. . . .

"You have a good rest first ..."

Before Jiang Qi opened the door, he left a word to Jiang Xiaoqi, then closed the door with a smile.

"Click ..."

After closing the door, Jiang Qi looked at his Palagie's shield, the light of the gem above still flashing, but slowly weakened.

"Xiaoqi, what the **** ..."

Jiang Qi looked at the door of the ward, took a deep breath, and then went out.

The promenade of the hospital was very quiet. Walking to the nurse on duty, Jiang Qi smiled and said to the dozing nurse, "Can you help me look at a patient?"


The nurse slowly recovered, looked at Jiang Qi in surprise, and then smiled and asked, "Who is this person?"

"Jiang Xiaoqi."

Jiang Qi smiled and said to the nurse: "I have something to do with her. If she is not in good health, she will have to follow her. Finally, you can coax you well. You can help me look at her, don't let her run out, can you?


The nurse nodded with a smile, then asked, "Is that all?"

"Well, only these."

Jiang Qi smiled and nodded to the nurse, then immediately walked out of the hospital door.

The nurse glanced at Jiang Qi's back, sighed, and said, "It's a pity, a good cabbage ..."

If Jiang Qi heard this sentence, Bacheng would desperately fight with Jiang Qi.

"Jiang Xiaoqi ... Jiang Xiaoqi ..."

The nurse checked Jiang Xiaoqi's ward. When he found it, he yawned and continued to doze.


"Zi ..."

In the room, a trace of black gas slowly rose, Jiang Xiaoqi looked at his fingers, and a sweat dripped slowly from his head.

what is the problem?

What is this burning sensation? The feeling is not passed by Palaj's shield, but another kind of burning sensation, like the sun.

Ah ... the sun, I hate it ...

Speaking of the sun, Jiang Xiaoqi's face is almost full of that disgusting feeling, the sun or something, it is really too annoying.

However, you are also suspected? Jiang Xiaoqi bit her lip, Jiang Qi didn't pay attention to her expression, because she was so painful at that time.

However, Jiang Qi's strange tone was noticed by Jiang Xiaoqi.

Can I just leave first?

Thinking about it, Jiang Xiaoqi felt that it was only an option to leave for a while, otherwise, I am afraid that he would be seen through.

However, if you leave at this time, I'm afraid Jiang Qi will doubt himself even more?

"It's bad……"

I just shouldn't be greedy for the light on Jiang Qi. He said that Jiang Xiaoqi wiped the corner of his mouth. If it wasn't just that deadly burning sensation, he would definitely devour a lot of light power.

I just didn't expect that thing to recognize the Lord ... whatever I said, I was too careless ...

Jiang Xiaoqi thought, walked off the bed, then stood by the window, looked at the night scene outside, nodded slightly, and said, "It seems that night really loves the day and it is much more comfortable."


In the night raid base, Cheng Yu analyzed the data passed by Huang Ying and the liquid samples.

"how about it……"

Han Yi quickly walked to Cheng Yu's side. He had just completed his patrol mission and ran over. After all, this was Huang Ying asking for their help. Han Yi must be more concerned.

"This thing does not seem to exist on the earth, but among them, there seems to be someone's genetic composition ..."

Cheng Yu is also very strange. The situation this time is really not too simple. There seems to be something else in this liquid that they cannot find out.

"Then I will give it to you first ..."

Han Yi sighed helplessly and then patted Cheng Yu on the shoulder.

"And the unknown creature ..."

Cheng Yu thought of something like this, and suddenly said: "I have sent this thing to a professional department, I believe there will be results soon."

"You ... can't find it!"

Han Yi was surprised for a moment, and thought he had no problems.

"There is no time to check, and it can only be given to others."

Cheng Yu was also helpless when he spoke, and then transferred the picture out, saying: "This man was originally a teacher, but was suddenly killed for unknown reasons, we have not found any effective clues ...

"Motivation, purpose ..."

These things are not clear, they are like headless flies now.

"Dididi ..."

Suddenly, the base alarm sounded, and Cheng Yu immediately adjusted the picture.

"Is it Goyang again?"

Han Yi nodded toward Cheng Yu and immediately said, "Attack!"

As Han Yi's words fell, many players ran out with Han Yi, competing for time.

"So strong negative energy ..."

Cheng Yu looked at the undulating data on the detector. Although the intensity is not strong, but the fluctuation of energy, his quality is indeed too strong.


Cheng Yu looked directly at Gaoyang City. On the screen, the energy of Gaoyang City was accumulating and seemed to be forming an entity.

"It won't work like this ..."

With a frown, Cheng Yu immediately contacted the second team, because the second team was very close, but unfortunately the maximum stop loss.


"Bum ... **** ..."

The sirens of Gaoyang City suddenly sounded, and the ups and downs of the sound awakened many people in their sleep. They heard this familiar sound, but they froze for a moment, immediately dressed well and ran downstairs.

Many citizens are the same, especially skilled, and more orderly than before. At least no trampling accidents have occurred.

"... All citizens of Goyang City, please go to the safety zone immediately, please go to the safety zone immediately."

As the horn sounded, more citizens came out of the building.

"Miss Jiang Xiaoqi, leave quickly ..."

The nurse did not forget Jiang Qi's request, except for the patients in other wards, he ran to Jiang Xiaoqi's room.

"What are you looking at?"

When the nurse saw Jiang Xiaoqi lying on the window sill, she seemed to be staring at something, but she was stunned.

"The night is so beautiful ..."

Jiang Xiaoqi said meaningless words in his mouth, and the nurse said anxiously, "The monster is coming ..."

"Relax ... it's okay ..."

Jiang Xiaoqi looked out of the window and said something that made the nurse draw out.

"It's okay? What's okay?"

