. . . .

Wow--Wow ... "

There was heavy rain outside the window. A drop of crystal-filled raindrops was like a naughty child, sliding a slide on the roof, swinging on the treetops, and hide and seek among the green leaves ...

"Wow la la ..."

The rain outside has been falling. In short, it makes people feel a little unhappy.

"What day is it?"

Frowning, Chu Yueyue looked out of the window, particularly irritable.

After she was discharged from the hospital, it rained all the time. In short, she didn't see the sunny day. Of course, there would be times when the rain stopped.

If you can't see the sunny day of the sun, is it called sunny day? !

Chu Yueyue was sitting in a chair, looking out of the window, thinking with anger.

"Ling Lingling ..."

The ringtone of the phone was crisp and knocked on his ears, making Chu Yueyue's spirit instantly sober, and then immediately answered the phone.

Seeing the phone number above, Chu Yueyue's heart jumped up again, and then answered the phone.


"Is it Chu Yueyue?"

At the end of the phone, there was a man with a very magnetic voice and a very attractive voice.

"it's me……"

Chu Yueyue forcibly suppressed his restless heart, and then said: "Teacher, what's wrong?"

"what happened?"

The voice over the phone was very speechless and said, "Why didn't you have class today?"

"Take class today ..."

Chu Yueyue touched his head, do you have class today? She remembers having a holiday today.

"Holiday? Are you dreaming?"

The teacher over there was a little angry, and said to Chu Yueyue: "Now! Immediately! Go to school! Hurry up !!!"


Chu Yueyue immediately said to the teacher on the other end of the phone, and then anxiously waited for the exam to hang up, before he was relieved.

"It's over !!"

The teacher must have a very bad impression of himself! !

Chu Yueyue wandered around in a hurry, how could he have such a low-level mistake! !

Thousands of calculations, not counting the wrong time ...

If this event causes all your image in the teacher's mind to be destroyed, then you will give up all your efforts.


Finally, Chu Yueyue sighed, and immediately stood up, but the moment she stood up, Chu Yueyue felt a strong sense of dizziness.

As if the world has become very vain ...

"Cough ..."

Chu Yueyue couldn't help coughing twice, and sat down again, slowly felt the dizziness slowly slowed down.

"what happened……"

Chu Yueyue squeezed his temple, how could he suddenly feel so dizzy? Is your blood pressure low?

After sitting in a chair for a while, Chu Yueyue reacted.

not good! Am I going to be late! ! !

Looking up at the clock on the wall, he found that it was more than nine o'clock.

Ruined! ! It's already this time, and the second class is over ...

Chu Yueyue stood up immediately, although she still felt a little dizzy, but she couldn't control that much.

Find your school uniform from the closet, change clothes in a hurry, and then run downstairs while changing clothes.


Her mother was tidying up the house and heard "crackling" upstairs. She pushed her glasses a little impatiently and saw her daughter running down holding her school uniform.

"Why are you going?"

Her mother stopped her immediately and looked at her in a hurry, as if she was about to reincarnate.

"Go to school! All late!"

Chu Yueyue looked at her mother angrily and said, "Why don't you call me?"

"Are you embarrassed to say? Don't you remember when you went to school?"

Chu Yueyue's mother put down the mop in her hand, looked at Chu Yueyue, and said seriously: "If you are late, there is a big factor in your body."

"Forget it, don't tell you ..."

Chu Yueyue picked up a glass of water on the table, drank it all in, and ran away.

"Get me dressed! The girl's house! What does it look like!"

Her mother shouted behind Chu Yueyue, and did not know whether Chu Yueyue heard it or not.

However, even if Chu Yueyue heard it, I'm afraid he wouldn't care, because now the point is, hurry to school!

Fortunately, he took an umbrella and blocked the rain with it, and quickly ran to the station.

When I got to the station, I just found a place to sit down. Because it was raining, there was no one at the station. Chu Yueyue estimated the time.

It's really bad ... It was still raining heavily, and the cold wind blowing constantly around it made Chu Yueyue unable to resist a chill ...

"Huh ..."

Without waiting for how long Chu Yueyue waited, the bus arrived, and Chu Yueyue immediately ran up and found that not many people were on the bus.

Chu Yueyue breathed a sigh of relief. From the corners of his body, he took out a crumpled dollar, stuffed it into the currency box, and found a place to sit down.


Chu Yueyue slowly breathed a sigh of relief. He didn't expect the car to arrive so early, so he should have arrived at the school a little faster.


Because it was a bit cold outside, the glass was covered with a thin mist. Chu Yueyue held out his little palm and slowly rubbed the glass, making a harsh noise.

The glass was cold and cold, and the moment the hand touched the glass, the coolness followed the palm and climbed onto Chu Yueyue's body.

Chu Yueyue slowly wiped the glass. Soon, the glass Chu Yueyue wiped out a large "notch".

Along the "notch", Chu Yueyue looked at the drizzle outside, some people were in a hurry, maybe they were just passing by.

The raindrops slowly slipped from the window, covering Chu Yueyue's sight, and the rain outside became bigger.


Chu Yueyue ’s school is Gaoyang Girls ’High School, a girl ’s high school in Goyang City. It ’s not that outstanding, but here is the only girl high school in Goyang City, with many beautiful women.

As for the environment, the quality of teaching is quite satisfactory. I ca n’t say how bad it is, but it ’s definitely not good. After all, Zhuyu, a high school affiliated with Gaoyang University, is ahead.

But what is interesting is that the doorman in this place is an old man with good eyes, so he became a doorman and was also a teacher of this school.

He was particularly harsh, so when he was a guard, there was no accident.

These accidents are very strange. For example, there is a very funny thing. There was a man who was dressed as a girl and wanted to mix in. When he went to the toilet, he was secretly caught in the corner of the wall and was caught by the old man.

