Yun Chu squinted and stared at the brachiopod monster, and asked, "Why would you lose vitality by staying in the sea?"

The brachiopod monster is silent, it is also a beast with a bone. Although the body is contracted, the soul belongs to it.

It guarantees with its own beast, and will never utter a word to the demon head.

Yun Chu sneered when he saw it, sneer: "Little reptile, please let me be smarter, don't you?"

Yun Chuyu said, with a sense of consciousness, the brachiopod monster rolled with pain.

After a few hundred breaths, a sharp shout sounded in Yun Chuyun's consciousness: "I said, I said, can I say it ?!"

Yun Chuyi poked his mouth and thought it was a hard bone, but he didn't expect it to be a bag.

But also, this thing is boneless at first glance.

The brachiopod monster has obviously abandoned what kind of bones and morals, etc., and its current beastly belief has been changed to ...

"I don't know the reason, I swear, I really don't know.

You also saw that I do n’t know how to water. I did n’t even dare to go down to the sea. How could I know why it would lose vitality? !! "The brachiopod monster vowed.

Yun Chuyu has been staring at the eyes above his wrists and feet. Although this thing has twelve eyes, the eyes are synchronized, only one eye is needed.

These eyes of the brachiopod monster actually have charm, but it has been tried in the Xuehan cave before. This thing is useless to Yun Chuyu, so it did not try to die.

Yun Chu saw that he had no guilty conscience in his eyes, and guessed that he should not lie.

Yun Chuyi asked again, "Then I ask you, where is the graveyard of the Yun family of the Holy Mountain? Where are the reunited spirits?"

The twelve big eyes of the brachiopod monster suddenly showed a confused look: "What are you talking about? I ca n’t understand? Graveyard? How could such a noble species live in the graveyard ?!

Don't say it's gone, even if I have it flat!

What is the spirit of reunion? Will the spirits disappear if they disappear? How can they reunite? Do you tease me? "

Yun Chuyu initially thought that the brachiopod monster was pretending to be confused, but he was frightened, but saw that it was not like lying.

Yun Chu is now in the real circle!

"Little reptile, are you sure that there is no graveyard here or outside? There is no soul of the person who died in the sacred mountain Yun family?"

The brachiopod monster was afraid that Yun Chuyu would torture it again, holding twelve brachiopods and vowing, "I really don't! If I lie, I will drown me in the sea!"

Yun Chu saw that he had made such a poisonous oath, and felt that it was impossible to lie.

Then there is only one possibility left, the boots are lying!

Yun Chuyu almost died of anger!

good very good!

She was pitted all day long, never expecting to be pitted by boots fine this time!

No wonder it looks like it has a lot of thoughts all day, it turned out to lie to her!

Yun Chu regretted being unable to return to the railing Xuexie immediately to clean up his boots, but since he is here, he can't come here for nothing.

She stared at the brachiopod monster and said, "Let's talk, how did you come from here? Why are you here?"

The brachiopod monster said a little stingly: "Speaking of which you may not believe, I don't know how I came from. I don't remember anything except eating, drinking, and sleeping."

Yun Chuyi sneered: "You lie!"

The brachiopod monster stunned immediately: "You, how do you know?"

(End of this chapter)

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