The nurse looked at Jiang Xiaoqi blankly and asked.


I'll be fine, but you guys, ask for blessings ...

Jiang Xiaoqi didn't speak, but his eyes clearly revealed what he wanted to express.

But because he is facing away from the nurse, the nurse has no hometown what he looks like.


"Huh Huh ..."

Finally, the energy in the sky above Goyang reached another level, and finally, it gradually solidified, gradually condensing a whole.

It was a very huge giant, with naked body, naked muscles, and arms that were thicker than his waist. His body was black, with no eyes, no nose and ears, only a mouth.

However, Jiang Qi noticed that there was someone on the chest of that huge body, yes. It's a person, a human ... Very young human, and with a little more detail, Jiang Qi can't see it ...

"so big……"

Some people who fled looked back and were stunned. This time they were much larger than the conventional monsters, and it was a hundred meters less.

Just when many people were shocked by the size of the monster, they suddenly flew out a light group and ran into that monster.

"Ah ... Silo Altman !!!"

The moment the light group appeared, the cheers of the audience were dedicated to him! ! Cerro Altman played.


Suddenly, Jiang Qi ran into the giant head-on, but it was only beaten back by two steps.


Jiang Qi immediately fell, looked up at the monster, and glanced at its chest again.

"this is--"

Jiang Qi was stunned. Wasn't that the kid he saw in the restaurant? How could he become like this-

The child was looking at Jiang Qi at the moment, with a smile on the corner of his mouth. It didn't seem to be unconscious or hostage, it was more like controlling the giant.


When Jiang Qi was stunned, the giant * saw this "small man", shouted at him, and then rushed over.

"Boom ..." d

Every step of the monster will have a very strong shock, Jiang Qi immediately met, saw the giant hit him, and immediately took two steps back.


The giant roared and raised his fist towards Jiang Qi's head. Jiang Qi immediately evaded, and his fist hit the ground, hitting a big pit.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Jiang Qi stepped on the giant's arm and punched the giant with a punch.

"Duang ..."

The power of this punch was not small, the giant fell down all at once, and then Jiang Qi kicked on the giant's back with one kick. The giant staggered and ran for two steps. He was about to hit the building and the giant immediately protected The human who lived on his chest.


The giant bumped into the building, then shook his head and stood up, yelling again at Jiang Qi.


Jiang Qi looked at the man in front of the giant's chest and pointed at him and asked, "Why should I do this! What are the benefits?"


He smiled tragically towards Jiang Qi and said, "Kill you !!!"



Siro had no hatred with him, but Jiang Qi had, he knew his identity ...


Jiang Qi looked at him and was really angry and asked, "Who made you look like this?"

"Why should I tell you ..."

A red light flashed in his eyes, looking at Jiang Qi, full of murderous.


At the same time, even when the night raid arrived at this place, they were shocked to see the giant.

"so big--"

A team member looked at the monster's size and shook his head. It was rare to see such a tall monster.

"Look, look at this monster's chest ..."

At this time, someone suddenly noticed the monster's chest, where there was a person.


A team member looked at the person and assumed it was a hostage.

"I'm afraid not……"

Han Yi shook his head. This man's eyes were full of murderous eyes when looking at Siro. I'm afraid ... he manipulated the monster.

"Hahaha ... why, you are scared ..."

He didn't want to bother about the little bug next to him. He looked at Jiang Qi and laughed arrogantly, saying, "Today next year, it will be your death sacrifice!"

"Today next year, it is your death sacrifice—"

At this time, his image was published on the big screen, not the big screen of the night raid, but the LED in the city.

"Monsters have humans on their chests!"

"Let's kill Silo !!!"

"No way!!"


The people exploded at once, not the hostages, but the murderers who wanted to kill Siro.

"Son ... how could ..."


"Cheng Yu !!"

Han Yi immediately realized how bad things were, and quickly turned around to ask Cheng Yu, this kind of thing cannot be made public.

"Sorry, what Captain Huang Ying requested."

"Huang Ying ..."

Cheng Yu's apologetic voice sounded, causing Han Yi to frown. What was she going to do?

"Haha ... die!"

He raised his hand arrogantly, he felt the strength, absolutely! Kill him! !

"Stinky boy! You stop me !!!"

Suddenly, a small voice rang, let him stunned, bowed his head down to see his father! It turned out that his father shouted loudly at him with his horn: "I let you stop !!"

"Look at things! What are you qualified to control me ..."

He was angry! ! I am already strong! Why do you still interfere with me?

"I'm your lao !!! You stop me !!! Surrender immediately !!!"

His father, already very old, shouted in a very angry tone: "Hear no! Stink boy!"


He ignored his father, turned his head, and extended his hand to Jiang Qi.

"If you look back, I won't kill you ... it's not too late ..."

Jiang Qi also heard all the words and said to him seriously.


He said this ~ www.mtlnovel.com ~ made his father jump anxiously and shouted: "I let you surrender!"


He was silent for a while, and suddenly rushed towards Jiang Qi.

"call out--"

Without any warning, a ray of light penetrated him, not through the monster's body, but his body, after all, it was still too fragile.


His father was stunned, immediately threw down the horn and rushed there, but was caught by Huang Ying standing behind him.

"I am such a son !!! I beg you to do well !!! I spare him !!! I beg you !!!"

People who are already in their fifties, kneeled down for them, he cried, a man's tears ...

Huang Ying can only be silent ...

"team leader……"

The other team members did not expect this, and looked at the Flying Eagle not far away, which was Han Yi's car.

Han Yi has been aiming at the person for a long time. As long as the person surrenders, he cannot know that the launch button was pressed.

"Boom ..."

Under the complicated eyes of everyone, the giant fell down, Jiang Qi clenched his fists, looked at the fallen giant, and finally disappeared.

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