. . . .


Seeing Jiang Xiaoqi slightly angry, Jiang Qi touched her love with embarrassment and said, "I don't need to eat."


Jiang Xiaoqi looked at Jiang Qi expressionlessly, making Jiang Qi feel a little hairy.

"Okay, okay ... I'll eat a little more ..."

Jiang Qi nodded helplessly, but he was very happy. In his opinion, this was only because Jiang Xiaoqi cared about himself. Although he didn't seem to be willing, Jiang Qi could treat her as proud.


Jiang Xiaoqi's mouth twitched and looked at Jiang Qi who was sitting opposite and had already started to eat.

This is not what I want to hear ... If you insist on not eating, I have an excuse. Why are you so impatient?

"Why don't you eat it ??"

Jiang Qi planned to eat a little less meaning on his own. Who thought that Jiang Xiaoqi had been looking at himself all the time and couldn't help but say strangely.


Jiang Xiaoqi's eyes flickered, and then he was cruel! eat! ! It's quite a meal! Am I still afraid of him! For the sake of future plans! !

Then, Jiang Xiaoqi sat across from Jiang Qi and began to eat slowly. Jiang Qi just ate a little and then stopped eating. Looking at Jiang Xiaoqi's eating, she looked like she was eating slowly. Who knew she was Such a lady?

Jiang Qi didn't know Jiang Xiaoqi's inner fluctuations at the moment. He thought Jiang Xiaoqi was a lady, but he didn't know the truth.

Eat ... I eat ... No, it's too bad ...

Jiang Xiaoqi had to take a few breaths after eating something, and then raised his head to see that Jiang Qi had nothing to do, and asked strangely, "Why are you okay?"

"Me? Should I have something?"

Hearing Jiang Xiaoqi's whisper, Jiang Qi pointed at himself strangely, and gave way to look at the food on the table. Lingguang flashed and said, "Is the food not suitable?"


My goodness! You **** finally found ...

Jiang Xiaoqi finally smiled and said, "Alright ..."

"That's good……"

Jiang Qi breathed a sigh of relief. Jiang Xiaoqi, the arrogant, said it was okay, and that was delicious. Jiang Qi was used to it.


Jiang Xiaoqi's face suddenly froze, looking at Jiang Qi's relaxed expression, his chopsticks clenched tightly.

Hold back! Hold back! ! He is still useful! ! ! ! Can't do it! ! !

I'm just being polite! ! You should take it seriously! ! !

"Although these dishes I eat are not very tasty, but since Xiaoqi you like ..."

I can't help it! ! ! ! !


Jiang Xiaoqi directly dropped the chopsticks on the table and said in a very uncomfortable tone: "Lao Tzu doesn't like to eat this !!!"

"... But didn't you just say it was okay?"

Jiang Xiaoqi's sudden anger frightened Jiang Qi and made Jiang Qi look at Jiang Xiaoqi a little embarrassedly, then asked.

"Lao Tzu is polite! Politely understand?"

Jiang Xiaoqi pushed the table away and stood in front of Jiang Qi. Jiang Qi sat on the chair and raised her head slightly. Looking at the aggressive Jiang Xiaoqi, she was even more embarrassed and said, "Understand ..."

"You know how ..."

Jiang Xiaoqi hated his teeth, and understood ... he has been tolerating him for a long time ...

"Xiao Qi ... as a girl, I said I'm the oldest, right ..."

Although Jiang Xiaoqi used to be a bit stubborn, he never reached the point of being sturdy. It was Jiang Xiaoqi's sudden outburst that was his own reason?

"Do you care ..."

Jiang Xiaoqi lay directly on the hospital bed, let the quilt cover his head at once, and mumbled, "I want to be quiet ..."

"... quietly ..."

Jiang Qi opened his mouth and looked at Jiang Xiaoqi's angry face, not knowing what to say, thinking of a stalk on the Internet and saying, "I won't ask who you are quietly"

"乀 (ˉεˉ 乀) Get away !!!"

Jiang Xiaoqi roared directly, and Jiang Qi ran out quickly.


Does this guy have to be angry with himself?

Jiang Xiaoqi clenched his fists, and then slowly sat up from the bed. No, no. I want to calm down and not let him make such a rash.

