Yun Chuyu still secretly issued a dog tail grass alert, but she went to the cabin and slept.

The dog's tail grass rarely disappeared. The cargo "sit" on the side of the ship, and "looking" at the seawater below is a little thoughtful.

It felt vaguely that some memories were about to recover, but it couldn't remember anything when thinking about it.

It seems that after going out, the black-hearted little girl must get the stone father and mother in the claw dragon stone, perhaps after absorbing the energy inside, it can completely remember.

When the grass of the dog's tail was serious, small vines flew out of the cabin.

When the dog tail grass saw the small vine, the spirit immediately came. The whole grass was full of fighting spirit, and began to draw a gesture to the small vine.

So the two started a quarrel, which was called fierce!

Strange to say, these two are clearly verbal, and they can't make any sounds, they can understand each other's meaning, and they are very noisy.

In the end, the terrible victory of the dogtail grass.

The reason why it is said to be a fierce victory is that although the dog tail grass won the quarrel, it was pumped into the sea by a small vine.

The dog's tail grass could not help but slandered in his heart. The so-called gentleman couldn't do anything. The clown was noisy.

It seems that sincerity does not deceive me, it really is difficult to raise a villain and a man!

The little vine naturally did not know the idea in the heart of the goods, otherwise it might be pumped into the water.

The dog's tail grass climbed back to the ship's side, and it seemed a little depressed to see the small vines entangled in the ship's railings.

It knows the true identity of the little vine, so it knows about it, and knows what it is tangled with.

It ran to the small vine and started to draw, presumably meaning: "What do you have to tangled ?! Now that your subject has recognized the Lord, what use do you have to twist?

It ’s not that I say you, you do n’t want to think about it, why did you only have one leaf before, and since the little girl who followed the black heart has grown two more leaves?

Explain that she is your nobleman!

You might as well recognise the Lord with joy, maybe not only how long the leaves can grow, but also flowers! "

The little vine did not hide it, "said" his mind: "I am a dignified sea god, how can I recognize a little ant as the master ?!"

Furthermore, although the little cubs of the Hai tribe are stupid one by one, anyhow, they have worshipped me for so many years, and I can't be sorry for them. "

The dog's tail grass sniffed immediately: "How many gods are you in the sea ?! Do you know me? I'm a unique Geshi Cao Xiong, what's wrong now? Don't you call them grandma ?!

I said to you, this so-called time keeper is Junjie, have you not found it? Tian Lei can't stab her, and she has Dan Tian who can tear through the void. What does this mean? Explain that she has a lot to do, and follow her must be right!

Besides, do you also see that evil star? Although I haven't remembered his identity yet, but I told you that the evil star is definitely a terrible and terrifying figure. Don't anger him, or it will be miserable or miserable. "

Little Vines was bewildered: "What are you talking about? The two of them are so powerful? How can I see that they are two weak chickens now?"

The dog's tail trembled and shook the leaves: "Of course it is true! I wouldn't bother mentioning you if it wasn't for you and me who were barely considered similar."

(End of this chapter)

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