. . . .

The withered black rose beside the path still adheres to its black faith, the unwilling desire under the pressure of the air, and the gentleness of the night cannot make it serene.

I like to stay in the dark and enjoy loneliness because I am hurt in the sun.

"Hurray ..."

He touched his face, which was no longer the face of a normal person. On his face, there was blue blood flowing, which was not human blood.

"How come !!! How come !!!"

He grabbed his face and stumbled to the waterhole, seeing how he was now by the street lamp.

The blush face, with thick armor on his head, long fangs, and small eyes, but revealed a strong blue light, this sharp edge is impossible for ordinary people.


At this time, his figure was discovered by a person, the light of the flashlight hit him, and he immediately screamed and hugged his head to escape.


An inspector, in order to strengthen the intensity of inspections, found the weird man again while searching other areas.

Under the street light, people about two meters or so, no, look at the skin color is not like people, wearing thick armor, there seems to be a blue-red liquid.


He immediately questioned, but, just after this sentence was spoken, the man looked back and saw him look like that person.

It turned out to be a monster, a small monster, and the first time he saw him, he ran with his head in his arms.


After he reacted, he picked up his phone while chasing it, and dialed for help.


"Huh Huh ..."

He kept running forward, sweat dripping from his cheeks, hitting dry, red lips, fangs cut his lips, and bleed blue blood.

The armor also appeared a bit messy due to the heel, although it was not very clean before.

He could not care so much, running forward, running forward, his subconscious mind kept telling himself that he must run quickly! faster! Hurry up!

Can't be caught! If you catch it, everything is over.

Gradually, he could no longer run, and he could only walk swiftly. In the distance, the voices of those who chased him came, and his consciousness gradually blurred. It seems that this time, he will take a long rest ...

"Hey, hello, so bad ..."

Just before he was about to fall, a man slowly came out in front of him, holding a fan in his hand, and then walked slowly towards him.

"you are……"

His voice was very hoarse, and there was no trace of it anymore. He covered his throat in surprise and looked at the man.

it's him! ! it's him! ! It was he who made himself look like this! At first, this person told him whether he wanted to become stronger or not. He just passed away when he was mentally ill, and he passed out inexplicably. After returning to God, he became like this.

"What the **** did you do to me !!"

He walked towards the man step by step, his eyes full of murderous intentions, staggering, walking a little bit.

"Become stronger! Look at your weak chicken!"

The man chuckled, then opened the fan, covering his mouth, leaving only his eyes, squinting gently, and then said, "You agree."

"When did I agree !!"

He looked at the man with hate, and said hoarsely: "I'm too lazy to take care of you !!"

"is it……"

With wide eyes, the man looked at him with a little surprise and said unexpectedly: "I'm your default ..."


He walked in front of the man and said in a word: "Come back to me quickly !!"

"I made you stronger, I didn't say anything, you even got me a cheap bargain?"

The smile slowly disappeared, and the man looked at him and said, "My Li Wenjie will change you back today, what can you do?"


Angrily, he held out his hand and grabbed Li Wenjie's collar, but unfortunately ...


When Li Wenjie waved his hand, his body began to be out of control, and he knelt directly on the ground, and his body was thrown into the ground, including his head on the ground.

"No matter how I say it, I made you stronger. If you can't teach you anything, what am I going to do?"

Li Wenjie looked at him on his knees, smiled with satisfaction, and then said: "What are you doing? Why don't you want to avenge that person this afternoon? Just like you. People beat you ten None is a problem. "

"What does this have to do with me like this !!!"

He roared and yelled at Li Wenjie: "This is my business. Is it your relationship with you?"


Li Wenjie buckled his ears, then said lightly: "Palm mouth ..."


His hands were not under his control, and he slowly straightened up and gave himself a slap in the face. His voice was very loud, and his face was very painful.

Then he slapped himself again. Li Wenjie didn't stop, he couldn't stop.

"... There are many people in this world who are eligible to scold me, but that person is by no means you."

Li Wenjie's eyes were mixed with deep contempt, just a human.


He kept quiet, even if he did, he would never say a succumb or a nodding gesture to the man.

"Very persistent child ..."

Seeing his eyes, Li Wenjie couldn't help but sigh. It seems that he is still a little anxious. If he is older, he might be afraid, because he is afraid of death and his good days are coming to an end.

But this kind of **** young ...


Li Wenjie looked at him for a while, and then looked at his palm and said, "Also, you are too useless, now you, it may be a little difficult to defeat that person, but this ordinary person, will not run away Yes, they were still chased by others ... "

Li Wenjie said that he didn't know what expression he should use. He might be the one he has seen the most.

"Pap ... pap ..."

After listening to the loud voice for a while, Li Wenjie himself was a little irritable and made a gesture to him to stop him.

"Huh Huh ..."

There was a drop of blue blood in the corner of his mouth. He raised his head, looked at Li Wenjie, and said, "You have this power, who are you?"

"... you can't control ..."

Li Wenjie said slowly: "I want to know now, can you kill someone in the end?"

"That's illegal ..."

He said without thinking, although he had committed a lot of tricks, he was absolutely afraid to kill.