Wearing a school uniform for women's high school, he went to the toilet under his eyelids. This incident also gained fame for the Gaoyang City Girls' High School. After all, this thing is very strange, and it was also in the morning news.

This is an example, this matter is not to say how strict Gaoyang female high, but how many boys this female high want to mix in ...


Damn it--

Chu Yueyue is now next to the guard house, begging the guard uncle, but at this time, unless it is a student, even girls are not allowed to enter.

This girl's high school is very strange. Except for girls, they are not allowed to enter. Even the male teacher of this school is not allowed to enter without a certificate.

Someone once said ironically that the dogs here are probably male ...

What made Chu Yueyue really angry was that the guard knew him clearly, but he didn't let himself in.

What must be said must have a student ID!

However, Chu Yueyue, who ran out of flames, just left her student ID at home, otherwise she could not go in.

"I beg you! This time."

Chu Yueyue begged pitifully, with a pitiful expression, matching her own posture, not bad. If the guard's uncle was hard-hearted, I might let her pass.


The doorman uncle turned his mind and said to Chu Yueyue very decisively: "The rules are the rules! No, no!"


Chu Yueyue is really angry, what to do now! If I do n’t go to school again, the teacher ’s impression of myself may become worse.


At this time, Chu Yueyue was stunned. She even saw that the teacher she admired came out to pick him up.

This teacher is not handsome, can only be called a handsome, but it gives a very comfortable feeling, the most important thing is that he is not very young, in his early twenties, should have just graduated from university.

He didn't wear a suit like the teachers, but in ordinary casual clothes. In this rainy day, he didn't even wear a coat, just holding an umbrella.

Are you worried about yourself and come to pick her up?

Chu Yueyue looked at the teacher, thinking a little bit about it. When she saw that the teacher had come to her, she recovered and immediately wiped her mouth.

"Uncle, let her in ..."

At this time, the teacher walked directly to the doorman and said: "Anyway, she is a student of this school."

"No one is allowed to come in without student ID."

The guard looked at the teacher, then refused decisively, and then said to the teacher seriously: "Ms. Jiang, I know you are a new teacher, so I don't care about these things. In short, the rules are the rules."

"Student card……"

After glancing at Chu Yueyue, the latter immediately whispered, "I accidentally left home."

"Leave home?"

The teacher Jiang looked at Chu Yueyue with a smile, and then took out a student ID from his body. The photo above turned out to be Chu Yueyue, and the name was also Chu Yueyue.

"Teacher ... this ..."

Chu Yueyue looked at the student ID card in Mr. Jiang's hand in surprise, and then said, "Why is my student ID card in the teacher's hand?"

"Land at school ..."

Teacher Jiang gave Chu Yueyue a helpless look, and then scratched her head in embarrassment.

Really! What a shame! ! !

"Excuse me ... can I go in now?"

Teacher Jiang asked with a polite smile, looking at the uncle.


The doorman made a careful comparison. Although it was pretending, he nodded and said, "Come in."

With that said, the doorman opened the door, and Chu Yueyue came in and looked at Teacher Jiang.

"Then let's go first."

Teacher Jiang smiled at the guard, then walked in front, and Chu Yueyue immediately followed.

"Teacher ... I'm sorry, I have to trouble you in such a cold day ..."

Chu Yueyue looked at Mr. Jiang's whole body up and down very embarrassedly, and came to pick himself up without clothes.

"It's okay ..."

Teacher Jiang did not care much about his own affairs, but first entered the teaching building with Chu Yueyue. After all, the rain outside was getting bigger and bigger.

"That, teacher, how do you know my phone number?"

The two went up the stairs, and Teacher Jiang was very silent. Chu Yueyue could not miss the opportunity to get closer, and immediately said, "Who told the teacher?"

"Well, your little boyfriend."

Nodded, Teacher Jiang didn't deny it and said to her directly: "Although you are about to graduate, the teacher still needs to remind you that early love is not good."

"Little boyfriend?"

Chu Yueyue was stunned. When did he have a boyfriend? After thinking about it, it seemed that only the child of the principal's house, Li Ziyu, the crown prince, had always said that he was his girlfriend or something, and he was too lazy to take care of it. he.

"Teacher, don't get me wrong, I ..."

Chu Yueyue is now anxious, how can the teacher misunderstand that he has a boyfriend! ! Isn't there no chance for myself?

"Nothing, the teacher is not stubborn, just don't be so high-profile ..."

Teacher Jiang said, shaking his head, as if mocking himself, saying: "Old and old, so old soon ..."

What is old? Teacher Jiang is only 4 years older than Chu Yueyue ...

"Teacher, we really don't even have that! It's that person who has been pestering me forever !! I'm just too lazy to care for him !!"

Chu Yueyue used a very serious tone ~ www.mtlnovel.com ~ said to Teacher Jiang.


Teacher Jiang took a slight pause, glanced at Chu Yueyue, and found that her expression did not seem to be lying. She was silent for a while, and then walked to the office, opened the office, and said, "If you have something to say, let's talk to the office."

Chu Yueyue believed in Teacher Jiang and walked in with Teacher Jiang.

In the single room office, few teachers have such honors. This new teacher has one directly, which also proves his ability.

The offices are arranged by themselves. Many teachers arrange their offices beautifully, and they all have one thing in common, that is, they are clean.

But to Mr. Jiang, it was really clean. The table, chairs, books on the table, pens, drinking glasses, drinking fountains, windows, glass ...

It's just such a thing, I don't know that he is lazy and does not work.

Chu Yueyue looked at the office, and then glanced at the sign on the table, which read: Honorary Teacher, Jiang Qi


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