, Ling Qiu now has to take care of not only Su Zhen and the others, but also Xiao Wu Xiaotao.

Recently, these two little nizis have been troubled.

Immediately, Ling Qiu and the others stopped hesitating and left quickly.

At the same time, Su Zhen no longer knew how many miles he had rushed, and at this time, he still did not stop.

After all, there is a strong man behind the four-level demon king.

If you stop at this time, you will undoubtedly seek a dead end.

In terms of time, Xue Yan and Ling Qiu should have already left at this time, and they don't need to hold on for that long, anyway, he just needs to draw people out.

But just when Su Zhen was thinking of a way to leave, a muffled thunder fell from the sky in a sudden, and all fell on Su Zhen, pressing his body in the air down.

"Damn, didn't I just run? As for using lightning to strike me?" Su Zhen suddenly felt numb all over his body, and his speed instantly slowed down.

"Boy, I said, you can't live." Just as Su Zhen slowed down, Du Jin caught up again.

Su Zhen squinted his eyes and secretly spread the aura from his body.

"It's not your decision." Su Zhen wanted to continue to escape, and Du Jin would look back.

"You should have forgotten it? You are far away from here, but you are still holding a few people. You are not afraid that they all ran away?" Su Zhen raised his eyebrows.

Immediately, Du Jin waved his hand and said coldly: "You don't have to tell me so much. It doesn't matter if Ling Qiu ran away today. I am more interested at this moment. It is you who want to kill you."

Su Zhen narrowed his eyes, secretly urging his breath. "You don't have to do so much useless work, it's useless, you can't escape from my palm!" Du Jin's business is getting bigger and bigger, and after the last three words "palm" are said, there is a turbulent breath , Su Zhen was enveloped in an instant, let

He has nowhere to escape.

"I want to see, how are you going to run!" Du Jin shouted coldly. Su Zhen’s face instantly became difficult to look, and he felt that his breathing began to become difficult. Around his body, it was as if there were hundreds of thousands of kilograms of gravity squeezing himself in the middle, this feeling. , Really uncomfortable


Most importantly, he can't go!

All roads have been completely closed, and if he wants to get out, there is only one way.

That is to defeat Du Jin's control of everything. "Die to this elder!" Du Jin shouted, beams of light fell from the sky.

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