Yun Qianli hesitated a bit: "Here, the sea is no better than the land, in case there are powerful sea beasts in it, we may not be able to deal with it."

Yun Chu said heartily, a powerful sea beast? There are crystal phages, red-spotted seals and six six-fin flying fishes in her sack. Is it almost fish-like in the sea? !! "

No matter how bad it is, there are little vines!

At this moment, a hissing sound came from a distance. The two looked back, and saw that the brachiopod monster was crawling quickly towards this side.

Yun Chuyu immediately ran towards the sea below, and Yun Qianli couldn't care less about the sea beasts and the sea beasts, followed closely behind.

As soon as they jumped into the sea, the brachiopod monster arrived.

Yun Chuyu waved his claws at the brachiopod monster in the sea: "Hey, little reptile, here I am, come here!"

Yun Qianli stared at her fiercely, and said to his heart that the brachiopod monster might have been a sea beast. If you provoked it like this, wouldn't you kill him? !!

Where does she know that Yun Chu can't wait for the brachiopod monster to jump into the sea, so she can release the crystal phage to pack it.

To their surprise, the brachiopod monster did not approach the sea despite hissing and roaring.

Yun Chuyu and Yun Qianli looked at each other, this thing dare not go to sea?

This time you can destroy the black heart nine to the bull!

"Small reptile, do you dare not come down? Well, look at your stupidity, even if you grow bigger, it is still a waste!"

"I still want my aunt to play with you for broken wrists? Hey! Don't use your twelve dog eyes to see, is your aunt really messed up ?!"

"It's not that I scare you. I can grow bigger and smaller at any time, and I'll get bigger when I'm busy with my business!"


The brachiopod monster was beating the ground with anger, and the regretful bowel was green!

Knowing this, when the devil's head was teleported in, it should shoot her dead.

It was enough for Yun Chu to talk, and then he said to Yun Qianli, "Are you waiting for me here, or do you dive into the sea with me?"

Yun Qianli hesitated for a while, but decided to follow Yun Chuyu, after all, a person really has some bottoms.

The two immediately dived into the bottom of the sea, and Yun Chuyu did not avoid the fact that she had water beads, because she knew that both the Longling Emperor's Family and the Sacred Mountain Cloud Family had water beads. Although this thing was rare, one was not What an earth-shattering event.

Sure enough, she saw Yun Qianli move freely in the water, apparently avoiding drops of water.

The two sneaked into the bottom of the sea, and were surprised to find that there was nothing but sand and sand below. There were neither water plants or anything like fish, shrimp, or sea beasts, as if dead.

The two were reconciled and swam a few miles further, but were blocked by an invisible barrier.

The two tried a few ways without breaking the enchantment, and they were discouraged.

Yun Qianli frowned, "It seems that there is no way to get out of the sea, we can only leave from land.

Furthermore, the grave of the deceased's Yun family should also be on land, so we have to find a way to deal with that brachiopod monster. "

Yun Chuyu was also worried, and the brachiopod monster now hated her, I'm afraid it's not good enough.

However, this cargo was larger than Yun Qian's centrifugal, took a big ship out of the storage ring, and then said to Yun Qian Li:

"Don't worry about that much, let's sleep on the boat before talking."

Yun Qianli was also very sleepy. Anyway, the brachiopod monster didn't dare to go down to the sea, and it was okay to take a rest, so he boarded the ship.

(End of this chapter)

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