I ’m not angry, I ’m really not—

Jiang Xiaoqi hypnotized herself for a while, and then felt that she was in a better mood, exhaled a breath, then stood up from the bed, walked to the window, and looked into the distance.

"what is this……"

Looking at the end of the city, Jiang Xiaoqi seems to have turned purple, but ordinary people can't see it, but people like Jiang Xiaoqi and Jiang Qi can still find it.

"What the **** is that kid?"

Jiang Xiaoqi frowned, looking at the direction of the city, she already felt a bad breath.

That's right, even Faust himself feels that the breath is not good, one can imagine how bad it is.

"It seems that the rest period is over ..."

With a sigh, Jiang Xiaoqi walked to the table. He hadn't eaten much food yet, picked up the chopsticks, picked up a little food, put it in his mouth, then covered his mouth and frowned. … "

However, the chopsticks in Jiang Xiaoqi's hand continued to pick up another dish and just put it in his mouth.

"Xiaoqi, we will tomorrow ..."

Jiang Qi pushed the door open with a smile on his face and yelled at Jiang Xiaoqi. As a result, Jiang Xiaoqi just saw the scene where Jiang Xiaoqi put "unpleasant" dishes in his mouth, and then shut his mouth instantly.


Jiang Xiaoqi was stunned himself, with chopsticks in his mouth, and looked at Jiang Qi silly.

"Um ... I said I saw nothing ... Do you believe it?"

Jiang Qi scratched her head and said to Jiang Xiaoqi.

"乀 (ˉεˉ 乀) Get away !!!"

Jiang Xiaoqi threw the chopsticks at Jiang Qi, and Jiang Qi evaded dexterously. Then Jiang Qi closed the door and said, "I'm sorry !!!"

"... really !! I'm so mad !! I don't know to knock on the door!"

Jiang Xiaoqi sat on the bed ass, sighed helplessly, and then slowly lay back.

"Volt ..."

Opening his hands, a ball of black gas slowly appeared in Jiang Xiaoqi's palm, and Jiang Xiaoqi slowly clenched.

The black gas slowly disappeared, and a dark paint appeared in Jiang Xiaoqi's hands ...



Fortunately, Jiang Qi escaped the disaster and exhaled at the door!

Sure enough, Xiao Qi is still so arrogant! ! I clearly said I don't like it ...

However, it was okay ...

Jiang Qi smiled, then glanced around.

It was already night. There were no half people in the corridor of the hospital. They were painted in black.

However, such a little light does not have much effect on Jiang Qi. Even if there is no light, Jiang Qi can see clearly in the dark.

"Yuhan ..."

Jiang Qi looked at the end of the corridor. It was there, and Yu Han slowly disappeared.

It's the root of the tooth, Jiang Qi hates himself, why should Jiang Yuhan be brought out, if not brought out, Yuhan won't die.

wrong! It should be obvious from the beginning that Adele is not a good person ...

It's really hard to deal with myself ...

Jiang Qi sighed with his teeth clenched, really want to kill himself ... but why do he want to start with Yuhan!

After two steps in the corridor, Jiang Qi's bracelet suddenly became very hot. Jiang Qi raised his hand and found that the sapphire on the bracelet was constantly shining.

"Palaj's Shield ... This is ... what's wrong ..."

Jiang Qi looked at the sapphire above, flashing fast, and it seemed that there was something urgent.

Could it be that monsters have appeared again?

Jiang Qimeng pushed open the door and saw Jiang Xiaoqi lying in bed and closed her eyes.

But Jiang Xiaoqi seemed to be awakened by Jiang Qi, slowly opened his eyes, saw Jiang Qi, and then asked: "What are you doing?"


It ’s okay ...

Jiang Qi was relieved, Jiang Qi was relieved, and then walked to the window and looked outside. There was no moonlight, only the light of the streetlight. However, Jiang Qi could see it. Outside, it seemed that black gas was slowly rising ...

"Monster ..."

Jiang Qi narrowed his eyes and looked outside. What monster was it that could make Palaghi's shield flash so quickly?

Jiang Qi, who turned around and was about to leave, suddenly felt Palagie's shield flash more rapidly.


Jiang Qi, who was about to close the door, stopped suddenly. If you think about it from another angle, the enemy is very close ...

Jiang Qi walked in again and looked around. The ward was large and empty. Only Jiang Xiaoqi was here.

"Xiaoqi, is there anyone else here?"

