Chapter 8428: Tired

When the dog's tail saw the vine, he was still doubtful, and continued to "speak":

"Furthermore, even the idiots of the Hai clan who have been sold by the unscrupulous little girl have to help count the money. You can't control it.

I advise you to think more about your own affairs, how many leaves are longer than anything, look at your ugly look now, I feel spicy eyes when I look ... "

The words behind the grass of the dog's tail did not "speak", because the goods were again pumped into the sea by the small vine.

When the grass of the dog's tail emerged from the sea, the vines had flew back to the cabin.

The dog's tail shook the leaves and shook the leaves.

It ’s all out of good intentions, it ’s a clown, so you have to think about it and think about it, are you tired? !!

Look at it, the male Cao Xiong is more comfortable, eats, drinks, and plays every day. There is no need to consider anything other than the throne of the First Spirit Pet.

It used to be, there is a little mushroom sister, and now it has been cut off. It is now full of grass and the family is not hungry.

Forget it, since you do n’t appreciate it, you have the right to say nothing.

Don't look at the small vines and dogtail grass so much toss, Yun Chuan and Yun Qianli in the cabin know nothing.

At one point, the small vine and the dog's tail grass were quarreling silently, even if the dog's tail grass fell into the sea, there was nothing moving.

Two or two people were really tired and they slept heavily.

Yun Chuyu was relaxed because of the dog's tail grass alert.

But Yun Qianli's situation is a bit abnormal.

It stands to reason that she should not be so careless and should take turns to warn, but if she doesn't know why, she feels very sleepy and falls asleep before she can say anything.

When Yun Chuyu woke up, he found that Yun Qianli was still asleep.

She didn't take it seriously at first, but later found something wrong.

Because she found that Yun Qianli's vitality was slowly flowing away.

Yun Chu was startled, no wonder the brachiopod monster did not dare to go down to the sea. It turned out that if the sea was inside, vitality would be lost.

It is estimated that it was on the ship, and the situation of Yun Qianli was not so serious. Otherwise, it would not only be slowly lost, but it might be killed soon.

Yun Chuyu didn't feel any discomfort himself, this product has become accustomed to his special constitution, but he didn't care much about it.

She was suddenly surprised, and hurriedly went to the situation of the little silver snake, seeing nothing unusual about him, then she breathed a sigh of relief.

She frowned. What should I do now?

If you don't land a bit earlier, it is estimated that Yun Qianli will have to die. It doesn't matter if she is dead, mainly because she is worried that the clue will be interrupted and there is no way to find the person behind her.

But going ashore, the brachiopod monster looked at it with great embarrassment, and it was very difficult.

Yun Chuyu thought about it and decided to try it out.

So she took a boat near the shore.

The brachiopod monster was still guarding in place, and it was estimated that the two of Yun Chuyu would return.

Yun Chuyu wasn't sure if the seawater could make people lose their vitality, or if there was something strange on the bottom of the sea, so he released the big flower and let it pour the water on the brachiopod monsters.

The brachiopod monsters did not hide, and the twelve eyes showed ridicule.

Yun Chu was stunned. It seems that the problem is not the seawater, but the seabed.

When Yun Chuyu was pondering the next step, he never expected that the big flower would pounce on the brachiopod monster, and he bit it on a brachiopod.

Yun Chuyu: "..."

Suddenly she remembered something. She seemed to haven't fed Dahua for a long time ...

Continue in the evening, in the new January, remember to cast a monthly ticket, what?

(End of this chapter)

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