"The law? That's just a rule customized for the weak, and the strong will only hide themselves from the law."

Li Wenjie looked at the man coldly, and then said: "Also, don't talk to me illegally, I don't care, and you shouldn't care ..."


He didn't speak. Indeed, the law was just a circle in the eyes of those who stood high, and circled the weaker ones.

"So, do you dare to kill?"

Li Wenjie began to smile again and said to him: "There are already several people outside, just right, you can take it to practice your hands."


He knelt there, then looked at Li Wenjie and said, "I still ... not ..."

"... I have never seen you so counseling ..."

Li Wenjie shook his hand, thought of something like that, and then said: "Kill the people outside, I will change you back ..."

"Change back ..."

His eyes lit up, looked at Li Wenjie, and confirmed it again: "Really?"

"Really, absolutely no regrets!"

Li Wenjie nodded and said with a smile.


He looked at his hand and shivered. Now he has to make a choice. Will he kill them?

If you do n’t kill, you wo n’t have any benefit. If you kill, you may change back, but do you really want to kill?


Li Wenjie was not in a hurry, he looked at the struggle on this kid's face, it was really interesting.


I don't know how long after that, he slowly raised his head and looked at Li Wenjie. Li Wenjie just snapped his fingers. He stood up slowly, and he could even move independently.

"Hunt and go ..."

Li Wenjie waved at him, he lowered his head, took a deep breath, then slowly turned his head and walked outside.

"Oh, a rough test is made. If that person cooperates, it can force Jiang Qi's things ..."

Li Wenjie playing with a fan in his hand, thinking slowly, as for that person, that's a little bit of a role.


"He's here !!!"


"help me!!!"




There were gradually screams outside, and Li Wenjie nodded slowly. It seemed that it was qualified.


After a while, the man carried a human head dripping blood and walked towards Li Wenjie step by step.

"You've passed--"

Li Wenjie glanced at the man's head, the man still opened his eyes, and seemed to see something terrifying.


"I will do it--"

Li Wenjie smiled, and then walked around him, and then fanned on his head.

In an instant, he felt like something had been removed from his body.


As the purple light disappeared, he actually turned back to humanity, but his clothes were very broken, but he didn't care

"Huh ..."

He looked at his hand and it really changed back, it was dirty, but it was indeed a human hand.

Li Wenjie actually really kept his promise?

"I already said that……"

Li Wenjie turned his back to him, with a mysterious smile, said softly: "I said, I will report it."


He glanced at Li Wenjie, exhaled, and turned to prepare to run.


Suddenly, Li Wenjie yelled, and he kneeled down again and again, unable to control his body.

"You really dare to run ..."

Li Wenjie turned around and looked at the man who was kneeling on the ground, and said silently.

"What are you doing !!! I have killed all !!!"

He gritted his teeth and said fiercely to Li Wenjie: "How do you want me?"

"Yes, you killed, and I changed you back, but I didn't say you can leave."

Li Wenjie squatted slowly, and then said: "The game is just beginning ..."



"Uh ... this ... this is ..."

Jiang Xiaoqi looked at the same food as the last meal, and the corner of his mouth kept twitching.

What does it mean! ! ! Did n’t you change it? ? ?

"Eat it. The other shops are closed. I opened this one and bought these. Do n’t you like to eat?"

Jiang Qi smiled and gave Jiang Xiaoqi everything, and then said, "Eat ..."


Jiang Xiaoqi looked at the dishes on the table and didn't know what to say.

"Why don't you eat?"

Jiang Qi hesitated when he saw Jiang Xiaoqi. He glanced at her and instantly understood what she meant.

"You eat, but I am Silo Altman, no need to eat."

Of course, to save! Now there are only two of them left in the family. Jiang Liu disappears and Jiang Xue also dies. Although the family has money, what is the source? There used to be Jiang Xue, but now, I can only rely on Jiang Qi as a half-hanger.

Jiang Qi definitely wants to save, as for who to save, need to say?


What the **** is your strong look? You are Silo Ultraman and do n’t have to eat! ! I am still Faust! I don't need to eat! ! Besides, where do I worry about whether you eat or not eat? ? I just do n’t want to eat! !

Jiang Xiaoqi resisted the urge to buckle the rice on Jiang Qi's face ~ www.mtlnovel.com ~ and then smiled and said, "You don't eat me nor eat !!"

Even if you die, I will bring you together!

"You are sick! Xiaoqi, you should eat more."

Jiang Qi looked at Jiang Xiaoqi like this, and his heart was slightly warm, and Xiao Qi was quite sensible.

"I won't eat anymore. There will be things in a while."

Jiang Qi touched Jiang Xiaoqi's head and was beaten down by Jiang Xiaoqi.

"Then I won't eat it."

Jiang Qi didn't eat himself and had an excuse not to eat, Jiang Xiaoqi's abacus sounded.

"Good, I eat ..."

How can I not eat, Jiang Qi saw Jiang Xiaoqi not eating, and quickly succumbed, and then took chopsticks and took a small bite and said, "I'm full ..."

"... Who are you playing with?"

Jiang Xiaoqi looked at Jiang Qi with a black face and said something softly.

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