Jiang Qi casually said to Jiang Xiaoqi while checking the place where people might be hiding.

"Huh? How is that possible?"

Jiang Xiaoqi frowned, then yawned to cover up the past, and then said: "Don't stay here, I'm sleepy ..."


Jiang Qi nodded and slowly walked towards the door, but immediately Palag's Shield didn't blink anymore.

"... have you left ..."

Jiang Qi whispered softly, then prepared to leave, and was suddenly stopped by Jiang Xiaoqi.

"That is, is your morph?"

Jiang Xiaoqi looked at Jiang Qi's bracelet and suddenly asked with wide eyes.

"Well, don't you know?"

After glancing at the bracelet, Jiang Qi looked at Jiang Xiaoqi strangely, and then said: "Palaj's Shield ..."

"Can I see it?"

Jiang Xiaoqi looked at Jiang Qi suddenly, and the latter smiled, then walked to Jiang Xiaoqi and handed him the hand.

"Gutter ..."

Jiang Xiaoqi swallowed secretly, and then slowly touched Palagi's shield.


At the moment when Jiang Xiaoqi bumped into Palaj's shield, a golden figure appeared, and Jiang Xiaoqi's hand was instantly burned.


Jiang Xiaoqi screamed, grabbed his hand, curled up, and bit his teeth.

"Xiaoqi, you--"

Jiang Qi just wanted to ask Jiang Xiaoqi if it was okay, but Paragi's shield suddenly flashed, interrupting Jiang Qi's words.


Jiang Qi glanced at the Palagi Shield and Jiang Xiaoqi again. His eyes widened slowly, and then squatted down to help Jiang Xiaoqi blow her hand.

"Xiaoqi, let's talk about it when we come back--"

Jiang Qi blowing Jiang Xiaoqi's hand while saying, "I want to know, what did you do when I went to Jiangcheng."


This sentence was almost squeezed out of Jiang Xiaoqi's teeth. She was sweating all over her head, and it seemed to really hurt, and then asked: "Suddenly ask this--"

"Want to know more about you--"

Jiang Qi glanced out of the window, and then lay in Jiang Xiaoqi's ear and said, "I will go back as soon as I go ... Then, I will have time to talk to you ..."

Speaking of Jiang Qi pushing the door open, he went out. Jiang Xiaoqi was in the house, looking at his fingers, and a little black gas came out slowly ...

(There is a book friend who has a deep prejudice against the protagonist. First, the protagonist kills the sea repressor. He is unaware. We are from God ’s perspective and understand everything, but what about the protagonist ’s perspective? In his eyes, it was a monster under the sea and wanted to submerge the land! What was wrong with his desire to protect the creatures on the land? And the suppressors of the sea shot because they could not bear humans.

Secondly, the protagonist hunts the Earth camp so hard. Gauss Altman is just a special case. Is Gore praised Elba a monster on earth? Is it impossible to put them there without killing? Some monsters are inherently brutal. Whether you kill them or not depends on which angle you stand in. If you stand in the perspective of God and the protagonist hunts the kind monsters, everyone will not be happy. If it is the human perspective, then it will be very happy. .

One day the monster is now in front of you, and someone pointed at that monster and said ~ www.mtlnovel.com ~ It is very kind, who believes! ? Viewing things is different from different angles. What you said makes sense, but looking at it from another angle is also full of loopholes. )

(The problem with Elizabeth is similar, thinking that the protagonist is always in the middle, not scientific.

In fact, I think, the first point, he was really understandable at the beginning, but slowly, he also started to have some guard against those people. Although it has the most basic anti-human spirit, for those aliens, just like not being alert, the protagonist at this time is indeed quite disappointed.

His real change is that after Jiang Xue died for him, Jiang Yuhan continued to die. At this time, the protagonist changed. I also know what kind of protagonist you want to see. To your appetite.

The protagonist's current strength is indeed very strong, almost can kill him on the earth, not much, but the power is not everything, can you understand what I mean?

The protagonist, if he chooses some, he will give up some, but tell you a message, Jiang Xue may, should, will, resurrect ... the province you are so impatient ...)

(I also emphasized that Jiang Qi knew the characteristics of Faust, but didn't think of it there, but as long as there was time, Jiang Qi would definitely find something wrong, and would definitely speculate ...)

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